Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Most All Technology Companies Support Apple and Think the USA Government is Wrong in This Case

Tim Cook of Apple is the one that is truly standing up for the national security of the USA, and the US government is totally incorrect in this case.

I think most people that currently support the US government on this issue are generally ignorant of the facts and once they learn the facts of this case they will agree with me.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fathom the Hypocrisy of the USA Government, by Ben Stein

I met Ben Stein twice in my life. Once many years ago I sat next to him on a plane for 5 hours and we had a very good discussion. He was asking me many questions about the Internet, business and search engine optimization. I do not always agree with him yet I respect him as he is a highly intelligent person.
Then I met him a second time briefly in Santa Monica, California and asked him if he remembered our plane ride together. Yes, he did remember me.

Please think about this cartoon and how powerful the logic is.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

World News, Trump vs. the Pope, Apple vs. FBI, Tim Cook is the One Standing UP for USA Security, Google Android SVP - Hiroshi Lockheimer

Tim Cook of Apple is the one that is truly standing up for the national security of the USA, and the US government is totally incorrect in this case.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Jeb Bush Not Registering or Buying His Own Domain Name Properly is the Funniest Thing I have Seen This Year

I think as qualifications we desire in the President of the USA, we should give the candidates a technology and Internet knowledge test.
If we have a President that is ignorant of basic computer, software and Internet technologies then they should not be President, as this puts our entire country at risk.

So this disqualifies Hillary Clinton for many obvious reasons in the press regarding her private email server, etc. 
However it also disqualifies Jeb Bush for being a complete bonehead and not gaining control of his own name on the Internet. So Jeb Bush has hundreds of millions of dollars for promoting his political campaign and yet they failed to secure www.JebBush.com. I think this looks really bad.
Look what happens if you click on the following link:

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Appreciating the Importance of Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonin Scalia

Sunday, February 14, 2016

the GWX Control Panel is Fantastic Software, 10+ out of 10 Stars

This was sent to me by Charlies CarreonEsquire and it works great. I am using it on two computers.
If you are tired of opening Task Manager to turn off the "Upgrade to Windows 10" box and haven't yet given in to its nagging insistence that you "upgrade now", then use this download to remove this nasty little script from your machine. Your computer will boot up faster, too. I have been using this excellent software for months and it also let's you control when Microsoft downloads updates to your computer.

To download based on faith, click below.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Why Yahoo is a Better Search Engine Than Google Now, I Just Noticed Some Terrible New Changes From Google

I first wrote this article a few weeks ago and now I am asking everyone to send Google Feedback to have Google Places results shown below the "classic" Google search results. Please see screen shot below. Please forward this to other people and ask for their support.

I am very disappointed in the new Google search results format, I think what Google has done is terrible. They should just go back to the previous format.
Maybe someday these choices of what is shown to us will be ours, e.g. they will be options in our Google settings that we could choose ourselves instead Google forcing them upon us.

Now low quality Yelp Reviews are making a big jump in the Google search results. So the only good results Google had below the fold are now getting pushed down even further by Yelp crap.

I hope Google reads below. That is another problem, you almost feel internal struggle at Google over these issues and to be fair they are highly debatable topics. 
I have been doing some more testing and thinking about what would be the best way to decide when to show "Places" search results on top, and when to show "Traditional" search results on top. I still prefer to see Places results below all the time. If that is not possible at least if I search a keyword phrase e.g. "Internet Marketing Company" show me national firms and no Places listings.
Then if I search "Internet Marketing Company New York" then put 1-2 Places listing above the "classic search results"
I cannot see the results for a Google search physically located in Chicago or New York unless a friend or co-worker takes a screen shot and emails it to me. I feel it is ridiculous that Google will not let me set my geo-location. I think this is a "Google Big Brother" job that I do not appreciate.

Please look at the screen shot below, it is just Google Ads and unwanted crappy Places links and a map.
Why would anyone want the map in the prime viewing area?
I am starting to wonder if we are literally seeing the first major factor in Google's decline. I wish it was not true, as I own google stock, yet I hate the Google search engine now. It is just advertisements and terrible low quality "Place" results. The good classic/traditional results are all pushed below the fold (LAME). The only reason I can see for Google to do this is in order to force people to click on more Ads. What happened to the concept of giving the Google user what they are looking for?
Google, the map should be to the right and please put the Places links to the right side of the page also.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Big Technology Leaps in Cloud Based Robots and Mathematical Algorithm Improvements will Lead to More Jobs Being Replaced by Robots

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Excellent Article About Passive Job Seekers, Maybe We All Wish the Dream Job Will Come To Us Without Any Effort, Let Multiple Companies Fight to Hire You

I was surfing around on the Internet and I found this outstanding article by this author I like named Leah. Please read below:

While on a client visit a few weeks ago, the term “passive candidate” came up in conversation. The hiring manager explained that they recently had a candidate who turned down their offer. When we asked why, they explained that they turned it down because they were a “passive candidate”.

How to Find Search Results from a Different City on Google, Inconsistent Google Search Results, Google's Amit Singhal to Retire

It is funny to me how after I found out about how to see Google search results from another city I felt a small sense of relief. It shows how "imprinted" this Google search option was in my brain.

Please read this excellent retirement letter from a super intelligent, kind, and caring person. Amit has earned the highest level of respect from everyone in the Internet industry. A real American success story and a dream life.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Alphabet (Google) is Still Growing Advertising Revenue at 25%, Google Loses Money on New Product Experiments

Yahoo could have purchased Google in 2008 for a low price, now Alphabet (Google) posts record breaking profits from advertising. Google did lose money on all their experiments, however the Google advertising revenue outweighed these losses. Proving once again that Google is the most successful company in all of history. The fastest growing and most profitable business ever.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Why the USA is the New Tax Haven for Super Wealthy People Worldwide