Saturday, December 24, 2016

How the USA Became a Superpower in the World

This is an excellent video for all people around the world to watch. It is especially important for young students in America as many of them are ignorant of USA history. I saw another video where many young students in America did not even know who won the American Civil War.
It is a sad situation as the USA spends more on education than any other country on earth, however our students rank close to the bottom in knowledge and test results.

Warning and Alert about the MOBE Internet Scam

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

SpaceX Makes History in their Landing of the Falcon 9 -- SpaceX Mars Project

You can learn about Elon Musk's and SpaceX plans to colonize Mars by the year 2024. At first I thought this was fake news or a joke, however it is real. Elon Musk is only interested in earning money so he can colonize Mars. He is truely a man on a mission and you can learn about his plans by viewing the link below.

Drone That Can Lift a Human Being into the Air and the Human is Flying via the Drone

There is not a drone on the market that can lift and fly a human being. So these guys built their own human flying drone.
Do not try this at home, just watch this video.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Wonderful Classic Christmas Commercial from Publix

I think Publix is the best grocery store in America. I am from the western USA, however every time I travel to the southeast I love shopping at Publix. Their marketing department is very talented and launched this classic Christmas commercial last year and Publix is playing this commercial on TV this year also. It is very heart warming, motivational and it will be difficult for Publix to make a better commercial in the future.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Chase Bank Will Not Protect You From Fraud and Chase Customer Service STINKS, it is Horrible, and Terrible, etc. Chase bank Lied to me and Scammed me.

Update 11-21-16:
The Chase executive office phoned me while I was driving and said they are going to credit my account the $386. This is a positive and good thing Chase bank promised to do for me. Chase bank lied to me on a recorded phone line (11-17-16).

My own bank that I have been doing business with for over 25-years lied to me and scammed me. 
Chase gave me the credit and then reversed it and took the money away from me. I need to find a new bank that does not treat me in such a terrible manner, lie to me and scam me. I will also file a complaint with the and the
Please see screen shot below of my Chase account transactions, which prove how Chase Bank lied to me and scammed me out of the money they promised to pay me.

11-17-16 - Original Article By Tom Forrest
I knew when I started investigating Chase Bank that I would find many thousands of complaints against Chase Bank on the Internet.

My personal experience with Chase Bank is horrible and they cheated me out of $386. I have been a long time Chase customer for over 25-years, then I make one report on my Chase debit/credit card of fraud, and Chase bank treats me like crap and like I am wrong when a hotel in California fraudulently and without my permission put multiple charges on my Chase debit/credit card. I did not approval and authorize these charges on my Chase credit/debit card. You have zero protection from fraud when you use their debit/credit card.

Chase bank just outsources their customer service to the Philippines and the service STINKS. They should have negative stars and many thousands of people have the same terrible experience with Chase Bank. I am not against the Philippines or India, however USA companies are trying to save money and they do not train these people properly and you may as well talk to a tree. Chase debit/credit customer service is the worst I have ever seen and the people are totally incompetent and arrogant. Then if you complain to the Chase executive office you get nothing. 
You can try to email or both of which offer no help what so ever.

I suggest you apply for an American Express card if you want good customer service and protection from fraud.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

New Interview of Edward Snowden. Is He a Hero or a Traitor to the USA? It is a Tough Decision for Me

The Edward Snowden story is a very difficult decision for me regarding if he is a traitor or a hero. Maybe he is 60% traitor and 40% hero?
From a legal perspective as Mr. Snowden states in his interview he understands the USA laws and he will most likely go to jail if he returns to the USA. The main problem I have is that the laws are defective and should be changed, perhaps so Mr. Snowden would only spend 2-5 years in prison, not the rest of his life.
I think he wants to return to America, which is crazy to me.
I would prefer to live as a free man in Russia then go to prison in the USA.

I think he may meet a nice women in Russia and live there the rest of his life. E.g. live happy forever in Russia.

See the Full Katie Couric Interview of Edward Snowden in Moscow Russia by Clicking "Read more"

Henry the Turtle in Ponce Inlet Florida

Monday, December 05, 2016

USA President-Elect Trump Stands Up to China and is Keeping His Promises to American Citizens

The main stream news media are not journals like they used to be many years ago. Now we have unfair biased liberal democrats like lame Anderson Cooper tainting the news reports and criticizing anyone that does not agree with him.
President Obama has been considered very weak in regards to US foreign policy by many millions of people all over the world. 
President-Elect Trump is not weak and is already standing up to China and letting them know that the USA policies towards China will be changing. I think this is a good thing, besides President-Elect Trumps recent tweets towards China, lets not forget China is a communist country and the USA is a proud and free democracy. Being an American means we stand up against communism and fight for freedom and democracy for all repressed people all over the world, that is what true Americans do and believe in.
Does anyone think the starving North Korean people would not love us to save them from Kim Jon-un?
This is not something new, it was just forgotten by President Obama. 
Please watch this fantastic speech by Ronald Reagan in Berlin in 1987 to see and understand exactly what I mean.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Mikhail Khodorkovsky is Trying to Make Russia a True Democracy. He was a Political Prisoner Kept in Jail in Russia for 10-Years

Will General Mattis Make a good USA Secretary of Defense?

General Mattis is compared to General Marshall, which is a huge complement. General Marshall was one of the greatest Generals in the entire history of the USA.
Even Ronald Reagan mentions and praised General Marshall for his "Marshall plan" in his famous speech in Berlin Germany in 1987 where President Reagan makes the quote "Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall", which did happen in 1989.

Please click "Read more" to see General Mattis answer questions about leadership, it is very interesting.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Van Jones a Democratic Liberal has a CNN Special Report on 12-6-16 Where He Goes to Trump Supporters and Interviews Them

I am not affiliated with any political party and I am not a Democrat or a Republican.
I do not like the TV show "the View" and some of the people on the View are biased unfair liberals that I do not agree with. I also do not think Anderson Cooper should call himself a Journalist as he is one of the worst biased liberals on TV. 

I have a new found respect for Van Jones because he is the only popular CNN liberal democrat that has the common sense and integrity as a real journalist to put his personal believes aside and interview Donald Trump supporters and try to understand why they voted for President-Elect Trump.
Van Jones was raised in Tennessee and by his comments it is clear that he has the ability to listen to and understand the concerns of people from this region of the USA. In this video Van Jones goes to the home of President-Elect Trump supporters in Ohio and interviews the family who previously voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Good SEO and Link Building Information from Rand Fishkin, with Comments from Tom Forrest

I agree with what Rand Fishkin says in this whiteboard Friday video with one major concern or warning. Google is not very good at enforcing their own guidelines and Google makes many mistakes. Google is sometimes stupidly stubborn and will refuse to correct their own defects and mistakes. Furthermore I give proof of this in other articles I have written.
So in general this is good SEO link building advice to benefit you via merit based link building, however you cannot trust Google to fairly apply their own webmaster guidelines.

How to Hide $400,000,000 in the Huge Worldwide Offshore Financial System

One of the readers of my blog sent me this really interesting article. As technology advances it has become more difficult for people to hide money. However after reading this article it appears that it is still possible to hide large sums of money in the huge worldwide offshore financial system.

Please read this outstanding and very interesting article from the New York Times Magazine (below).
This is one of the most fascinating and well written articles I have ever read.

Friday, December 02, 2016

USA President-Elect Trump's Entire Speech at Cincinnati Ohio Thank You Rally

This is very Funny if you are a Liberal Democrat like Stephen Colbert. It is Not So Funny if You are a President-Elect Trump Supporter

This is not so funny if you are a President-Elect Trump supporter, however Stephen Colbert is very popular and he is trending upwards on the Internet and has millions of viewers.
I do not agree with Stephen Colbert's political views and this makes his comedy even funnier to me.

I think since I have been on the Internet and a blogger for a very long time I have very thick skin and can take criticism and still laugh with people I may not agree with. Also I like to publish information from many perspectives even if I do not agree with what the people may be saying.

Monday, November 28, 2016

What is CRISPR and How Will it Change Your Life? Learn Interesting Details

For people that come from a different area of science like me, this is a very good presentation. This gentleman really knows what he is talking about.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Please Help Share the Following Video about "Violence Against Women"... Then I Read the Comments and Now I am not sure What to Believe.

I was initially in support of this video, because I know this is a problem worldwide.
Then I started to read the comments which I post below.

It always bothers me when women do not believe another women, and since I am a man I know that some women can trick and manipulate men easily. So now I am not sure what to believe. Please read the comments below and decide for yourself.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 Has a Horrible Online Booking Service and People Should Only Use

From: Tom Forrest Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 5:50 AM
Subject: Your Online Booking Service is a Huge Embarrassment to TripAdvisor and You Should Immediately Take it Off the Internet

Your online booking service is a terrible joke. You should try to see how yours should work.
I am so upset by how terrible TripAdvisor is for online booking and how much of my time you have wasted I am going to write a very negative article about this. I wish I could write a 0-star review on TripAdvisor about your horrible service. Just a few of your many defects.
First you cannot even cancel a reservation online. This is online booking 101, get a clue. Then I must phone the hotel to cancel and I receive arrogant rude service and have to call multiple times to get a cancellation email. Your online system cannot update what it shows online, see screen shot below. And I phone your 24/7 support that outsources me to Portugal, and that person has to switch me to someone I cannot understand in the Philippines. Your Philippines support does not know how to update your website and so these three bookings that would only take 1-second to cancel on are still showing up in your system. How could you possibly believe your service is of any value whatsoever?
All you are doing is wasting my time, upsetting people and ruining your reputation. 

In fact, I just wrote my blog article.

Kind regards, 

Tom Forrest
Office Phone: 805-807-4645

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Evil Multilevel Marketing Presented in a very Funny Way, Perfect for my GotoTom2 Blog

I like John Oliver because he is funny and he uses his comic talent to help people. The information in this video is totally correct and proves how terrible and dangerous multilevel marketing schemes can be for 94% of all people that become involved with these multilevel pyramid schemes. 

A Fantastic New Service From Google. PhotoScan by Google Photos

I think this Service will be a Big Winner for Google.
This seems to me to be one of Google's very Best Ideas.

Learn About Google NOSE below.

Learn About and Use Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

This is important and excellent work by Google to help developers learn about and implement Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Now that Donald Trump will be President of the USA he is Going to Receive Many Funny Yet Negative Comic Commentaries

Stephen Colbert has been a long time hater of Donald Trump and Republicans. So some Trump supporters will not appreciate this comedy video.
If you are a Democrat and a Clinton supporter you will like this video.
After you watch this video please email Stephen Colbert and ask him to interview Bill Clinton's half black son Danney Williams via Bill Clinton's prostitute on his TV show.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Website President Obama's Team Helped Build for is Defective and Does Not Work Reliability

The website only works sometimes and it is not reliable. It worked using the latest version of Google Chrome after multiple attempts. Then I tried it using Microsoft Edge, the first attempt failed and on the second try it worked. So I think if you try multiple times it might work. However only being able to work about 1 out 3 times is not very good.

Who Built the Defective Website?
Was it Obama's Team or Trump's Team?

I do not think President Elect Trump could be building .gov websites without help from the current administration.
If I find out Trump's Team is responsible for the defective website I will update this article.

This is very sad, yet funny to me as President Obama is not known for building websites that work properly.

The site is defective and if you try to apply for a job it just gives you a vague error message sometimes. So not many people can apply for jobs. Or if they only try once and it fails then they may give up. This reminds me of the first Obama Care website, it only worked a small percentage of the time and not at all for many people.
President Elect Trump, you should ask how many applications you have received.
Not as many as you should be receiving, because the website is not reliable and only seems to work sometimes.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why Does the Main Stream Media Continue to Twist the Truth and Lie About President Elect Trump?

I am not affiliated with any political party. I am not a Republican and I am not a Democrat.

Why does the "main stream" media continue to make up lies about Mr. Trump?
In this interview CBS says President Elect Trump is changing his position on health care for the USA. 

Mr. Trump is Not Changing His Position and Has Said the Same Things About How He Will Change Obama Care For the Last 2-Years.

Today Google Chrome Updated to a Very Defective Version, If Possible Do Not Download It

Update: 11-11-16  Google has fixed some of the bugs and this version of Chrome is working better now.
I can now use the Google Chrome Plugin for
Online Password Manager

I figured out a very strange Google Chrome defect and Google censored my comments on their blog.

Message to Google, using their own quote ... Google, Shameless Censorship is not acceptable and is well Shameless. Apply your quotes to yourself.

David Blaine is the Most Amazing Magician in the World, How Does He Do these Magic Tricks?

Blogger Defect that Google Should Fix, If They Do Not UnFairly Censor My Comments

Blogger will use the following programming logic to decide what picture or video to use for a blog post.

Videos have priority over pictures, so if you create a Blogger post with a graphic/picture above a video the video will still show up in Google plus and in your most popular posts not the graphic/picture.
If you do not have a video in a post than Google will show the graphic.

If you use Google Plus and not that many people do compared to Facebook, it is frustrating how Google does this. There should be a way for a Blogger to select which video and or graphic/picture to use, instead of Google just deciding via their algorithms.

The worst part is if a Blogger post has a graphic/picture Google plus will use the video from your "Featured Post" instead of what is on the actual post.
Please see screen shot below to see exactly what I mean.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Killer Mike Gives Interesting In Sites and Thoughts About Why Donald Trump Was Elected President

In some cases I try to present information as a Journalist would, e.g. report all the facts and not suppress information that I may not agree with. There is too much bias and unfair reporting by the "main stream" media and this was a major factor to Trump supporters. The proof of this is how the media was booed at Trump rallies. I do not even know who Killer Mike is, however I can tell by watching this short video that he is a very intelligent and thoughtful person. I may have to research Killer Mike now... :)

USA President Obama Cries When He Hears Donald Trumps Victory Speech, President Obama is Committed to a Smooth Presidential Transition

In his speech today from the White House rose garden, President Obama made an excellent speech asking all citizens of the USA to support the new President elect Donald Trump.
Mr. Obama is meeting at the White House tomorrow with Mr. Trump.
This is the best part of USA politics, and shows how two leaders that do not agree on important world and USA issues can still respect our system of democracy. 

Donald Trump WINS the 2016 USA Presidential Election. Donald Trump is the President Elect, and Will Be the 45th President of the United States of America

Donald Trump Will Be the 45th President of the United States of America. Trump is Making a Major Upset Victory Over Clinton

Monday, November 07, 2016

Google and Eric Schmidt are Part of the WikiLeaks Emails, How Could Google Be Considered Unbiased After You Read These Emails

The article that I link to below is written by John Colascione one of the top Internet, web development, business and software experts in the world.

WikiLeaks is doing the world a favor and in a strange way citizens of the USA should thank Russia for finding all these secret and deleted emails for us. Of course, Hillary Clinton does not agree, however she truly does belong in jail for all her evil activities. I am not affiliated with any political party and I hate the recorded comments that Donald Trump made about women, he certainly is not like Ronald Reagan. I consider Ronald Reagan to be the last great USA Presidents and he made one of the most important speeches in world history in 1987. Not many people can change the world in such an incredible manner by standing up for Freedom of Speech and Democracy. Every person on earth should watch this speech Ronald Reagan made.

I hope the FTC and the FCC read John's excellent article and implement government regulations to protect USA citizens from Google's violations of our privacy and freedom of speech. As a life long entrepreneur it is very difficult for me to recommend more government regulations, however this is an exceptional situation. 
We should all also thank John Colascione for his outstanding article:

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Why Does Bill Clinton Refuse to Have a DNA Test to Prove Bill Clinton is Not Danney Williams Father?

I am not a democrat and I am not a republican, furthermore I am not affiliated with any political party.
It has become clear to me that the mainstream media is not doing their job as journalists and reporting the facts regarding the Clinton's objectively. This video is a clear and specific example of what I mean.
Why has CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS not interviewed and reported about Danney Williams claims that Bill Clinton is his father?

I Want Justice for Danney Williams.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Trump Reacts to FBI Reopening the Investigation of Hillary Clinton's Emails

This is the most unusual Presidential election in the history of the USA.
The FBI found new emails and is investigating Ms. Clinton for potential criminal activities. This is a very serious situation for Secretary Clinton as the FBI informed the USA Congress of this new investigation just eleven days before the Presidential election.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

President Obama - Mean Tweets, You Need to have very Thick Skin to be the President of the USA

You need to have very thick skin to be the President or even if you are a Blogger. There are always haters, and you may even have to defend yourself against "Big Brother Google" and fight for your freedom of speech.
Instead of violating my freedom of speech and unfairly censoring my content the Google spam department should not let people steal my content. I bet President Obama does not need to worry about Google inappropriately censoring his content. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How to Speak to People so They Respect and Listen to You

There is a reason 8,000,000 people have watched this video. I think every person including myself should watch classic business and life improvement videos like this. In my opinion this gentleman named Andreas Ekstrom is an example of an outstanding public speaker.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Ellen's very Funny Detailed History of Technology, What is a Phone Book?

This is one of the funniest comedy skits from Ellen DeGeneres. She gives details of technology past to present. Starting with what is a phone book?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Google's Cultural Institute is a Fantastic and Magical Project, I Love It

I do not know much about art and I have no natural artistic skills, however I love going to every art museum I can around the world.
So how can people that cannot afford to travel to different art museums see all this fantastic art?

The answer is the Google Cultural Institute.
Please visit this site and also watch this interesting TED video below.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This is a Funny Video about a Nonexistent "First Lady Debate" for the USA Presidential Elections 11-8-16

I recommend Google Chrome as the best browser and now I signed up for YouTube Red. So I see videos like below without commercials for $10 per month. I wanted to figure out how many YouTube Red users there are in the USA, and I found this excellent write up from a really smart person on the Internet.

This is one of Rand Fishkin's Best Videos. I Agree With Him 99% of the Time on SEO Topics

Please read this old yet even more important today article Rand Fishkin wrote about Google.
Rand could put today's date and this post and it would all still be true and correct. Also read Jim Boykin's comment at the bottom of the article. Both Rand and Jim are two of the top SEO experts in the world and I have a high level of respect for both of them. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Crazy USA Politics, Wikileaks Has 50,000 Clinton Emails that the USA Claims Russia and Putin Hacked

I try to not present too many political videos or written articles, however this is almost too amazing. It falls under "reality can be stranger than fiction". I was also laughing because as a USA citizen I do not need to worry if Hillary Clinton deletes all of her secret emails, the Russians and Mr. Putin can always find her emails for us. LOL

This is Excellent Work by Google and Will Improve Search Results, All SEO Interested People Should Read This.

Since Google is not going to offer any exclusive interviews to me I will link to important new Google announcements that you should read. I wish Google would be fair and let others interview them besides SearchEngineLand.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Google Should Focus on Basic Google Guideline Enforcement and Stay Away from Unfair Censorship of Websites

There have been long term (10-years) problems with Google first creating webmaster guidelines and then with manual enforcement of the official Google guidelines. In my opinion Google has done some very great work with many of the algorithms they have developed and enhanced over the years. The worst and most terrible mistakes have come due to human error and inappropriate censorship by Google.
The Internet war against real spam is still a huge problem and Google needs to focus on the basics of fighting spam and the manual spam police need to do a better job of finding and fighting real spam and not harassing small business people unfairly.
E.g. I can easily create a long list of sites that still have "Sponsored Listings" that pass PageRank. 

As a webmaster the following is an excellent article that you should read regarding what Google does penalize and why.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pros and Cons of Shopping on Amazon - Jimmy Fallon has Outstanding Writers for His TV Show

Jimmy Fallon has fantastic writers for his late night show. The following is very funny especially for people that shop on Amazon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rimac Concept One vs LaFerrari - See an all Electric Super Car, the New Technology and Future

This Rimac super car can go 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds, wow. It does not stop there, it keeps going faster in the quarter mile. These staggering acceleration figures are achievable thanks to a sophisticated torque vectoring system that takes advantage of the instant response and torque created by electric motors on each wheel. I have heard rumors that Mercedes Benz is also in development of a car like this. 

Friday, October 07, 2016

More Advanced Link Building Training. What to Look For and How to Know if Google Indexes Your Link

The percentage of people in the world that even care about SEO is very small (5%), you can verify this by going to a dog park or some other public place and ask people you meet "What is SEO?".

Or even better ask the general public how Google decides the top organic rankings? This can really bring out some funny and interesting answers. My point is people who are SEO experts and also Google, forget that 95% of the world's population does not even know what we are talking about when I say "I am going to give you some advanced SEO link building training".

Today's SEO lesson is a case study about the good quality Directory listings that you should be in. I have written other important SEO articles about this topic. Furthermore this is a safe list of sites that follow all Google Webmaster Guidelines which is very significant.
Some of my websites are listed in these outstanding Directories, and sometimes it is better to be in the smaller Directories depending on where you are placed in the largest, oldest, and most expensive to submit your site to. You need to see if you will be on a page which Google indexes and this is not something you can control with most Directories. It is tied to how many levels deep the web page you are on is.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

New Changes to the Search Box, Google Please Do Not Put Adwords on My Blogger Search Results

Google ( changed the custom search box on a blog so 75+% of the results page is now covered by Google Adwords. See screen shot below.

Google please do not do this. Please do not put any Adwords on a's (Blogspot) search results.

A good article to read is by Graywolf SEO:
Google giving more space to Adwords has only become worse since Graywolf first wrote this article.
When do we reach the limit of how much space Google Adwords are going to take on search results pages?

It appears that Blogger turned off the Adwords in my blog search results already (about one hour), we will see if they come back. Wow, sometimes Blogger/Google fixes problems fast.

I just realized I want some part of my life where "Big Brother Google" cannot bother me. Now Google censors me and inappropriately violates my freedom of speech in too many terrible ways. My wish is that Google indexes all my content and web sites in their search engine, and they should as I follow all Google guidelines. I hope I can at least have a blog where people can search "all my content", and not have Adwords feed to them via a fire hose.

Trump vs. Clinton Fake Debate from Saturday Night Live

This is funny. It is from the season opening show for the Saturday Night Live TV show.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Alphabet's Eric Schmidt is Executive Chairman and was CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011. He is Interviewed by Charlie Rose

Eric Schmidt is Alphabet's Executive Chairman and is one of the smartest technology experts In the world.
I would like to hear him discuss new advanced ideas with the founders of Google.
Alphabet is the parent company of Google and Eric was the CEO of Google for ten years.
Eric mentions in this interview that Google is a big investor in Uber.

Google is the most successful company in the history of business.

Elon Musk Presents His Plan to Colonize Mars in His Lifetime, "Why Go Anywhere"?

This is a very interesting presentation with several amazing concepts discussed by Elon Musk. He even explains how we can grow plants on Mars. The gravity on Mars is 37% compared to the planet Earth, so everything would seem very light to humans.
He also said his only desire to earn money is to help fund this project. Elon Musk is a man on a mission to Mars. I used to think people were joking when they said he will pioneer the project that will send the first humans to Mars, now he is the front runner and a very serious contender in the race to Mars.

"Are you prepared to die? If that's okay, then you're a candidate for going," he added. But Musk didn't want to get stuck talking about the risks and immense danger. "This is less about who goes there first... the thing that really matters is making a self-sustaining civilization on Mars as fast as possible. This is different than Apollo. This is really about minimizing existential risk and having a tremendous sense of adventure," he said.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Google is a Big Investor in Uber and is Also Competing with Uber

This is an interesting story as it is rare for  company to compete against another company they are invested in for the exact same service.
This is what Google is doing:

Interview of Oliver Stone About His Movie "Snowden" - See Movie Trailer and Learn the Background

I am a huge fan of Oliver Stone and do not always agree with what he says or his movies, yet I still think he is a fantastic movie maker and one of the greatest film makers of all time. E.g. Cohen brothers, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, etc. Many people say Oliver Stone always "thinks outside the box", and he "marches to the beat of his own drummer" no matter how many people may criticize him.

The story about Edward Snowden is also very interesting and I have mixed feelings about what he did.
Is he a traitor to the USA or a hero?

Exposing Fake Google Accounts and Fake Google Reviews

Update: 4-5-16
The following content was previously censored and banned by Google because they were trying to prevent people from reading it. This was fixed very quickly by Google and now everything is fine with this web page.
I have been researching and investigating fake Google accounts and fake Google reviews the last few months. Please check back as I will be updating this article often.

Breaking News:
Recently I have uncovered some new information (e.g. voice mail) that leads me to believe this fake review writer that uses the fake name "Marty Topping" may in fact be an ex-employee of my company. He did not work directly for me, yet for incorrect reasons in his mind he does not like me. Of course if this turns out to be correct, I will file a law suit against him and make him pay for the evil deeds he has committed against me. The real first name of my suspect starts with the letter "P".

I put out a challenge to Google to help me catch and punish this faker. Google instead of denying the truth, please work with me to catch fake review writers like aka Marty Topping.

I wrote another article with videos that I suggest you read first, about all types of fake reviews from multiple companies, e.g. Yelp, Amazon, Google, etc.

This article is focused only on Google. If you read my previous article then you understand why this is so important and how this topic negatively affects many millions of people. In this article I am going to use a case study and a real life example.

I own a software product that is sold in the Google Chrome store. It is an online password manager and I also wrote an article showing my own screen shots and how and why I use our OnlinePasswordManager (OPM) every single day. Our OPM has only been in the Google Chrome store for less than a year (press release), so every review is very important at this stage. We have all 4 and 5 star reviews except for one "fake 1 star Google review" from a person named Marty Topping.
Now at first you should ask how do I know it is a fake Google review?

Could This "Freaky Baby" Be the Future? Will this Project Help Make Computer Interfaces More Human Like?

This is a very interesting video and it makes you wonder how many years we are from having more "human" like robots?
10 Years?  30 Years?

Graphene Nano-materials Will Change Your Life in Many Positive Ways Over the Next Ten Years

This is a very good presentation describing the Nano-material Graphene and how it effects many different industries. Graphene is a "super" Nano-material.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This is a very Funny Video - Filmed One Day Before the USA Presidential Debate

This video is very funny as it is filmed one day before the actual Presidential debate.

Instead of Penalizing Innocent Websites Google Should Not Be Promoting Sites That Give You Very Bad SEO Advice

Google has been keeping Blacklists of authors, and has been caught red-handed performing multiple manual manipulations of search engine results.

I like this new Google feedback feature where I send in my suggestions. I give my name because Google knows who I am already. If you are not "known" by Google I advise you do not give your name in the feedback.
I noticed Google did fix many things I have suggested. I would say over time Google has fixed 75% of what I have suggested. The bad part is the 25% Google has not fixed are their most serious defects.
If you do a Google search for "list of directory sites", Google was showing a terrible site at the top that just gave you a list of spam directories that will surely get you penalized by Google. One day after I sent in my feedback Google changed this, however the new site they promote still gives bad SEO advice. You do not want to automate any part of submitting to Directories. You do not want multiple directory listings all with the same descriptions and content.

Guess what, that is spam and duplicate content.

What do you think Google does to a website that has 287+ low quality and free directory listings that have no editorial review and any submission is accepted.
Then on top of this you use the same anchor text (link title) and all the content and descriptions are exactly the same?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Company That Manufactured This Bacon, should use this video as their main TV commercial.

I first posted this video for New Years Eve and have been wanting to show it again, because it is funny in a positive way...

Also who ever manufactured this bacon, should use this video as their main TV commercial.

Happy New Year - Try to Think of 2016 Like the First Time You Ever Tasted Bacon
I was trying to think of a unique way to wish everyone around the world who reads this blog
Happy New Year.

Then this excellent video of a little boy tasting bacon for the very first time became available, what good timing. Apparently his mother is a great cook.

I hope everyone looks at 2016 with the same excitement and finds happiness in 2016, like this young boy has eating his bacon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Google Search Features and Good Work by Google with Their Definition Surveys

Google is always making changes, and sometimes too many.
I do not like some of the changes and some I do like.
Example below:

I was writing a new article and wanted to use the word "Bully".
So I asked Google, "what does bully mean"?
Then if you click on Feedback you can fill in a Google survey.
This is a valid method and difficult to argue against as Google will be collecting and analyzing this data in a useful endeavor for better and more accurate definitions.

the "Blockchain" and How it Will Change Your Life and the Internet. What is the Blockchain?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Interesting SEO and Google Censorship Issues to Track for Further Research

I like to use the Google search box to find articles and information on my blogs.
Then I can email links to people. Also it is a good way to see if Google is censoring any of my content and how I caught Google inappropriately censoring my blog content the first time a few years ago. I think Google is not censoring my content now or maybe just censoring a few of my articles. I am always afraid of "Big Brother Google" unfairly censoring my content.
This lead to me using the "site:" command and writing this article where I discovered new SEO related and search engine changes Google has recently made.

The new way Google changed the site command makes it possible for Google to perform a more advanced and refined form of censorship. E.g. they could make an article not searchable in the Google search engine, yet still searchable via a blog search box.
Of course I wish Google just decided to stay out of the censorship business and leave that to communist China. 

How many people is Google unfairly Censoring and Penalizing?

I have a few articles about Google unfairly penalizing innocent websites and you can find them if you search on this blog for "7meg".
When a few bad employees at Google ruin it for the majority of good Google employees by incorrectly penalizing innocent website owners, Google's entire reputation is ruined. I do not think Google's top management understands how important this is. Now many people might believe that the Google SPAM department is comprised of evil unethical clowns that are defective and act out as bullies.

Because a few Google employees that should be fired penalized a lot of innocent websites for outbound links when they do not even have any outbound links. Guess what, now all Google employees have an evil cloud over their heads and this person ruined your previous good reputation for fairness, now you may be just considered a bunch of evil people because no one at Google had the courage to do the "right thing" and fix these terrible defects and mistakes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stan Wawrinka is an Amazing Motivational Story and has Strong Persistence and Detrimination

Stan Wawrinka is a fantastic motivational story. No other professional tennis player has ever started winning grand slam events so late in life. Stan also has a few funny answers in this interview.

Fareed Zakaria is Interviewed About World Issues by Charlie Rose

I do not agree with Russian President Valdimir Putin on many issues, however I agree 100% about what he said regarding Fareed Zakaria.

"Fareed Zakaria is a first class public intellectual."

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Beware Fellow Plutocrats the Pitchforks are Coming. Learn about New and Modernized Capitalism Ideas

This is an important and very interesting presentation by Nick Hanauer one of the most financially successful people on earth.
He explains and describes new economic concepts he calls "New Capitalism". I would say he is describing what I would call a "new optimized, and modernized capitalism". I think Bernie Sanders would like this presentation, however Donald Trump should also watch this video and learn from Nick Hanauer.

How would the world change if 15% of the people controlled 50% of the wealth?
Currently 1% of the humans on earth own 50% of the wealth.

Can Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo? What Will Happen With Yahoo in 2016?

Can Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo in 2016?

Please See More Yahoo Articles Below

Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO Discusses Yahoo Turn Around Plans

Alphabet's Financial Information, Moonshot Projects, X Labs Astro Teller

I am out of the 110 degree heat of the Nevada desert and I am cooling off for a few days in Half Moon Bay, CA. It was 54 degrees at 7:17 am.
I like Sam's Coffee Shop, and reading the Daily Post. I have a very nice android smart phone, yet sometimes I prefer to read an old fashioned newspaper. The Daily Post has an outstanding article about Alphabet and their X Labs.
Please watch this video below by Astro Teller who manages all the the X Labs projects. What a fun and exciting job he has.
Google lost $3,600,000,000 on X Labs last year and it is okay because Google is the most financially successful company in the entire history of business. Charlie Rose did an interview of Eric Schmidt who explains this, and why Google (now Alphabet) invests such a large amount of money into X Labs. Astro Teller talks about many X Lab projects including Project Loon in his presentation below.