Thursday, June 16, 2016

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom Discusses Video Service and How Instagram Has 300 Million Active Users

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom discusses how Instagram added videos back in 2013, now they will allow up to 60 second videos as that is what is needed in order to create a useful and compiling video.
The amount of videos people watch is growing very quickly. Kevin explains the reasons for this and what his plans are for the future advancements of Instagram. Kevin also talks about different competitors and what his plans are to compete and win moving forward over time.

Keller Fishback

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How Can Scientists Clean-up the Carbon Emissions Humans Have Already Created in Earth's Atmosphere?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Google is Innocent and Did NOT Manipulate Search Results to Favor Hillary Clinton

Wow this is a crazy story.

Google is Innocent of these Charges that they secretly Manipulated Search Results to Favor Hillary Clinton. 

I watched the video and at first I thought it made Google look very bad, however Matt Cutts came out and said please look at below...

This article explains the real and correct reason Google search gave the results that caused the untrue and false video.

How is Your Smart Phone Changing Your Life?

Saturday, June 11, 2016

How to SEO Your Blogspot Title Tag, So you Can Rank Better in Search Engines

It is funny how SEO impacts my life in strange and odd ways, and how one can accidentally learn about how Google works.
Anytime you make a major SEO change, like changing your "title tag", it gives you an opportunity to study and learn more about Google.

I am going on a one-year business trip around different cities in the USA and meeting with our clients and sales employees of HTP Company. I am bringing my dog Bella with me and staying in,, Homeaway, and using and a new excellent site I found called . 

This Looks Like a Great Company to Work For. It is Fun to See and Hear this Video. Do You Need to Be a Good Dancer to Work at this Technology Company?

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Articles and Speculation as to Why Tony Fadell Left his Position as NEST CEO

Interview of WeWork CEO and co-founder Adam Neumann. The Company Provides Shared Office Space to Independent Workers and Entrepreneurs

These shared economy companies are surprising to me how fast they have grown and how close some of them came to failure and shutting down.
Airbnb was literally weeks from closing it's operations when it finally received Venture Capital funding and it is now worth $26,000,000,000. Uber is worth $62 billion, and WeWork is worth $16 billion. The founder is a typical entrepreneur that had a few companies that failed before he co-founded WeWork. 

Monday, June 06, 2016

Larry Page TED Video Excellent Ideas to Think About from the Google Co-Founder

This video is two years old now and it is still amazing. I have watched it four times over the last five months and each time I watch it I have several creative ideas for new projects.  
My wish is that Charlie Rose and Larry Page decide to make Version 2.0 in 2016.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Hire REST API Software Developers, Benefits of REST Architecture, Example of a Real World RESTful Implementation -

This article explains and shows a real world example of implementing a RESTful architecture and using a REST API. The project we just completed doing this for is:
Please make a purchase from, you will love our excellent products and service.

If a client hires us then we can develop projects like this for them. My team can create and develop the software programming, content, website design, PPC, SEO, and hosting. We offer a complete turnkey service to our clients.

I have been searching on the Internet for good articles about REST and what the benefits are from a business perspective. Unfortunately most of the articles are very technical and written for computer scientists and programmers.
An API is an Application Programmer Interface is a set of functions, objects, and methods that are made publicly known to developers that allow them to interact with a particular technology in order to create new sites and systems.

Below are the best articles and a video I have found so far. 

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Over 80% of People Are Incorrect To Trust Online Reviews - Censorship Issues

Update 11-5-15
Considering the fact that Google blatantly violated me and was caught censoring my content on my Blogger account (10-3-15), violating my privacy, denying me my freedom of speech, and also censoring my content on the Google search engine. I am very disappointed in the small amount of effort Google has made to remove all the evil deeds committed upon me by Google employees. I would say only about 25% of the damage done to me has been corrected so far. Until Google does what is fair and just and fixes the evil done to me in order to censor me and deny my freedom of speech, I will not trust Google and no one should trust Google.

Original Article below:

As time advances and days go by since I first caught Google censoring my content I have a stronger feeling of having my privacy and freedom of speech violated by "Big Brother Google". Each day the negative feelings keep growing, and I feel victimized. 
I am trying to stay positive about this experience however it is difficult.

I also wonder how many other people Google is unfairly censoring and punishing for content they do not like?

I appealed to the most senior manager at Google available to me and he can fix problems very fast. So it appears Google is now starting to index my previously censored and banned content.
I think Google is taking all penalties and censorship off of me, and I see improvements every single day.
What can I say, I am glad the top management of Google does not allow evil behavior by their employees, yet at the same time I wish this never happened to me in the first place.

It seems very ironic that Google does not want Communist China to censor them yet some Googlers think it is okay to censor me.

I am a fair person (mid-westerner), so since I think Larry Page helped me, I am making this article "Nicer" towards Google and taking out some of the harsher language. The root of this entire issue was someone writing a fake review in the Google Chrome Store about my and .com
So instead of investigating and verifying that I am 100% correct, and that the fake review should be removed, some evil Googler(s) decided he was going to teach me a lesson. After you read this entire article both part 1 and part 2, you will see that this "fake review" and the defective processing of the fake review by Google is most likely the root cause of all my problems. Unfortunately Google still has not deleted this fake review against my Online Password Manager (OPM) product. 

Please see the screen shot of the Fake 1 Star Review from the Fake Google account Marty Topping below.

You can search for some executive Google names, e.g. "Larry Page" in the search box to the "right top" of this page. That is one of several tests to see if Google is continuing to censor my content. 

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Drug Resistant Bacteria has Created a Huge Need to Find New Antibiotics in Nature

Could Autonomous Boats Help Fix the USA's Crumbling Bridges?

Russia is in a Long Term Economic Recession and Still Hopes Putin Can Save the Struggling Economy

This Article Explains Good News from Google Adwords, Now You Can Have Separate Bids for Each Device Type