Friday, January 16, 2015


I was reading the most recent articles about if Google will update the Toolbar PageRank meter ever again, and how it looks like Google will not.  This is your chance to tell Google what you think.  Please click here and give Google your feedback and vote to keep PageRank.  I encourage webmasters to try to email Google and ask that Google please continue to update the PageRank meter.

I believe there are benefits to Google for doing so at least once or twice a year. Yes I agree several years ago doing the updates once a month was too much.

However if Google updates PageRank two times a year it will help webmasters stay away from websites Google does not like or has penalized.  I think the main argument is that Google wants webmasters to stay away from "bad websites" e.g. do not link to them and do not ask them for links, etc.
Then Google says the #1 way you can tell what websites to stay away from is effectively disabled by Google.  This just defies common sense to me.