Monday, November 28, 2016

What is CRISPR and How Will it Change Your Life? Learn Interesting Details

For people that come from a different area of science like me, this is a very good presentation. This gentleman really knows what he is talking about.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Please Help Share the Following Video about "Violence Against Women"... Then I Read the Comments and Now I am not sure What to Believe.

I was initially in support of this video, because I know this is a problem worldwide.
Then I started to read the comments which I post below.

It always bothers me when women do not believe another women, and since I am a man I know that some women can trick and manipulate men easily. So now I am not sure what to believe. Please read the comments below and decide for yourself.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 Has a Horrible Online Booking Service and People Should Only Use

From: Tom Forrest Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 5:50 AM
Subject: Your Online Booking Service is a Huge Embarrassment to TripAdvisor and You Should Immediately Take it Off the Internet

Your online booking service is a terrible joke. You should try to see how yours should work.
I am so upset by how terrible TripAdvisor is for online booking and how much of my time you have wasted I am going to write a very negative article about this. I wish I could write a 0-star review on TripAdvisor about your horrible service. Just a few of your many defects.
First you cannot even cancel a reservation online. This is online booking 101, get a clue. Then I must phone the hotel to cancel and I receive arrogant rude service and have to call multiple times to get a cancellation email. Your online system cannot update what it shows online, see screen shot below. And I phone your 24/7 support that outsources me to Portugal, and that person has to switch me to someone I cannot understand in the Philippines. Your Philippines support does not know how to update your website and so these three bookings that would only take 1-second to cancel on are still showing up in your system. How could you possibly believe your service is of any value whatsoever?
All you are doing is wasting my time, upsetting people and ruining your reputation. 

In fact, I just wrote my blog article.

Kind regards, 

Tom Forrest
Office Phone: 805-807-4645

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Evil Multilevel Marketing Presented in a very Funny Way, Perfect for my GotoTom2 Blog

I like John Oliver because he is funny and he uses his comic talent to help people. The information in this video is totally correct and proves how terrible and dangerous multilevel marketing schemes can be for 94% of all people that become involved with these multilevel pyramid schemes. 

A Fantastic New Service From Google. PhotoScan by Google Photos

I think this Service will be a Big Winner for Google.
This seems to me to be one of Google's very Best Ideas.

Learn About Google NOSE below.

Learn About and Use Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

This is important and excellent work by Google to help developers learn about and implement Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Now that Donald Trump will be President of the USA he is Going to Receive Many Funny Yet Negative Comic Commentaries

Stephen Colbert has been a long time hater of Donald Trump and Republicans. So some Trump supporters will not appreciate this comedy video.
If you are a Democrat and a Clinton supporter you will like this video.
After you watch this video please email Stephen Colbert and ask him to interview Bill Clinton's half black son Danney Williams via Bill Clinton's prostitute on his TV show.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Website President Obama's Team Helped Build for is Defective and Does Not Work Reliability

The website only works sometimes and it is not reliable. It worked using the latest version of Google Chrome after multiple attempts. Then I tried it using Microsoft Edge, the first attempt failed and on the second try it worked. So I think if you try multiple times it might work. However only being able to work about 1 out 3 times is not very good.

Who Built the Defective Website?
Was it Obama's Team or Trump's Team?

I do not think President Elect Trump could be building .gov websites without help from the current administration.
If I find out Trump's Team is responsible for the defective website I will update this article.

This is very sad, yet funny to me as President Obama is not known for building websites that work properly.

The site is defective and if you try to apply for a job it just gives you a vague error message sometimes. So not many people can apply for jobs. Or if they only try once and it fails then they may give up. This reminds me of the first Obama Care website, it only worked a small percentage of the time and not at all for many people.
President Elect Trump, you should ask how many applications you have received.
Not as many as you should be receiving, because the website is not reliable and only seems to work sometimes.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why Does the Main Stream Media Continue to Twist the Truth and Lie About President Elect Trump?

I am not affiliated with any political party. I am not a Republican and I am not a Democrat.

Why does the "main stream" media continue to make up lies about Mr. Trump?
In this interview CBS says President Elect Trump is changing his position on health care for the USA. 

Mr. Trump is Not Changing His Position and Has Said the Same Things About How He Will Change Obama Care For the Last 2-Years.

Today Google Chrome Updated to a Very Defective Version, If Possible Do Not Download It

Update: 11-11-16  Google has fixed some of the bugs and this version of Chrome is working better now.
I can now use the Google Chrome Plugin for
Online Password Manager

I figured out a very strange Google Chrome defect and Google censored my comments on their blog.

Message to Google, using their own quote ... Google, Shameless Censorship is not acceptable and is well Shameless. Apply your quotes to yourself.

David Blaine is the Most Amazing Magician in the World, How Does He Do these Magic Tricks?

Blogger Defect that Google Should Fix, If They Do Not UnFairly Censor My Comments

Blogger will use the following programming logic to decide what picture or video to use for a blog post.

Videos have priority over pictures, so if you create a Blogger post with a graphic/picture above a video the video will still show up in Google plus and in your most popular posts not the graphic/picture.
If you do not have a video in a post than Google will show the graphic.

If you use Google Plus and not that many people do compared to Facebook, it is frustrating how Google does this. There should be a way for a Blogger to select which video and or graphic/picture to use, instead of Google just deciding via their algorithms.

The worst part is if a Blogger post has a graphic/picture Google plus will use the video from your "Featured Post" instead of what is on the actual post.
Please see screen shot below to see exactly what I mean.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Killer Mike Gives Interesting In Sites and Thoughts About Why Donald Trump Was Elected President

In some cases I try to present information as a Journalist would, e.g. report all the facts and not suppress information that I may not agree with. There is too much bias and unfair reporting by the "main stream" media and this was a major factor to Trump supporters. The proof of this is how the media was booed at Trump rallies. I do not even know who Killer Mike is, however I can tell by watching this short video that he is a very intelligent and thoughtful person. I may have to research Killer Mike now... :)

USA President Obama Cries When He Hears Donald Trumps Victory Speech, President Obama is Committed to a Smooth Presidential Transition

In his speech today from the White House rose garden, President Obama made an excellent speech asking all citizens of the USA to support the new President elect Donald Trump.
Mr. Obama is meeting at the White House tomorrow with Mr. Trump.
This is the best part of USA politics, and shows how two leaders that do not agree on important world and USA issues can still respect our system of democracy. 

Donald Trump WINS the 2016 USA Presidential Election. Donald Trump is the President Elect, and Will Be the 45th President of the United States of America

Donald Trump Will Be the 45th President of the United States of America. Trump is Making a Major Upset Victory Over Clinton

Monday, November 07, 2016

Google and Eric Schmidt are Part of the WikiLeaks Emails, How Could Google Be Considered Unbiased After You Read These Emails

The article that I link to below is written by John Colascione one of the top Internet, web development, business and software experts in the world.

WikiLeaks is doing the world a favor and in a strange way citizens of the USA should thank Russia for finding all these secret and deleted emails for us. Of course, Hillary Clinton does not agree, however she truly does belong in jail for all her evil activities. I am not affiliated with any political party and I hate the recorded comments that Donald Trump made about women, he certainly is not like Ronald Reagan. I consider Ronald Reagan to be the last great USA Presidents and he made one of the most important speeches in world history in 1987. Not many people can change the world in such an incredible manner by standing up for Freedom of Speech and Democracy. Every person on earth should watch this speech Ronald Reagan made.

I hope the FTC and the FCC read John's excellent article and implement government regulations to protect USA citizens from Google's violations of our privacy and freedom of speech. As a life long entrepreneur it is very difficult for me to recommend more government regulations, however this is an exceptional situation. 
We should all also thank John Colascione for his outstanding article:

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Why Does Bill Clinton Refuse to Have a DNA Test to Prove Bill Clinton is Not Danney Williams Father?

I am not a democrat and I am not a republican, furthermore I am not affiliated with any political party.
It has become clear to me that the mainstream media is not doing their job as journalists and reporting the facts regarding the Clinton's objectively. This video is a clear and specific example of what I mean.
Why has CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS not interviewed and reported about Danney Williams claims that Bill Clinton is his father?

I Want Justice for Danney Williams.