Wednesday, November 11, 2020

President Trump Signs Executive Order - the USA will always Fight for Freedom of Speech

I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am not affiliated with any political party.
Hopefully the Google management team will watch this video three times.

This fantastic work by President Trump and the brilliance of US Attorney General Barr makes this as important as the tearing down of the Communist wall on 11-9-1989. 
These are two of the greatest moments in world history, and both historical events make me feel proud to be an American citizen. As our country moves forward from this horrible pandemic, it is good to know we have such wonderful leaders like President Trump and Attorney General Barr guiding our amazing country forward to even greater financial success than we had before the pandemic started. President Trump, like President Reagan has relentless determination to support freedom of speech for all people on earth.

Arizona sues Google over claims it illegally collected location data from smartphone users even after they opted out.

It looks like Google is going to be hiring a lot more attorneys.

President Trump’s executive order directs the FCC to craft new regulations under Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act that would remove the legal liability shield for social networks that “engage in censoring or any political conduct.” The law, as it currently stands, as US Attorney Barr explains in the video above was never meant for Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to act as Publishers and edit content. Please listen to Bill Barr's exact words, he is a genius in my opinion. All these liberal FAKE news sites, lie and twist the Governments factual statements.
That is why people should watch the real videos and not listen to the FAKE news of Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Tech industry groups slammed President Donald Trump’s executive order taking aim at social media companies like Twitter and Facebook on Thursday, warning that his attempt to protect free speech will ultimately end up chilling it.

I disagree with the Tech industry groups mentioned above, however I think Lauren Feiner is one of the best Journalists in the world. There are not many fair reporters left today. A good way to separate the real journalists, from all the fake ones is to read what they write and see if you can tell if they are a Republican or a Democrat. If you can't decide, then that is a sign of being a "real journalist". 
Lauren Feiner just reports the facts and lets you the reader decide how to interpret the data. I think journalism teachers around the world should use Ms. Feiner as an example to their students of A+ journalism work.

Google inflicted all (see below) of this horrible punishment upon me, because I was defending the President of the USA, and I want President Trump to have a fair 2020 election process. The American citizens should decide the 2020 election results, NOT Google. Based on seven months of my research I believe that Google is in fact harming President Trump even more than Twitter is. I will write a detailed article about my findings soon.
President Trump please tweet out a link to this webpage, so that every person in the world can learn the truth about Evil Google.

Google is still illegally censoring all my content and Google has ignored my demands to follow the rules of President Trump's Executive Order. This is a blatant violation of US laws.
Also Google must restore my international blogs to the proper working condition before Google illegally punished me like communist China might punish an author. 

I lost 60% of my Internet traffic because of Google's illegal actions against me. More importantly government leaders from all over the world read my blog and Google is deliberately trying to hide my excellent content from people all over the world. Especially any content that is positive about President Trump. 
Please click on the following links to see exactly what Google did to punish me.
Etc. I previously had an unique blog in every single country, and Google is trying many evil tricks in order to illegally censor me.
When will Google learn that I am a very intelligent person and I detect most of the dirty tricks Google trys. E.g. It is interesting because I know the Google legal team was involved in this evil process. I know because for any of the 27 EU countries Google was afraid (LOL) to mess with them, so they took my country blog down and forwarded it to my .com, which still killed all my traffic. Engineers do not make those types of decisions. That is an example of an attorney advising Google technical people.
Google must restore my international blogs the way they worked on 5-1-2020. I have sent emails to Larry Page about this and a copy of my emails to the Government Investigators. I dream of the day that I do not have to document all of this stuff. I just noticed what I believe to be some new sort of Google tracking software on my blog. I think Google may still be violating my privacy.
Yes, I just busted Google again. Government Investigators please study entry into my blog for the entire day. Earlier today Google installed some tracking software on my blog without my permission, then I caught them removing it today 5-29-2020, at 10:42pm. I believe you will catch Google red-handed again violating my privacy. 5-30-2020 at 12:23am I think the tracking software is back on now.

Government Investigators worldwide, please see evidence against Google and Twitter

Please see updates on this article and what happened to follow up.
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