Friday, October 28, 2016

Trump Reacts to FBI Reopening the Investigation of Hillary Clinton's Emails

This is the most unusual Presidential election in the history of the USA.
The FBI found new emails and is investigating Ms. Clinton for potential criminal activities. This is a very serious situation for Secretary Clinton as the FBI informed the USA Congress of this new investigation just eleven days before the Presidential election.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

President Obama - Mean Tweets, You Need to have very Thick Skin to be the President of the USA

You need to have very thick skin to be the President or even if you are a Blogger. There are always haters, and you may even have to defend yourself against "Big Brother Google" and fight for your freedom of speech.
Instead of violating my freedom of speech and unfairly censoring my content the Google spam department should not let people steal my content. I bet President Obama does not need to worry about Google inappropriately censoring his content. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How to Speak to People so They Respect and Listen to You

There is a reason 8,000,000 people have watched this video. I think every person including myself should watch classic business and life improvement videos like this. In my opinion this gentleman named Andreas Ekstrom is an example of an outstanding public speaker.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Ellen's very Funny Detailed History of Technology, What is a Phone Book?

This is one of the funniest comedy skits from Ellen DeGeneres. She gives details of technology past to present. Starting with what is a phone book?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Google's Cultural Institute is a Fantastic and Magical Project, I Love It

I do not know much about art and I have no natural artistic skills, however I love going to every art museum I can around the world.
So how can people that cannot afford to travel to different art museums see all this fantastic art?

The answer is the Google Cultural Institute.
Please visit this site and also watch this interesting TED video below.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This is a Funny Video about a Nonexistent "First Lady Debate" for the USA Presidential Elections 11-8-16

I recommend Google Chrome as the best browser and now I signed up for YouTube Red. So I see videos like below without commercials for $10 per month. I wanted to figure out how many YouTube Red users there are in the USA, and I found this excellent write up from a really smart person on the Internet.

This is one of Rand Fishkin's Best Videos. I Agree With Him 99% of the Time on SEO Topics

Please read this old yet even more important today article Rand Fishkin wrote about Google.
Rand could put today's date and this post and it would all still be true and correct. Also read Jim Boykin's comment at the bottom of the article. Both Rand and Jim are two of the top SEO experts in the world and I have a high level of respect for both of them. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Crazy USA Politics, Wikileaks Has 50,000 Clinton Emails that the USA Claims Russia and Putin Hacked

I try to not present too many political videos or written articles, however this is almost too amazing. It falls under "reality can be stranger than fiction". I was also laughing because as a USA citizen I do not need to worry if Hillary Clinton deletes all of her secret emails, the Russians and Mr. Putin can always find her emails for us. LOL

This is Excellent Work by Google and Will Improve Search Results, All SEO Interested People Should Read This.

Since Google is not going to offer any exclusive interviews to me I will link to important new Google announcements that you should read. I wish Google would be fair and let others interview them besides SearchEngineLand.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Google Should Focus on Basic Google Guideline Enforcement and Stay Away from Unfair Censorship of Websites

There have been long term (10-years) problems with Google first creating webmaster guidelines and then with manual enforcement of the official Google guidelines. In my opinion Google has done some very great work with many of the algorithms they have developed and enhanced over the years. The worst and most terrible mistakes have come due to human error and inappropriate censorship by Google.
The Internet war against real spam is still a huge problem and Google needs to focus on the basics of fighting spam and the manual spam police need to do a better job of finding and fighting real spam and not harassing small business people unfairly.
E.g. I can easily create a long list of sites that still have "Sponsored Listings" that pass PageRank. 

As a webmaster the following is an excellent article that you should read regarding what Google does penalize and why.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pros and Cons of Shopping on Amazon - Jimmy Fallon has Outstanding Writers for His TV Show

Jimmy Fallon has fantastic writers for his late night show. The following is very funny especially for people that shop on Amazon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rimac Concept One vs LaFerrari - See an all Electric Super Car, the New Technology and Future

This Rimac super car can go 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds, wow. It does not stop there, it keeps going faster in the quarter mile. These staggering acceleration figures are achievable thanks to a sophisticated torque vectoring system that takes advantage of the instant response and torque created by electric motors on each wheel. I have heard rumors that Mercedes Benz is also in development of a car like this. 

Friday, October 07, 2016

More Advanced Link Building Training. What to Look For and How to Know if Google Indexes Your Link

The percentage of people in the world that even care about SEO is very small (5%), you can verify this by going to a dog park or some other public place and ask people you meet "What is SEO?".

Or even better ask the general public how Google decides the top organic rankings? This can really bring out some funny and interesting answers. My point is people who are SEO experts and also Google, forget that 95% of the world's population does not even know what we are talking about when I say "I am going to give you some advanced SEO link building training".

Today's SEO lesson is a case study about the good quality Directory listings that you should be in. I have written other important SEO articles about this topic. Furthermore this is a safe list of sites that follow all Google Webmaster Guidelines which is very significant.
Some of my websites are listed in these outstanding Directories, and sometimes it is better to be in the smaller Directories depending on where you are placed in the largest, oldest, and most expensive to submit your site to. You need to see if you will be on a page which Google indexes and this is not something you can control with most Directories. It is tied to how many levels deep the web page you are on is.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

New Changes to the Search Box, Google Please Do Not Put Adwords on My Blogger Search Results

Google ( changed the custom search box on a blog so 75+% of the results page is now covered by Google Adwords. See screen shot below.

Google please do not do this. Please do not put any Adwords on a's (Blogspot) search results.

A good article to read is by Graywolf SEO:
Google giving more space to Adwords has only become worse since Graywolf first wrote this article.
When do we reach the limit of how much space Google Adwords are going to take on search results pages?

It appears that Blogger turned off the Adwords in my blog search results already (about one hour), we will see if they come back. Wow, sometimes Blogger/Google fixes problems fast.

I just realized I want some part of my life where "Big Brother Google" cannot bother me. Now Google censors me and inappropriately violates my freedom of speech in too many terrible ways. My wish is that Google indexes all my content and web sites in their search engine, and they should as I follow all Google guidelines. I hope I can at least have a blog where people can search "all my content", and not have Adwords feed to them via a fire hose.

Trump vs. Clinton Fake Debate from Saturday Night Live

This is funny. It is from the season opening show for the Saturday Night Live TV show.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Alphabet's Eric Schmidt is Executive Chairman and was CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011. He is Interviewed by Charlie Rose

Eric Schmidt is Alphabet's Executive Chairman and is one of the smartest technology experts In the world.
I would like to hear him discuss new advanced ideas with the founders of Google.
Alphabet is the parent company of Google and Eric was the CEO of Google for ten years.
Eric mentions in this interview that Google is a big investor in Uber.

Google is the most successful company in the history of business.

Elon Musk Presents His Plan to Colonize Mars in His Lifetime, "Why Go Anywhere"?

This is a very interesting presentation with several amazing concepts discussed by Elon Musk. He even explains how we can grow plants on Mars. The gravity on Mars is 37% compared to the planet Earth, so everything would seem very light to humans.
He also said his only desire to earn money is to help fund this project. Elon Musk is a man on a mission to Mars. I used to think people were joking when they said he will pioneer the project that will send the first humans to Mars, now he is the front runner and a very serious contender in the race to Mars.

"Are you prepared to die? If that's okay, then you're a candidate for going," he added. But Musk didn't want to get stuck talking about the risks and immense danger. "This is less about who goes there first... the thing that really matters is making a self-sustaining civilization on Mars as fast as possible. This is different than Apollo. This is really about minimizing existential risk and having a tremendous sense of adventure," he said.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Google is a Big Investor in Uber and is Also Competing with Uber

This is an interesting story as it is rare for  company to compete against another company they are invested in for the exact same service.
This is what Google is doing:

Interview of Oliver Stone About His Movie "Snowden" - See Movie Trailer and Learn the Background

I am a huge fan of Oliver Stone and do not always agree with what he says or his movies, yet I still think he is a fantastic movie maker and one of the greatest film makers of all time. E.g. Cohen brothers, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, etc. Many people say Oliver Stone always "thinks outside the box", and he "marches to the beat of his own drummer" no matter how many people may criticize him.

The story about Edward Snowden is also very interesting and I have mixed feelings about what he did.
Is he a traitor to the USA or a hero?

Exposing Fake Google Accounts and Fake Google Reviews

Update: 4-5-16
The following content was previously censored and banned by Google because they were trying to prevent people from reading it. This was fixed very quickly by Google and now everything is fine with this web page.
I have been researching and investigating fake Google accounts and fake Google reviews the last few months. Please check back as I will be updating this article often.

Breaking News:
Recently I have uncovered some new information (e.g. voice mail) that leads me to believe this fake review writer that uses the fake name "Marty Topping" may in fact be an ex-employee of my company. He did not work directly for me, yet for incorrect reasons in his mind he does not like me. Of course if this turns out to be correct, I will file a law suit against him and make him pay for the evil deeds he has committed against me. The real first name of my suspect starts with the letter "P".

I put out a challenge to Google to help me catch and punish this faker. Google instead of denying the truth, please work with me to catch fake review writers like aka Marty Topping.

I wrote another article with videos that I suggest you read first, about all types of fake reviews from multiple companies, e.g. Yelp, Amazon, Google, etc.

This article is focused only on Google. If you read my previous article then you understand why this is so important and how this topic negatively affects many millions of people. In this article I am going to use a case study and a real life example.

I own a software product that is sold in the Google Chrome store. It is an online password manager and I also wrote an article showing my own screen shots and how and why I use our OnlinePasswordManager (OPM) every single day. Our OPM has only been in the Google Chrome store for less than a year (press release), so every review is very important at this stage. We have all 4 and 5 star reviews except for one "fake 1 star Google review" from a person named Marty Topping.
Now at first you should ask how do I know it is a fake Google review?

Could This "Freaky Baby" Be the Future? Will this Project Help Make Computer Interfaces More Human Like?

This is a very interesting video and it makes you wonder how many years we are from having more "human" like robots?
10 Years?  30 Years?

Graphene Nano-materials Will Change Your Life in Many Positive Ways Over the Next Ten Years

This is a very good presentation describing the Nano-material Graphene and how it effects many different industries. Graphene is a "super" Nano-material.