Sunday, January 24, 2021

Google continues to illegally censor USA Senators and Congressman, DOJ please stop Google from interfering in our elections.

 My post on Parler

Google is illegally censoring USA Senator Josh Hawley, and Congressman Matt Gaetz, etc.

From: Tom Forrest <>
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Subject: Google is still illegally censoring USA Senators and Congressman, please stop Google from interfering in our elections.
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Google is still illegally censoring USA Senators and Congressman, please stop Google from interfering in our elections.

Google also illegally downloaded custom spy software onto my Android phone.

I want to give the phone with the evidence on it to the DOJ and FBI.

Why is no one contacting me?

Tom Forrest



Tuesday, January 05, 2021

When will Google admit the fact that they make manual manipulations of their search engine results?

Google is illegally censoring this article.

Guess Who is Watching Me?

Google has continued to make over 6 different manual manipulations to my blog this week. 100% of the current search results for "GotoTom2" have all been created by manual manipulation.
Frankly, an automated search engine would always put my home page as #1 for a search "GotoTom2". 

If a home page is missing for this type of search there is a 99.98% chance it was caused by a manual manipulation by a human working for Google. Ask Larry Page, he will tell you I am correct.
Furthermore, my homepage has been #1 for a Google search for the keyword "GotoTom2" for 14 years.
Then when I write an article critical of Google, or positive about President Trump, my homepage disappears completely from Google. So all other authors you should be afraid to write any article critical of Google, just read about what Google has done to me.
I have a solution for you, put a link to this blog on your site and send people here so they learn about the evil work Google is doing.

I am not afraid of the big Bully Google.
Because Google now knows the US Government Investigators are reading my blog.

Google has been caught making manual manipulations to their search engine results by two people.
  1. Mike Wacker  
  2. Tom Forrest

The Google CEO - Sundar Pichai said, No.
We don’t manually intervene on any particular search result.” when he testified to the USA Congress under oath. That is a blatant lie.

Google, how many times must you be busted and embarrassed before you give up on your evil ways? 

I believe Google will do more manual manipulation of my search engine results after they read this. Humans at Google manually created 3 different sets of search engine results for "GotoTom2", now Google is rotating these manually created search engine results on multiple different servers. 

All a Government investigator has to do is study the search results for "GotoTom2" for the last 90 days. Then the timeline will match exactly to the screen shots and timing events I mention in this blog.
Please see screenshots below.

When will the Google CEO admit to the secret Google blacklists published on ?

When will the Google CEO admit that Google makes huge amounts of search engine manual manipulations?

Google continues to make more manual manipulations to my search engine results. When an investigator catches Google it is important to document the facts. So the screenshot below was taken at exactly 5-24-20 at 7:56am which is the time when Google first manually created this search result.

Google does not want you to see my home page in their search engine results.

So please see the 6th or 7th manual manipulation of my search engine results this week.
Please note Google is hiding my homepage in their search engine results again. Also it is interesting because I notice Google is now bringing in smarter people to try to destroy me. I will just keep documenting all the evil things Google continues to do to harm me.
Instead of continuing to attack me because I am telling the truth about being illegally censored, Google should have guilt and remorse for the many years of pain and suffering that Google has caused me and thousands of other innocent authors.

  1. reparation for a wrong or injury.
    "Google should make atonement for creating Blacklists."

I have noticed some Internet attacks on Zach Vorhies by the usual suspects. This is silly, because I really do not care what else Zach does, the real issue is the Google documents I have personally seen. It would not matter to me if R.Kelly delivered the Google documents to me. Furthermore I am a victim of Google's blacklists and unfair censorship, and I have firsthand knowledge of Google's manual manipulations of their search engine results.

President Trump should give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to
Presidential Medal of Freedom, the foremost U.S. civilian decoration, awarded to individuals who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”