Friday, March 24, 2017

Funny Interview with Robin Williams from November of 2011, Plus more Robin Williams Videos

Why We Need New Government Regulations on Google to Control Privacy, Censorship and Abuse Problems

I am generally against more government regulations as I am a life long entrepreneur. However Google is a huge exception, because Google as become so dominate in our life's we need new laws and regulations to prevent Google from abusing small businesses, and private citizens around the world. The following links are excellent sources of information, that offer useful advice regarding these important topics.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Smart Rules to Follow when Choosing a Domain Name

The following video offers excellent advice about how to choose a fantastic new domain name, and why this decision is so important.
I agree with Rand about 90% of the time and he can make better videos than I can. Rand's first rule, "make the name brand-able"  is the guiding principle, however several other factors are important. Also it is not easy to pick a good "brand-able" name with a .com that is not already taken. So you must invest time and effort to achieve the desired results. You may also want to consider buying a premium domain. For example I purchased the domain name (OPM) for $300, which is a super bargain. I would be willing to sell the OnlinePasswordManager domain name for $400,000 if anyone is interested. sold for $7,500,000, and I know a guy that bought in the early days of the Internet for $20, and he sold it for $820,000, an excellent return on his investment.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

US President Trump Accuses the Obama Administration of WireTapping his Trump Tower Phones -- How do Russians Feel About USA and Russia Relations?

This is a very sad day for America. It has become clear that President Trump has little to no impulse control and it appears that President Trump is lying. Furthermore former President Obama has a strong legal case against President Trump in a Libel legal case.

We also now know that it was impossible for former President Obama to even do want President Trumps states in his Tweets. The more Trump dances around the truth the more damage is done to his credibility. His problems are going to become worse day by day until he admits he was wrong. Like Oprah says "the truth will set you free".

Monday, March 20, 2017

Did Obama Use a Microwave to Spy on Trump?

Jimmy Kimmel has a unique sense of humor.

More funny Jimmy Kimmel videos below.

The following technology report was sent in by one of our loyal clients.

Herein lies the problem with the camera-microwave:

Notice the extremely limited cooking capacity.
  On the other hand, I could have purchased this microwave-camera:

Clearly, the microwave-camera is more practical.

How will the new Republican healthcare plan impact USA citizens?

Health Bill Would Add 24 Million Uninsured people but Save $337 Billion, Report Says
Under the Republican plan, a 64-year old earning $35,000 per year will pay $14,000 per year for health insurance.

Under Obama care this same 64 year old person pays $1,700 per year for health insurance.

With the new proposed Healthcare Plan by the Republicans, wealthy people will receive a big tax cut and 24,000,000 low income people will lose all healthcare benefits because they will not be able to afford the payments. Which will take us back to the old financial problem of poor people just going to the emergency room for health care. The requirement that everyone must have health insurance will be eliminated, and not everyone will be able to afford the cost of the new Republican healthcare plan to replace Obama Healthcare.
If you are young it will not be as bad for you as it will be for people age 63 or 64. Older peoples health insurance rates will go up dramatically and the government will only help a tiny bit. The new proposed Republican health plan will not consider income only age. Unfortunately it only gives $4000 per yer tax credit for older people and this is not nearly enough as rates for this age group will increase a huge amount. 
It is interesting to note that this newly proposed healthcare plan may not pass as all Democrats will be against this plan because it harms millions of people compared to their current Obama Health Plan. Also some Republicans do not think this new plan cuts enough costs and will not support this healthcare plan. These super conservative Republicans refer the the newly proposed Republican plan as Obama Heathcare LIGHT.


Please help Casey save the life's of starving people in Africa

Sunday, March 19, 2017

President Obama Should Make President Trump Publicly Apologize, or File a Lawsuit for Libel Against Trump

This is a bad situation for the citizens of the USA, as we hope for President Trump to do a good job. This false wiretap claim by Trump is terrible and President Obama should make President Trump publicly apologize to Obama, and if Trump refuses than Obama should file a law suit against President Trump for Libel.

Friday, March 10, 2017

US Marines on the ground in Syria

What if Your Work and Job did not Control Your Life? What if You Did Fun Retirement Activites Before You Retire?

This video will help you think in new and different ways about business and your life style. You may not agree with all the ideas presented in this video yet I believe it is still good to think about radical business methods and concepts.
Some of the ideas presented in this video seem crazy to me, sort of socialistic in nature. However please remember the most successful company ever (Google) implements some similar corporate socialistic management methods.  

Monday, March 06, 2017

President George W. Bush Reveals If Impressions Bothered Him, Did he watch the Academy Awards?

This is one of Jimmy Kimmel's best interviews. It is funny and also very interesting to learn President Bushes thoughts on different subjects.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Friday, March 03, 2017

Jeff Sessions spoke with Russian envoy during Trump’s campaign

I think there is no merit to these allegations that Russia caused Donald Trump to become US President. There is not enough evidence to justify a special prosecutor and the Democrats will just keep making these false claims over time. This is a witch hunt and false story that will not go away and it is interesting to me because so many "real stories" did go away, e.g. recording of Trump bragging about grabbing women, etc.
My mother and one sister like and support Trump, while my other sister and brother hate Trump.

It is amazing how much strong President Trump supporters are willing to overlook.

Why Planes Don't Fly Faster

This is an interesting and technical video.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

What Do Citizens of Mexico Think? ... Conan’s Border Wall Pledge Drive

Another funny Conan video below.

No Matter if You are a Democrat or a Republian You Should Watch this Video to Learn about Trumpism

No matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, you should watch this video to learn about Trumpism.

I do not agree with all the comments made in this interview, however it is very interesting to watch and learn about internal US President Trump operations and strategies.

Interesting Case Study of How the Human Brain Works and How Meditation Can Affect the Human Brain

This video is a few years old, however the content is current for today and it demonstrates how complex brain conditions like "panic attacks" can be. 
I admire Dan Harris for sharing his personal embarrassing story with the hope of helping other people who may suffer from the same mental condition.

The Future for Workers and Managers of the World

No one has access to your passwords except you. If any government agency legally requested your logins and passwords, we would only be able to give them an unbreakable 256k encrypted file. Our encryption methods are even stronger than Apple's encryption methods. Your privacy and safety are the top priorities to us.

The Optimal Low Cost Mobile Office System, the Best Inexpensive Technology to Use for Your Mobile Office

I have been traveling a lot on business lately and soon will be going on a five month trip around the USA.

On this business trip I am driving with my dog Bella and staying at a combination of hotels,,, etc. I like to use .

So I need a very powerful, light, easy to use and low cost mobile office. I started thinking about this several years ago when my friend John C. was traveling around the USA, and this also works internationally. If you are driving you can take a lot more interesting office and entertainment technology toys with you compared to flying.

The basic Components I use and Recommend for my Traveling Office are: