Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The USA Government is Saving Me from Google, and it is Funny to Watch what Google does.

Google is illegally censoring this article.

I wish Google would learn their lesson and just tell the truth. The US Government investigators are not going to allow Google to illegally censor authors in the future. It may take a long time in court, however just the fact that I can now feel safe to expose the truth about Google for the entire world to see is a wonderful feeling.
Google needs to have severe punishment imposed by the US government.
I think a fine of $800,000,000,000 would be a good starting point.

Now back to the dumb tricks Google is trying today to prevent people from reading my blog's homepage. Let's look at the new screen shot of my manually created and manipulated search results that Google just released.
We can all have a good laugh at Google.

When will Google realize that the longer they keep making new manually created search results for GotoTom2 the worse the evidence against Google becomes.

If Google would have put my homepage back today, then that would be a sign that stupid Google is giving up.

But NO, that would be too ethical for Google to consider. So instead Google embarrasses themselves even further.
Please do a Google search for "GotoTom2" and click on each manually created search result Google has created for GotoTom2, and have a huge laugh at the incompetence of Google. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Why the USA Federal Trade Commission should investigate Google, and put new stricter regulations upon Google

By Tom Forrest

Google continues to blacklist and unfairly censor innocent websites and blogs. 
It appears that Google may be targeting some authors for unfair censorship. E.g. Unwanted Evil Google Bias that impacts all searchers worldwide. If people understood what Google is really doing, I believe 97+% of people globally would not want Google implementing this type of unfair censorship and creating human edited blacklists.
I have firsthand knowledge of Google's unfair censorship and I am sometimes a victim of Google's inappropriate censorship of select articles (e.g. this article and many more). There is no logical reason nor anything in common with the articles Google censors of mine. It is inappropriate and reeks of bias and incompetence by my Google censors. If you ignore this and do not file a complaint with the FTC, you too may have your own Google censor someday. If you live outside of the United States please file complaints against Google with your government agencies. Ex-Google Senior Engineers have confirmed that Google is trying to influence elections worldwide.

Who will be Google's next victim?

Let the democratic nature of the Internet decide which articles and authors should be popular, we don't want Google deciding for us.
This is the sad part, Google tries to make people believe and trust that Google is being fair, objective and impartial when that is not true. It is a lie that Google wants all people worldwide to believe.

Google has several different methods to prevent Internet searchers from finding content and web pages, unfortunately 80%+ of the general public does not understand how Google implements "unfair censorship".
People are worried about Russia interfering with USA elections, however everyone should be more concerned about Google interfering in our elections. Google has a huge amount of power and there is evidence of Google abuse. Please read below for more details about this topic.

Why is Google unfairly censoring my content again?

I have written several articles about why the Federal Trade Commission should investigate Google.
Please click on the following link to see some of my articles on this topic.

Please read and watch this video from a former Google Engineer for more evidence of Google's evil activities.

Since Google is unfairly censoring this article and trying to hide it from the general public by not indexing this article in the Google search engine and not putting it in the Google cache.
Please forward this article to as many other people as possible and ask them to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Google. 

Did the Google CEO lie under oath to the USA congress?

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

How to create a great brand name

For new and existing businesses it is important to think about a "brand name". This video is a concise and useful presentation to think about when considering your companies brand name. 
In rare cases like Google it may not matter that much. Many experts would claim that the brand name Google was not such a wise choice, however if your company becomes the most financially successful company in the history of business like Google is, perhaps your brand name choice is not as important.
However for 99% of businesses the creation and marketing of your brand name is extremely important for long term success.  

Saturday, May 02, 2020

Schengen Area Countries Pros and Cons - The Schengen Agreement needs to be updated and changed

Schengen Area Countries Pros and Cons for visitors / travelers
By Bill Kirk

What is the Schengen Agreement?

There are only pros for the EU member states as a tourist, however there are many cons for tourists from all other countries, e.g. Canada, USA, Mexico, Russia, China, Japan, etc.

The Schengen Agreement needs to be updated and changed. Croatia would be making a big mistake if they join Schengen, if they do join it would dramatically harm tourism to Croatia. Many USA citizens and people from other non-Schengen countries that are tourists spending a lot of money in Europe, and are tourists on longer trips to Europe need to go to non-Schengen countries because of the stupid 90 day limit imposed by the outdated, vague and silly Schengen rules. So these USA tourists go to Croatia for 90 days after spending 90 days in the Schengen countries. If Croatia joins Schengen it will harm tourism to Croatia, as Americans and tourists from other countries would not be allowed to visit Croatia if their 90 days in Schengen countries has expired.

Originally, the Schengen treaties and the rules adopted under them operated independently from the European Union.
Schengen is now a core part of EU law, and all EU member states without an opt-out which have not already joined the Schengen Area are legally obliged to do so when technical requirements have been met.
The Schengen Agreement needs to increase the 90 day limit to 180 or 360 days. This 90 limit is harming tourism in all the Schengen countries. Some tourists would like to stay 90 days in each Schengen country. So if I wanted to take a huge amount of money and stay at fancy 5 star hotels in 20 different Schengen countries for 60-90 days in each country, think about how such tourism money is lost for Europe.

The European Union (EU) should update and change the current Schengen Agreement as these terrible rules have already lost billions of tourism Euros ($$$) for all EU member countries. 

There are other problems with the Schengen Agreement and it is not working as designed. Please watch the video below to see what I mean.

GuitarCenter - SemRush SEO Case Study

I talk and work with all different sized companies, from large well established Fortune 2000 companies to new small startups.
My company works on improving or creating their websites, SEO, custom software, and conversion optimization, etc.

In this case study we will look at the SEO results for a big and successful company GuitarCenter.com

I like many of the SEO Tools on the market, one of the best ones is SemRush.com, please see the SemRush screen shot for GuitarCenter.com organic SEO rankings below.

If you are trying to learn about SEO best practices this is a good example to study. If you are a smaller company, please do not worry you can have some good SEO results without having 20 million backlinks like GuitarCenter.com has. Unless you are competing against GuitarCenter.com then it can be quite difficult. This is also true for small businesses that try to compete against Amazon.com. 
Unfortunately for smaller businesses Amazon keeps expanding the types of products it sells and Amazon does put some smaller companies out of business. I advise smaller companies to find unique products and services that the big Internet giants are not currently selling, or offer special custom services that the big companies do not currently offer. It is not easy to do, yet it is possible and I see examples of this on the Internet.

Now let's look at more screenshots of GuitarCenter.com using the SEMrush SEO tools.