Sunday, May 15, 2022

Google search results 8-27-22

Below refers to my article:

I updated this article 8-25-22, and busted Google unfairly censoring my article and manipulating the search results in order to influence election results.
This proves Google is interfering with our elections.
Then I sent an email to the DOJ and copied Google.

On 8-27-22 (Saturday) Google moved my content up slightly and added new articles to try to prove that they are not politically biased and fair to Republicans, which is total Bullshit. Please see how Google manually took an article not in the top 100 of the search results and made it #1.
When I saw what they did I just starting laughing out loud (LOL).

Google is busted making dramatic human search engine edits in order to cover up the evidence against them for illegal election interference and manipulation.

 Google search results on 8-27-22

Google search results on 8-25-22