Monday, March 20, 2017

How will the new Republican healthcare plan impact USA citizens?

Health Bill Would Add 24 Million Uninsured people but Save $337 Billion, Report Says
Under the Republican plan, a 64-year old earning $35,000 per year will pay $14,000 per year for health insurance.

Under Obama care this same 64 year old person pays $1,700 per year for health insurance.

With the new proposed Healthcare Plan by the Republicans, wealthy people will receive a big tax cut and 24,000,000 low income people will lose all healthcare benefits because they will not be able to afford the payments. Which will take us back to the old financial problem of poor people just going to the emergency room for health care. The requirement that everyone must have health insurance will be eliminated, and not everyone will be able to afford the cost of the new Republican healthcare plan to replace Obama Healthcare.
If you are young it will not be as bad for you as it will be for people age 63 or 64. Older peoples health insurance rates will go up dramatically and the government will only help a tiny bit. The new proposed Republican health plan will not consider income only age. Unfortunately it only gives $4000 per yer tax credit for older people and this is not nearly enough as rates for this age group will increase a huge amount. 
It is interesting to note that this newly proposed healthcare plan may not pass as all Democrats will be against this plan because it harms millions of people compared to their current Obama Health Plan. Also some Republicans do not think this new plan cuts enough costs and will not support this healthcare plan. These super conservative Republicans refer the the newly proposed Republican plan as Obama Heathcare LIGHT.