Saturday, October 31, 2015

If You Want the Best Beer in the World, Then Go See My Friend Ted in Boulder Colorado

I am not a big drinker, however when I visit the beautiful city of Boulder Colorado I go beer drinking with my fantastic friends Ted and Tommy B.
I suggest you try New Planet "Tread Lightly Ale".
Tread Lightly is a light cream ale, which is slightly hoppier than a more traditional cream ale. 
Please tell them GotoTom sent you.

Ted is involved in this beer business and sent me a link to this article:

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Marijuana Business in Colorado Generates $1,000,000,000 Per Year

Taxi Cab Investigation: Are Taxi Meters Accurate?

New Zealand is in the Movie Business, a Hollywood Down Under

Fuel-Cell Cars Highlight of the Tokyo Auto Show

Motorola Unveils Newest Driod Phones

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Apple TV - Drones - Safe Car

The Future of Elevator Technology

Monday, October 26, 2015

Air Campaign Against ISIS: The Business of Warfare Technology Seen First-Hand

Microsoft Opens New Store in New York City

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Race For Big Data Management

Hurricane Patricia Hits Mexico - Strongest Typhoon Ever Recorded in Western Hemisphere

Hurricane Patricia Hits Mexico - Strongest Typhoon Ever Recorded in Western Hemisphere 

Aaron Sorkin's Emotional Connection to His "Steve Jobs" Movie

Free Blog Development Tools

I was looking online and found this list of the top 10 free blog development tools.

1. Delete WordPress off your List.
Way too many Hacker Problems - This is my first hand experience, not something I read on the Internet.

2. - I give it a strong yes. 
Google's Blogger is my top recommendation, they have some technical defects with their newest release which they are working on fixing. Blogger has proven to me they are the #1 product in the world and that Google is truly a world class company. I think the developers of Blogger should feel very proud that they built such a fantastic software product. However for the next release they should do a lot more testing prior to releasing the new Blogger software.
Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Generally, the blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain of

3. Frankly I only know a little about the other blog development tools, as I am happily married to Google's Blogger. They did just make an important defect fix for me, so I stay with vendors as long as they keep trying to do their best.
I think having the "Search This Blog" feature by Google is a huge plus. I really would not trust anyone with a "search box" over Google.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Debate Over What is the Greenest Office Building in the World "the Edge" vs. "Bullitt Center"

The Edge is the "greenest office building" in the world? Or is the greenest office building the "Bullitt Center" in Seattle?
The Edge is in the Netherlands and the Dutch have a very long history of invention and innovation. They have also been leaders around the earth for developing advanced technology for green office buildings.

The Man With More Patents Than Thomas Edison

Google's First Quarter Under Alphabet - Financial Report

Why Female MBA's Face a Big Gender Pay Gap

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Example of a Blast Off Website Traffic Chart

Wikileaks Post CIA Director's Personal Information Following Hack

Reddit Pushes Into News Media With Upvoted

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Different Types of Google Penalites

I have been thinking about writing an article discussing all the different types of Google penalties.

Nowadays this is very complex and I started researching this topic and Google search did a fantastic job, the first one I found was a grand prize winner.
See this PageRank thing is very effective at producing outstanding results.

How "Back to the Future: Part II" Scored on 2015 Technology Predictions

Donald Trump Responds to Latest Presidential Poll

Ferrari Races to Top End of IPO Range

Who Ranks #1 in Business Schools

NASA Offers Daily Look at Earth From Space

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Star Wars - the Force Awakens Trailer

The new Star Wars Trailer was just released.

Amazon Sues Over Fake Reviews

Perhaps Amazon should sue themselves for not letting me post several reviews for products I purchased on Amazon.
I am frustrated with, and still laugh at these big companies with double standards and in my opinion poor integrity.

Monday, October 19, 2015

New Regulations Coming for Drones

This is One of the Best Customer Testimonials I Have Ever Seen

I remember this company Conductor from years ago when they were blatantly selling text links and rubbing it publicly into Google's face.
Then they changed their entire business model and dropped selling text links that pass PageRank.
Now I am not sure what they are doing. I am posting this video for several reasons. First the video is fantastic and a great example for any company to study and learn from.
Second, SEO companies like mine never make client testimonial videos like this because we would not want to expose any of our clients to all the scrutiny this video would bring from Google. So I would be against any of my companies clients making a video like this.
By the way we ( provide equal or better SEO results and we have had the same clients for over 12 years.

I Am Testing OutBrain for Blog Advertising

I found this company named that I am testing out.

So far I am not very impressed. Their website and marketing is fantastic, the real system has problems.

1. At first OutBrain approved my content, then later they deleted some of my content I submitted to them without any contact. As readers of my blogs know I am against these "Big Brother" methods. In an attempt at fairness to OutBrain, the content they kept was the best content and it may in fact be a "good decision" in order to help me. However I still have an issue of how it was done to me, e.g. to me the OutBrain process is too "Big Brother", this is also true for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. 

2. Their prices are very high, $0.52 to $1.80 per click.

3. Even with the high prices I am not receiving any traffic.

4. They sent me an email about OutBrain Boot-Camp, I do not want their boot-camp, I want real human service.

5. Google has nothing to worry about from these guys.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Thank you to all the loyal readers of

Google Employees Read This Blog
Don't you think you should too?

They have a great slogan...

Russian Hackers Infiltrate Dow Jones

Privacy Censorship "Freedom of Speech" Many People Face These Issues

I have been thinking a lot about privacy, censorship, and freedom of speech, etc. lately.
I started researching this topic and found a very interesting article below. Just click on the graphic and it will take you straight to the real article. This gentleman is faced with some of the same issues and thoughts I am dealing with.
This is why I want comments, and I will post comments if people email me directly.
So yes I am censoring comments and when you read this persons blog experience below you will understand why this is sometimes necessary.

I did like and also agree with Steve's comment in his article.
Anyway, I’m not going to make a habit of doing this.  Censorship, for me, is a chickenshit way to limit the exchange of knowledge.  It’s not up to me to filter the thoughts of others, especially thoughts created by something I write.

 To Censor OR NOT To Censor

Charles Koch Interview

Is Volkswagen Losing All Their Car Market Share?

Friday, October 16, 2015

Google May Have Caught and Penalized Another SEO Black Hat Network

I do not read or follow the SEO Black Hat forums often or other Black Hat information sources, because I am a White Hat SEO. However I do find it interesting to read and see all the evil clever stuff these Black Hat SEO's come up with when I check their forums every 2-3 months. Also so I can understand their Black Hat methods in case they attack my clients, so I can protect my clients. Unfortunately I have super star experts that work for me doing this, and our work load keeps growing.

I have a message to "Black Hat" SEO's besides kiss my ass. Why do you do this evil stuff? You just bring in crappy low quality traffic. It is better to have one super high quality website viewer (e.g. Larry Page) vs. 2,000,000 low quality viewers that bring you zero business.
My message and advice to business owners is always go for better quality and be safe so Google does not penalize you. If you hire a Black Hat SEO company you are still responsible. Google will not accept, "I did not know what they were doing."

What Gun Store Verdict Could Mean for Gun Regulations

What to do About All the Blogger Defects?

Update: 10-15-15
I am starting to like Blogger again.
It looks to me like Blogger did listen to me and fixed the problems I mention below.

This is huge, as now if you are capable of editing in HTML, you can fix all the text formatting defects in the Blogger "Compose" mode in "HTML" mode and when you open that post again in "compose" or "html" mode the fixes you made have been saved (inherited). Please see screen shot below.

To me Blogger is the best division of Google as far as listening to their customers and fixing defects quickly.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Chip-Based Credit Cards Cause Big Problems for Netflix

Vimeo Joins Original Content Competition

23AndMe Raises $115 Million in Expansion Funding


Update 10-13-15
I wanted to show this old post from March so people can see "positive" comments I make about Google. I want to demonstrate and prove I am objective, kinda like a journalist.

The newest search results from Google are fantastic. If you want to see them in the USA make sure you are logged out of Google and set your location to USA.
I think this is just the beginning of the changes and it will take about 35 -70 days for search results to propagate to all Google servers and stabilize.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Resorts Coming to Las Vegas in 2018

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This is an excellent article from my friend Anthony Taylor

One year many years ago, I went to Vancouver for a two month holiday.
I met this honest, smart, and fun young gentleman named Anthony Taylor.

I highly recommend him for work related projects, especially if you are in the Vancouver Canada area.

I suggest July or August as the best time of year to visit Vancouver as they have three seasons up there, July, August and Rain.

Hillary Clinton Shows Up at Labor Rally Protesting Donald Trumps Hotel

Southwest Airlines has a Computer Meltdown -- Will Joe Bidden Run for President?

Is Matt Cutts Ever Going to Come Back To Google?

I have been wondering about Matt Cutts and what he is doing these days.
The Internet is a very strange place sometimes and the notion that I know someone that I never even met is even more odd to me.

However I in fact know a lot about Matt Cutts, because I go back to the beginning of Google and I was even around before Matt Cutts. I like to call myself "the old man of the Internet" sometimes when I have all the 25 year old people working for me all over the world. 

I used to email with Matt Cutts a lot in the early days and I still enjoy reading some of his old emails to me. Unfortunately things changed to a negative "no communication" Google style in the recent years.
Now that I know Google senior management reads my blog, I can not help giving Google some good ideas on this topic.
Google is the most successful company ever, since business began. Please read that line a few times, so it can be difficult to tell that successful of a company that they could be ten times bigger and more profitable. However since I have made a lot of money on Google stock over the last ten years as a shareholder I want to give the most valuable ideas I have to Google.

Google please hire a senior outside Internet/Software/SEO/SEM CEO to become the liaison E.g. Vice President of SEO Relations, or some important title with VP in it. This way Google could vastly improve their current  terrible relations with SEO companies, etc. All SEO companies I know still help their clients spend a ton of money on Adwords. My company has several clients that spend over $1,000,000 per month on Google Adwords. Who helps them spend all that money with Google? Me.
I can think of two people that would be perfect for this job. One is Rand Fishkin and the other is Tom Forrest.
Matt Cutts did the best he could, yet he is not really the best fit. Matt you are fantastic, however you never worked outside of Google and you are still much more of an "engineering" type personality. This VP job I am describing is a person that has very strong entrepreneurial skills and has actually worked in our industry outside of Google. The job would require world class marketing, technology and engineering skills. People that are multi-talented like this are very difficult to find.

Please do not misunderstand me, Matt and I were not friends and we had some very tough email battles, yet I respected him and thought he was highly intelligent and he was "always trying to do the right thing" for all parties. He is a person that tries his best to be fair and I admire that quality in people. Even though their were a few times I think he made a bad decision, I think 85% of the time I would agree with Matt Cutts on his decisions.

Yes Matt Cutts did some very nice things for me. I remember once I was in Perth Australia and we had a very serious hacker attack and Google (Matt Cutts) helped to save me.
I will never forget that. Thank you Matt.

He also took some penalties off some of my clients that deserved to be penalized. E.g. these were clients that came to my company already penalized by a prior SEO company.

Anyway Matt, good luck whatever you decide to do.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Please Help Me STOP Google from Committing Privacy Violations

I just found this on the Internet and I am asking everyone to click on the link below and ask the Federal Trade Commission to STOP Google from Censoring the Content of GotoTom and to make Google stop violating my privacy and suppressing my freedom of speech.
Please send the link below to the FTC to read.

When Google censors my content and makes it unsearchable, they are harming my loyal clients by preventing them from seeing important and valuable information I have created for their benefit. My clients are the people that asked me to create this blog so I could share my knowledge with them, and now Google has also violated my clients.

Please forward this post to as many people as possible and help support "freedom of speech" for people all over the world.

Report Google Privacy Violations to the Federal Trade Commission 

I feel bad about this entire situation as I do not believe the top management of Google had any clue these censoring activities were even happening and I see Google quickly trying to fix all the evil things that were done to me. So to the senior management of Google, I want you to know that I do not blame you and that I appreciate you trying to help me recover from the damage Google unfairly did to me.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Please remember that if you follow my SEO methods in this blog, Google should never penalize you. I only use white hat SEO and I recommend you follow all Google Guidelines.

Google: New Algorithm Changes “Aggressively Targeting Hacked Spam,” May Impact 5% Of Queries


The following is an excellent article by Aaron Wall of
Aaron is definitely one of the top ten SEO experts in the world. He might be #1?
In this article he exposes some troublesome facts and links to proof.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Vladimir Putin Interviewed by Charlie Rose

I always enjoy watching Charlie Rose interview people, he has a calming down to earth style and it must be a fun job. Charlie gets to interview all the powerful and famous people. I suppose you know you are successful in your life if Charlie Rose wants to interview you.
One of my favorites is when he interviews Larry Page of Google.
These interviews of Vladimir Putin are very interesting, I also show the full interviews (2 hours) with Charlie Rose.

After you watch the videos below, perhaps you may also be interested in watching the interview of Vladimir Putin's #1 enemy Bill Browder.
Some people believe President Putin is the financially wealthiest man in the world, and also the most powerful, as he does not have the same governmental and constitutional restraints as US Presidents have.  

45% of All Office Work Could Be Automated and Completed via Technology According to a McKinsey Company Study

My friend John G. (aka White Bear) saw this video and said it is not correct. Someone has already created the "Ultimate CEO Robot" many years ago.


The following is a very good post by an author I think is very intelligent, knowledgeable, and she demonstrates strategic long term thinking for SEO projects. Even though it is over a year old it is still very useful today.

I wrote an article about this and at the time I was very unhappy with Google, because many innocent people and websites were being unfairly penalized by Google.

Also all the Google penalties back then was causing the Negative SEO market to grow fast. Luckily Google decided to slow down and be more careful about giving out penalties which in turn lowered the desire and demand for people to try Negative SEO. It can be done and I could do it Google, the only thing that stops me are my morals. Please keep that in mind, and understand there are Black Hat SEO experts that know exactly how to perform negative SEO. I have personally seen and suffered from their work and Google could not stop them and Google did not help. I have even sent in examples of Negative SEO to Senior Google management several years ago, because some evil person did Negative SEO successfully to one of my websites. I understand Google needs to keep people clam, yet I need to explain the truth to people.There are several different ways to perform Negative SEO, not just from low quality backlinks. The people that did it to me were in Canada, so that made it even more difficult to stop them. Basically the Black Hat SEO's won and I lost. I am still unhappy that I could not defeat the evil doers, I really hate losing to them!