Saturday, December 24, 2016

How the USA Became a Superpower in the World

This is an excellent video for all people around the world to watch. It is especially important for young students in America as many of them are ignorant of USA history. I saw another video where many young students in America did not even know who won the American Civil War.
It is a sad situation as the USA spends more on education than any other country on earth, however our students rank close to the bottom in knowledge and test results.

Warning and Alert about the MOBE Internet Scam

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

SpaceX Makes History in their Landing of the Falcon 9 -- SpaceX Mars Project

You can learn about Elon Musk's and SpaceX plans to colonize Mars by the year 2024. At first I thought this was fake news or a joke, however it is real. Elon Musk is only interested in earning money so he can colonize Mars. He is truely a man on a mission and you can learn about his plans by viewing the link below.

Drone That Can Lift a Human Being into the Air and the Human is Flying via the Drone

There is not a drone on the market that can lift and fly a human being. So these guys built their own human flying drone.
Do not try this at home, just watch this video.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Wonderful Classic Christmas Commercial from Publix

I think Publix is the best grocery store in America. I am from the western USA, however every time I travel to the southeast I love shopping at Publix. Their marketing department is very talented and launched this classic Christmas commercial last year and Publix is playing this commercial on TV this year also. It is very heart warming, motivational and it will be difficult for Publix to make a better commercial in the future.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Chase Bank Will Not Protect You From Fraud and Chase Customer Service STINKS, it is Horrible, and Terrible, etc. Chase bank Lied to me and Scammed me.

Update 11-21-16:
The Chase executive office phoned me while I was driving and said they are going to credit my account the $386. This is a positive and good thing Chase bank promised to do for me. Chase bank lied to me on a recorded phone line (11-17-16).

My own bank that I have been doing business with for over 25-years lied to me and scammed me. 
Chase gave me the credit and then reversed it and took the money away from me. I need to find a new bank that does not treat me in such a terrible manner, lie to me and scam me. I will also file a complaint with the and the
Please see screen shot below of my Chase account transactions, which prove how Chase Bank lied to me and scammed me out of the money they promised to pay me.

11-17-16 - Original Article By Tom Forrest
I knew when I started investigating Chase Bank that I would find many thousands of complaints against Chase Bank on the Internet.

My personal experience with Chase Bank is horrible and they cheated me out of $386. I have been a long time Chase customer for over 25-years, then I make one report on my Chase debit/credit card of fraud, and Chase bank treats me like crap and like I am wrong when a hotel in California fraudulently and without my permission put multiple charges on my Chase debit/credit card. I did not approval and authorize these charges on my Chase credit/debit card. You have zero protection from fraud when you use their debit/credit card.

Chase bank just outsources their customer service to the Philippines and the service STINKS. They should have negative stars and many thousands of people have the same terrible experience with Chase Bank. I am not against the Philippines or India, however USA companies are trying to save money and they do not train these people properly and you may as well talk to a tree. Chase debit/credit customer service is the worst I have ever seen and the people are totally incompetent and arrogant. Then if you complain to the Chase executive office you get nothing. 
You can try to email or both of which offer no help what so ever.

I suggest you apply for an American Express card if you want good customer service and protection from fraud.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

New Interview of Edward Snowden. Is He a Hero or a Traitor to the USA? It is a Tough Decision for Me

The Edward Snowden story is a very difficult decision for me regarding if he is a traitor or a hero. Maybe he is 60% traitor and 40% hero?
From a legal perspective as Mr. Snowden states in his interview he understands the USA laws and he will most likely go to jail if he returns to the USA. The main problem I have is that the laws are defective and should be changed, perhaps so Mr. Snowden would only spend 2-5 years in prison, not the rest of his life.
I think he wants to return to America, which is crazy to me.
I would prefer to live as a free man in Russia then go to prison in the USA.

I think he may meet a nice women in Russia and live there the rest of his life. E.g. live happy forever in Russia.

See the Full Katie Couric Interview of Edward Snowden in Moscow Russia by Clicking "Read more"

Henry the Turtle in Ponce Inlet Florida

Monday, December 05, 2016

USA President-Elect Trump Stands Up to China and is Keeping His Promises to American Citizens

The main stream news media are not journals like they used to be many years ago. Now we have unfair biased liberal democrats like lame Anderson Cooper tainting the news reports and criticizing anyone that does not agree with him.
President Obama has been considered very weak in regards to US foreign policy by many millions of people all over the world. 
President-Elect Trump is not weak and is already standing up to China and letting them know that the USA policies towards China will be changing. I think this is a good thing, besides President-Elect Trumps recent tweets towards China, lets not forget China is a communist country and the USA is a proud and free democracy. Being an American means we stand up against communism and fight for freedom and democracy for all repressed people all over the world, that is what true Americans do and believe in.
Does anyone think the starving North Korean people would not love us to save them from Kim Jon-un?
This is not something new, it was just forgotten by President Obama. 
Please watch this fantastic speech by Ronald Reagan in Berlin in 1987 to see and understand exactly what I mean.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Mikhail Khodorkovsky is Trying to Make Russia a True Democracy. He was a Political Prisoner Kept in Jail in Russia for 10-Years

Will General Mattis Make a good USA Secretary of Defense?

General Mattis is compared to General Marshall, which is a huge complement. General Marshall was one of the greatest Generals in the entire history of the USA.
Even Ronald Reagan mentions and praised General Marshall for his "Marshall plan" in his famous speech in Berlin Germany in 1987 where President Reagan makes the quote "Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall", which did happen in 1989.

Please click "Read more" to see General Mattis answer questions about leadership, it is very interesting.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Van Jones a Democratic Liberal has a CNN Special Report on 12-6-16 Where He Goes to Trump Supporters and Interviews Them

I am not affiliated with any political party and I am not a Democrat or a Republican.
I do not like the TV show "the View" and some of the people on the View are biased unfair liberals that I do not agree with. I also do not think Anderson Cooper should call himself a Journalist as he is one of the worst biased liberals on TV. 

I have a new found respect for Van Jones because he is the only popular CNN liberal democrat that has the common sense and integrity as a real journalist to put his personal believes aside and interview Donald Trump supporters and try to understand why they voted for President-Elect Trump.
Van Jones was raised in Tennessee and by his comments it is clear that he has the ability to listen to and understand the concerns of people from this region of the USA. In this video Van Jones goes to the home of President-Elect Trump supporters in Ohio and interviews the family who previously voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Good SEO and Link Building Information from Rand Fishkin, with Comments from Tom Forrest

I agree with what Rand Fishkin says in this whiteboard Friday video with one major concern or warning. Google is not very good at enforcing their own guidelines and Google makes many mistakes. Google is sometimes stupidly stubborn and will refuse to correct their own defects and mistakes. Furthermore I give proof of this in other articles I have written.
So in general this is good SEO link building advice to benefit you via merit based link building, however you cannot trust Google to fairly apply their own webmaster guidelines.

How to Hide $400,000,000 in the Huge Worldwide Offshore Financial System

One of the readers of my blog sent me this really interesting article. As technology advances it has become more difficult for people to hide money. However after reading this article it appears that it is still possible to hide large sums of money in the huge worldwide offshore financial system.

Please read this outstanding and very interesting article from the New York Times Magazine (below).
This is one of the most fascinating and well written articles I have ever read.

Friday, December 02, 2016

USA President-Elect Trump's Entire Speech at Cincinnati Ohio Thank You Rally

This is very Funny if you are a Liberal Democrat like Stephen Colbert. It is Not So Funny if You are a President-Elect Trump Supporter

This is not so funny if you are a President-Elect Trump supporter, however Stephen Colbert is very popular and he is trending upwards on the Internet and has millions of viewers.
I do not agree with Stephen Colbert's political views and this makes his comedy even funnier to me.

I think since I have been on the Internet and a blogger for a very long time I have very thick skin and can take criticism and still laugh with people I may not agree with. Also I like to publish information from many perspectives even if I do not agree with what the people may be saying.