Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tom Uglow: An Internet Without Screens Might Look Like This

This is a very interesting video and I think some of this gentleman's design ideas are brilliant, plus he has a good name.
So if you watch this and then watch Dr. Kleinrock (1 of 4 fathers of the Internet), then look at my software product for online password management, you will see how I worked with Ariel my Chief Software Architect to implement some of these design ideas into our software. There is no right or wrong in design, just personal preferences. If we make the correct design choices hopefully the people of the world will like our software products. A good design is liked by the majority of people, e.g. when the first Apple ipod and iphone came out, people all over the planet loved the design.
We offer a one year free license with a very cool Google Chrome plugin that safely remembers all your logins and passwords.
It is funny because Mr. Uglow mentions the concept of a "fork" in his presentation, and I agree with him. Too many products especially software products try to do "too much", then they are no longer simple to use like a fork.

I thought of a great picture to demonstrate exactly what I mean in design. The picture below is a fantastic product that is wonderful to use if you are going camping. Also if you make a spreadsheet check box of features this will win over a fork. This is how I feel big "online reviewers" like, cnet, pcworld, etc. approach reviewing software products on the market today.
The truth is 99% of the time I need and want to use a product with less features that is safer and easier to use (e.g. a fork).
More software features and integrated multiple applications does lead to more doorways for hackers to break in.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Siddhatha Mukherjee Interview - Pulitzer Prize-winning Writer and Physician - "The Gene: An Intimate History"

Siddhatha Mukherjee is one of the most intelligent people I know of and he is helping the world with his scientific research and writing.
One fact that is very interesting to me is how Siddhatha can be genius like, when he has a long history of mental illness and schizophrenia in his family.
How can the same family genes cause genius or schizophrenia?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Selling Buying Renting a Home, Then Zillow is a Fantastic Place to Start Your House Selling or Buying Efforts, I Give Zillow 4 Stars out of 5 Stars

Update on my Zillow Article:

I wrote an article about trying to sell my house on Zillow and now I found some very interesting information.
Somehow there are two different versions of my house on Zillow. One has a totally incorrect Zestimate and one has a Zestimate that is $78,000 more. Yes that is correct and the screen shot is below. Please click on the graphic and it will take you to the same house for sale with a totally incorrect Zestimate.
Zillow please fix this.

Friday, August 05, 2016

I am Not Censored in Communist China, However Google Censors Me and Bans My Content

Update: Google indexed this webpage on 8-2-16.

However this page from 7-29-16 is still censored and banned by Google:

Perhaps Google should just write in their guidelines that if you criticize Google your content will be penalized, banned and censored.
Every time Google does this to me I wonder how many other people Google is unfairly penalizing, prohibiting their content and censoring?
Also Google does not want communist China censoring their content, however Google thinks it is okay to censor me.

Please see in the screen shots below how my content is in the China search engine, yet not in the Google search engine.

If you want to read the Google forbidden and prohibited content then GotoTom and read what Google does not want you to see.

Also Bing Does not censor my content, only Google Does.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

How and Why "the Sharing Economy" is Really "Crowd-Based Capitalism" - Arun Sundararajan, Brad Hargreaves, Rana Foroohar

I was in Amsterdam last summer and was in a taxi asking the driver what he thinks about Uber. The Dutch are very good at inventing and figuring out how to make life run smoother and with less hassles. They invented the telescope, the incubator, binoculars and the best orange juice squeezing machine, etc.
The taxis in Amsterdam work for both taxi companies and Uber (interview with Travis Kalanick the co-founder). In Paris the taxi drivers burn down the streets protesting Uber. This is a good example of what I mean by my statements above. Also it seems funny to me since the idea for Uber was conceived in Paris.
The Dutch taxi driver asked me a good question:
Why did I not invent Uber?

I asked him what will happen in Paris when Uber starts using autonomous cars instead of drivers?

The following video discusses these topics with experts and is very interesting.

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Should You Root Your Smart Phone , Generally the Answer is No

I wanted to Root my Samsung android smart phone, however the AT&T network does not allow this.
Most people do not even know what Rooting means, so below is a good explanation.

Rooting is a process that allows you to attain root access to the Android operating system code (the equivalent term for Apple devices id jail-breaking). It gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn't normally allow you to.

The risks of rooting your Android phone – BullGuard
This will not work if you are on the AT&T unlimited plan.

I figured out a way to work around this AT&T limitation without needing to root my phone and without voiding my warranty. 

So now I can do tethering with the AT&T network and my Samsung smart phone. I will not explain how to do it as AT&T may read my blog.
I am on the AT&T unlimited data plan with DirecTV. 
AT&T set it up so you cannot do tethering like you say below. They only want you to use unlimited data to watch DirecTV, not for unlimited data via tethering.

The tethering apps in Google Play require rooting for their apps to work and many thousands of people do it, however only a small percentage know how to root, especially if it is a new phone model.
Just like only a very small percent of people in the world are SEO experts.

The phone costs $150 so if the warranty is void it is okay with me. If the phone cost $900 then I might have a different answer.

So I still want to root in order to use tethering, which in my case with my phone and ATT limits is the only way I can do it. In my case we are working around an artificial limitation that ATT put on me.


From Ariel:
Rooting a phone would totally void the warranty. Rooting will also mean you will loose getting updates from the official android repo. I’ve rooted my devices before but unfortunately there is no good benefit I recieved from it aside from being able to use it to edit android system files, manager files using file explorer but this I could also do without rooting. Rooting will just mean you get the super user activated on the phone and often this is just used for maintenance purpose or development. If your concern is to tether your internet connection you could do that easily under settings->More-> Tethering&portable hotspot. For faster connection and less heating of phone, select USB tethering.
No need to install 3rd party software it would just waste resources on your phone.
Another thing, since you cannot update the OS anymore, if you want to update it to the latest android, you will have to wait on the hacker communities to release a hacked firmware. That’s going to be a problem. Which is the same thing I had problems with before. Here’s a good article for “Reasons not to root your phone” I really do discourage rooting especially for an executive like you. You won't need the tinkering values of rooting. It will just be a waste of time and loose value of your phone.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg's Ideas About the Future of Virtual Reality