Friday, March 25, 2016

New FTC Rules and How Does the Quick Shift to Online Video Testimonials Affect Small and Large Businesses?

If you look at YouTube, the 3rd more popular website in the world, you will notice Google has done a good job and keeps adding more advanced features for video editing. This is a double edged sword as far as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is concerned. They must quickly update regulations to stay up with all the technology advances. How can the FTC possibly enforce millions of small businesses and bloggers making and using video testimonials? On the positive side as we sift to Software as a Service (SaaS) and most software applications are in the Cloud, we also see an increase in the number of free trial offers, for example offers a free one-year trial. 
Now I have some questions for the FTC. They are doing a great job based on how huge of an enforcement problem this is. Also the rules can be confusing. Let's say I find a famous race car driver to use and endorse my Online Password Manager, if I offer a free trial do I even have to worry about these FTC regulations?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why is Donald Trump so Successful in Business and Politics? This Video Gives You the Answer and Explains Trump's Methods

This is a very interesting video because it uses language science and analysis to explain how and why Donald Trump speaks the way he does and more importantly why his manner of speech is so effective.
I think Donald Trump evolved this way not by conscious thought and desire to be the way he is.
No, I think it is a form of "business Darwinism" and that Trump has evolved and developed these methods of speaking and using words based on winning in business negotiations. E.g. Trump evolved this way because he hates losing and loves winning. This also partially explains how Trump went from a "joke Presidential candidate" the the leading front runner and a very good chance of becoming President of the USA.

Alec Ross Explains What Will Happen in the Future and How Technology will Affect Humans

When I first started seeing and reading about this young looking man I did not think he could possibly be a "wizard" with some of his ideas and have a crystal ball to see the future. However, the more I study his ideas I think he is a highly intelligent futurist and that many of his predictions will become reality over time. Please watch and send me an email about what you think of his presentation. Alec looks even younger than 44 years old, I would have guessed 36.

Jimmy Fallon is very Funny as Donald Trump Talking on the Phone to USA President Obama

Guess Who is Watching Me? They are in Mountain View California and the Only Other Party That Could Possibly Know About This Web Page

I am smiling because sometimes I feel like an amateur detective. I was testing out this software and decided not to use it. Then I thought I should check to make sure that it was disabled and look who else was checking this web page. Interesting.
Whoever looked at this web page (see below) could only know about it by looking inside my Blogger account.
Hmm, they are in Mountain View CA, and somehow they looked inside my Blogger account to see and click on this referral link that no one else could possibly know about. Because this was done five hours after I deleted the FeedJit software from my blog. 

I wonder who did this?
Is this a violation of my privacy?

Why do I feel violated now?

I wonder if this person might also be able to read my Gmails?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tim Cook CEO of Apple Talks About Privacy and Apples New Products

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Comedian John Oliver makes a Funny Presentation Proving How Stupid the FBI and DoJ are Behaving Regarding this Encryption Case Against Apple

This is very funny yet it makes it clear how stupid the FBI and the DoJ are in this case. I agree 100% that John Miller is a major bonehead and an embarrassment to the NYPD, FBI and DoJ by what he says.

Friday, March 18, 2016

List of Most Popular Blogs and Lessons You Can Learn From These Successful Blogs

Jony Ive, Chief Design Officer at Apple. Jony Explains His Role at Apple, and Why he Enjoyed Working with Steve Jobs

Please click here to see the article and video interview by Charlie Rose. Unfortunately, Google has caused a new software defect that prevents me from showing this video on the home page of my blog.
All I can say is that Blogger continues to have terrible software quality control problems and I hope Google has better software engineers working on the autonomous cars. I will not drive in a Google autonomous car when they come out because I see the pathetically defective software quality disaster that Blogger is.

My company builds software with zero defects and I am extremely proud of this fact, yet this also causes me to be very frustrated with the horrible job Blogger/Google does at software quality control. People should be unhappy if they put in the effort to create a blog and then Google keeps breaking it over and over again because of their incompetence.

I suggest Google should start hiring older (50+ years old) software and Internet experts to help manage all the young people that Google hires. The young software engineers Google hires do not have good quality control experience or training. I think my early days of designing and creating navigation guidance computers and software for intercontinental ballistic missile systems taught me how to develop defect free software. It is an immensely serious problem if an intercontinental ballistic missile has any software defects.
Then I teach my "defect free methodologies" to all the young software developers that work for me.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Should the Search Engines Allow One Company to Have Total Domination of Pay Per Click and Organic SEO?

I always advise clients on a few basic business and SEO/PPC concepts before they buy multiple domains for their products and services. I generally start with a simple concept, it is an oversimplification yet it is effective. "Think of the Internet as the Pacific ocean and you "Mr. Businessman" are trying to catch every single fish in the ocean. This will be very difficult with just one fishing line, which is the same as having just one website." However if you desire to have multiple websites you should register them via proxy and that way Google can not see who owns the site. Furthermore you should have each separate site hosted on a completely different server with different ip's and c-classes, etc.

Now how far can you take this business model?
E.g. If you are can you dominate and control most of the PPC ads on Yahoo, Bing and Google?
If you are can you have 6 out of the top 10 natural listings?
E.g. By owning multiple "flower delivery" websites all with different business names, yet all owned by
The answer is maybe.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

President Obama Nominates Merrick Garland for the US Supreme Court, He Deserves a Fair Hearing by Republicans

I try to stay away from politics as much as possible and I am not affiliated with any political party.
So I am not a Republican and I am not a Democrat.
I have mixed feelings about President Obama, however I consider him highly intelligent.
Today President Obama nominated Merrick Garland, and he deserves a fair hearing.

This man has done a stellar job for the USA and he has earned the right to be on the USA Supreme Court. US Senator Angus King has similar views to mine. If you read the US Constitution it makes it clear that Merrick Garland should receive a fair hearing.
The founding fathers would be appalled that the Republican party would even dare to suggest such a devious political maneuver in order to circumvent the "true and original intent" of the written text in the US Constitution. Who cares about debatable political precedent, the words in the Constitution are all that really matters.
Sometimes I smile that even though I do not like Hillary Clinton and I think she is a liar, on some issues I agree 100% with her. I believe the issue is that Democrats and Republicans do not like the fact that the USA Constitution can be a "double edged" sword.

I even feel this way about the Constitution sometimes.

I ask all USA citizens to contact their US Senator and demand that Merrick Garland be given a fair hearing as the US Constitution requires. It bothers me when all these hypocrites (e.g. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham) claim they support the "original" meaning of the the US Constitution, then raise the bible in one hand and make up ridiculous interpretations of the Constitution creators.
I am still amazed every single day by how magnificently smart the founding fathers of the US Constitution were and how they could have had so much fore-site over 200 years ago.   

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Are you Ready for Some Very Hard Hitting Political Advertisements? Some are very Creative, and Send a Strong Message

Since Google Broke their PageRank Meter, I Recommend People Use Domain Authority

Article Update:
I have long term respect for Danny Sullivan, yet he is totally incorrect with this article. 
This is just more evidence that he is not really an experienced SEO expert, he is a SEO nonpracticing pundit. Just like there are arm chair quarterbacks, I am the star SEO running back scoring the touch downs everyday and I know what is going on from a "real world" first hand experience. Danny makes all these claims about how the Internet and emails will have less spam now, that is total silliness. I really have a hard time believing he even said that. Danny please start using and solve your email spam problems.

This article is way off target and ridiculous, out of respect for Danny Sullivan I will not say anymore about Danny.

Furthermore, having a similar tool that uses some of the same fundamental concepts that Google does is useful, however this is also important for Bing and Yahoo and it gives the Internet surfer some idea about the general importance of a website. E.g. there should be ways for Internet novices to determine how important a website is, so you can decide to trust the content or not. Great sites like the Mayo Clinic (PR7) and Moz score of 94 out of 100 should be recognized as they were by the Google PageRank meter. This is very useful to people surfing the web, it is not just for SEO experts.

Even if you are an advanced Internet user, you would like to have a way to measure the value, importance, and trustworthiness of a website. If I decide to buy some new tennis shoes from a store I never purchased from, I want to see some sort of "site rating" before I make a purchase. Please understand you cannot trust online reviews.

I have been encouraging people to ask Google to bring back the Google PageRank (PR) meter and have written a few articles about it.
Now I really do not think it matters and I am glad there is a better solution.  Hopefully Google will learn that not listening to their loyal users can backfire on them.
I suggest Google should also use MozBar Domain Authority (DA), and compare Google's internal secret results to the excellent accuracy of the MozBar DA and PA.

So now everyone should use:

What is Moz Domain Authority? 
What is Moz Page Authority?

I have done extensive testing on the MozBar and it is very accurate and useful. has several other useful SEO tools and I personally use many different SEO tools. Some tools we build ourselves and some are excellent 3rd party tools. The key to success is having the advice of a SEO expert.
Having access to expert advice is important for any profession and especially for craftspeople. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Google Issues Updated Guidelines to Bloggers, Paid Links Should be Identified or Google May Penalize

Google's policies regarding paid links have created a bias in the search results for a long time, and I have written previous articles over the last few years that explain exactly why this is in detail. Basically many webmasters including me, put nofollow tags on links that really should be follow links, and a large percentage of other webmasters I know also do this.

Because Google makes many mistakes and people are correctly afraid that the Google "Spam Police" will make a mistake and unfairly penalize them. So what is the safest solution?
Make almost all outbound links nofollow.

Does this have an effect on the Google search results?
I do not know the answer; I theorize that it may cause some negative long term impact on the quality of Google's search results. I believe it would be a very interesting test for Google to create a separate database (index) and turn off all nofollow filters, then have expert 3rd party Internet searchers compare the two different sets of search results and see which one is superior. You need really smart and advanced searchers to do this properly.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Apple's CEO Tim Cook is 100% Correct With His Privacy and Encryption Policies, Please Help Support Tim Cook on this Important Privacy Issue

by Tom Forrest

“There is nothing new in the realization that the USA Constitution sometimes insulates the criminality of a few in order to protect the privacy of us all.”
-- US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (1936-2016)

Why is the FBI Trying to Deceive the Citizens of the USA and the World?

Apples Scores iPhone Legal Victory that May Help in FBI Fight

The DoJ knows where this data on this killer’s cellphone can be found, however if it subpoenas the NSA, and the NSA complies with that subpoena, and all this becomes public, that may prove the US government is lying and really does spy on all citizens.
Surely the NSA was spying on the San Bernardino killers.

Apple filed a motion asking the courts to vacate the Judge's February 16 order requiring Apple to help the FBI access a terrorist's iPhone, contending the order violates the company's constitutional rights.

I knew I would be updating this article often, as this privacy and encryption issue will not just simply go away.