Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This is a very Funny Video - Filmed One Day Before the USA Presidential Debate

This video is very funny as it is filmed one day before the actual Presidential debate.

Instead of Penalizing Innocent Websites Google Should Not Be Promoting Sites That Give You Very Bad SEO Advice

Google has been keeping Blacklists of authors, and has been caught red-handed performing multiple manual manipulations of search engine results.

I like this new Google feedback feature where I send in my suggestions. I give my name because Google knows who I am already. If you are not "known" by Google I advise you do not give your name in the feedback.
I noticed Google did fix many things I have suggested. I would say over time Google has fixed 75% of what I have suggested. The bad part is the 25% Google has not fixed are their most serious defects.
If you do a Google search for "list of directory sites", Google was showing a terrible site at the top that just gave you a list of spam directories that will surely get you penalized by Google. One day after I sent in my feedback Google changed this, however the new site they promote still gives bad SEO advice. You do not want to automate any part of submitting to Directories. You do not want multiple directory listings all with the same descriptions and content.

Guess what, that is spam and duplicate content.

What do you think Google does to a website that has 287+ low quality and free directory listings that have no editorial review and any submission is accepted.
Then on top of this you use the same anchor text (link title) and all the content and descriptions are exactly the same?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Company That Manufactured This Bacon, should use this video as their main TV commercial.

I first posted this video for New Years Eve and have been wanting to show it again, because it is funny in a positive way...

Also who ever manufactured this bacon, should use this video as their main TV commercial.

Happy New Year - Try to Think of 2016 Like the First Time You Ever Tasted Bacon
I was trying to think of a unique way to wish everyone around the world who reads this blog
Happy New Year.

Then this excellent video of a little boy tasting bacon for the very first time became available, what good timing. Apparently his mother is a great cook.

I hope everyone looks at 2016 with the same excitement and finds happiness in 2016, like this young boy has eating his bacon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Google Search Features and Good Work by Google with Their Definition Surveys

Google is always making changes, and sometimes too many.
I do not like some of the changes and some I do like.
Example below:

I was writing a new article and wanted to use the word "Bully".
So I asked Google, "what does bully mean"?
Then if you click on Feedback you can fill in a Google survey.
This is a valid method and difficult to argue against as Google will be collecting and analyzing this data in a useful endeavor for better and more accurate definitions.

the "Blockchain" and How it Will Change Your Life and the Internet. What is the Blockchain?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Interesting SEO and Google Censorship Issues to Track for Further Research

I like to use the Google search box to find articles and information on my blogs.
Then I can email links to people. Also it is a good way to see if Google is censoring any of my content and how I caught Google inappropriately censoring my blog content the first time a few years ago. I think Google is not censoring my content now or maybe just censoring a few of my articles. I am always afraid of "Big Brother Google" unfairly censoring my content.
This lead to me using the "site:" command and writing this article where I discovered new SEO related and search engine changes Google has recently made.

The new way Google changed the site command makes it possible for Google to perform a more advanced and refined form of censorship. E.g. they could make an article not searchable in the Google search engine, yet still searchable via a blog search box.
Of course I wish Google just decided to stay out of the censorship business and leave that to communist China. 

How many people is Google unfairly Censoring and Penalizing?

I have a few articles about Google unfairly penalizing innocent websites and you can find them if you search on this blog for "7meg".
When a few bad employees at Google ruin it for the majority of good Google employees by incorrectly penalizing innocent website owners, Google's entire reputation is ruined. I do not think Google's top management understands how important this is. Now many people might believe that the Google SPAM department is comprised of evil unethical clowns that are defective and act out as bullies.

Because a few Google employees that should be fired penalized a lot of innocent websites for outbound links when they do not even have any outbound links. Guess what, now all Google employees have an evil cloud over their heads and this person ruined your previous good reputation for fairness, now you may be just considered a bunch of evil people because no one at Google had the courage to do the "right thing" and fix these terrible defects and mistakes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stan Wawrinka is an Amazing Motivational Story and has Strong Persistence and Detrimination

Stan Wawrinka is a fantastic motivational story. No other professional tennis player has ever started winning grand slam events so late in life. Stan also has a few funny answers in this interview.

Fareed Zakaria is Interviewed About World Issues by Charlie Rose

I do not agree with Russian President Valdimir Putin on many issues, however I agree 100% about what he said regarding Fareed Zakaria.

"Fareed Zakaria is a first class public intellectual."

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Beware Fellow Plutocrats the Pitchforks are Coming. Learn about New and Modernized Capitalism Ideas

This is an important and very interesting presentation by Nick Hanauer one of the most financially successful people on earth.
He explains and describes new economic concepts he calls "New Capitalism". I would say he is describing what I would call a "new optimized, and modernized capitalism". I think Bernie Sanders would like this presentation, however Donald Trump should also watch this video and learn from Nick Hanauer.

How would the world change if 15% of the people controlled 50% of the wealth?
Currently 1% of the humans on earth own 50% of the wealth.

Can Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo? What Will Happen With Yahoo in 2016?

Can Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo in 2016?

Please See More Yahoo Articles Below

Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO Discusses Yahoo Turn Around Plans

Alphabet's Financial Information, Moonshot Projects, X Labs Astro Teller

I am out of the 110 degree heat of the Nevada desert and I am cooling off for a few days in Half Moon Bay, CA. It was 54 degrees at 7:17 am.
I like Sam's Coffee Shop, and reading the Daily Post. I have a very nice android smart phone, yet sometimes I prefer to read an old fashioned newspaper. The Daily Post has an outstanding article about Alphabet and their X Labs.
Please watch this video below by Astro Teller who manages all the the X Labs projects. What a fun and exciting job he has.
Google lost $3,600,000,000 on X Labs last year and it is okay because Google is the most financially successful company in the entire history of business. Charlie Rose did an interview of Eric Schmidt who explains this, and why Google (now Alphabet) invests such a large amount of money into X Labs. Astro Teller talks about many X Lab projects including Project Loon in his presentation below.

What Do Ants Know About Traffic Engineering and Optimization That Humans Do Not Understand?

Dag Kittlaus, Who Previously co-founded Siri, Discusses His New Company Viv and Advances in Artificial Intelligence

This is a very interesting interview of Dag Kittlaus by Charlie Rose.
Dag explains the background and history of how he first co-founded Siri and how Apple purchased his company. He mentions his meetings with Steve Jobs and what Steve said to him. Dag also describes his vision for his new company Viv.
He is a top expert in the world in this field and I am  happy Charlie Rose is interviewing him. You can learn the about the future of technology and artificial intelligence from people like Dag Kittlaus.
I disagree with Dag on one small issue, sometimes it is better to not use a voice interface. It is better to offer users the choice of using voice recognition or phone pad, or keyboard. Online ordering of prescriptions from Kaiser Permanente changed over to voice recognition and it is much better and faster for this application to use the phone keypad instead of voice recognition.  

Putin Denies Russian Involvement in US Democratic National Committee Hack

Russian President Putin says who hacked the DNC provided a service to the public, however it was not the Russian government as the USA government claims.