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Learn About Baidu's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Silicon Valley

Baidu is by far the most successful search engine in China. Less than 1% of Chinese people speak English, so it makes sense that a "Chinese" language based company dominates search in China. This coupled with the fact that Google does not want the Communist Chinese government censoring Google. I think "freedom of speech" is of paramount importance for all people of the world. I would like to learn more about the censoring Baidu does to keep the Communists happy. Also I wonder if Baidu will use it's artificial intelligence laboratory to do research that would help the Chinese government perform even more censoring of content?

A large percentage of Baidu's Artificial Intelligence (AI) research is conducted in Silicon Valley and not in Beijing China.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Can Saltwater Desalination Solve California's Water Shortage?

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Internet and Credit Card Security Tips From Herjavec of the TV Show "Shark Tank"

All people should be using a safe and secure 256k bit military encrypted Online Password Manager, which is even more important than what is discussed in the following video.
You should also take note of the ways to protect yourself as mentioned in the video.

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Instagram Star Essena O'Neill Explains Why She Quit Social Media

How Technology is Making Wood Without Using Any Trees or Cancer Causing Agents

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Attorney Says Judicial Arbitration Injures Victims and Consumers -- See New York Times Article

by Charlies Carreon

This article is in reference to the following New York Times article.

This front page New York Times article about how arbitration provisions in many non-negotiable contracts slam the courthouse doors against the claims of severely injured people. As a young, ambitious proto-trial attorney just out UCLA back in 1986, arbitration provisions were not too often a concern in most of the contracts I dealt with. Today, it is one of the first issues I address when I deal with a dispute that involves a written contract. When I am reviewing a case for an injured/damaged client, if find an arbitration clause, it usually means game-over, because there is not going to be much available for the attorney if the case has to go to arbitration. Definitely don't plan on getting it in the arbitrator's award if it is a case involving workplace discrimination, physician malpractice, securities fraud, or negligent physical injury.
Because arbitrators are often conservative retired judges whose judicial habits have disposed them kindly to corporate defendants, and ungenerously toward those injured by corporate misconduct. They are quick to forgive executives for "mistakes," and slow to see transparent fraud, blatant prejudice, and obvious negligence. The National Arbitration Forum was put out of the business of arbitrating credit card debt cases because it turned out the whole damn NAF was run by Mann Bracken, one of the three largest collection law firms in the nation!
Although knocked out of doing credit card arbitrations, the NAF still arbitrates domain name disputes, with a 92% win rate for the corporate trademark holders last year, up from 88%. See the NAF news page for that admission. The total kiss of death for most cases is the fact that it costs a butt-load to arbitrate. 

Modern Science Tells Us Facts About How Lack of Sleep Can Cause Serious Health Problems

TEDx an Outstanding Idea that Generates Fantastic Content Worldwide

I show some TED videos on my blogs and websites.
My friend John G. sent me a YouTube link to this TEDx speaker.
the x means independently organized.

Please view the following: the Taxi and Private Car Comparison Startup Taking On Uber: Can They Beat Uber?

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Silicon Valley's Demand for Luxury Travel Around the World

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