Friday, April 27, 2018

History is made today, North Korea and South Korea agree to end war

I am not affiliated with any political party, so I am not a Democrat or a Republican.
However I do think USA President Trump deserves a lot of credit for this historic meeting between North Korea and South Korea. I have met and talked with several military veterans that were in the Korean war. I am sure the few that are still alive are glad they lived long enough to see this new attempt at peace for the Korean peninsula.
Of course we do not know if this will lead to true peace and happiness for Korea, however this is a very good first step toward achieving a better and safer live for many millions of people. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bill Cosby Found Guilty On 3 Counts Of Aggravated Incident Assault

The FTC needs to Regulate Google and stop Unfair Google Censorship

I keep writing and promoting articles about Google's unfair censorship and why you should complain about Google to the Federal Trade Commission. The European Union is doing a better job of punishing Google for their evil behavior and is forcing Google to make improvements regarding several different issues and privacy concerns.
Google causes their own problems with governments around the world because Google does evil things and the Google CEO does nothing to help solve the problem of unfair Google censorship, I have never heard or read about him discussing this topic. In general Google likes to pretend this problem does not exist. 
The problem is growing and becoming worse, Google will unfairly censor articles exposing their evil methods to unfairly censor people and deny some people's freedom of speech. This Google behavior has always seemed odd to me, because Google does not want China to censor Google search results, yet Google thinks it is okay to unfairly censor innocent people for no reason (incompetence?), bully intimidation, or for unethical and antitrust reasons. The fact is Google is the biggest censor of content in the world, bigger than China in censorship. I thought the USA  was  focused on freedom of speech as one of our most important rights. I doubt the fantastic creators of the USA Constitution ever imagined a concept like the Internet or Google and how it would impact people all over the world.
Most of the complaints are about smaller businesses that Google continues to treat unfairly, however if the article is negative about Google or it's CEO, Google will even unfairly censor the New York Times. 

So when you use Google you should ask yourself, what is Google not showing me and why?

This is exactly why the FTC needs to regulate Google.

As I continue to research this topic and by studying specific examples of Google unfairly censoring people my conclusion is that Google definitely needs new government regulations to control Google from treating businesses and people unfairly. The big problem for Google is that I am not alone, many Internet experts agree with me and the European Union agrees with me. So even though Google may try to hide articles like this from the general public and suppress people's freedom of speech the word is leaking out and spreading and Google will not be able to stop the growing numbers of people recognizing and complaining about Google and their unfair censorship of people and content.

Please see important Google article links below.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sunday, April 15, 2018

I Try To Master Jacques Pepin's Perfect Omelet...

These two videos make me smile. Apparently many other people like these videos as they a top trending video on YouTube.
I think Jacque Pepin is one of the greatest chefs ever.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

#1 trending music video on YouTube, is she the female Prince?

Janelle Monae is a very interesting entertainer and she makes excellent videos, yet with a unique and different style.

She has a new video out that is #2 on YouTube, I like her last video and song more. Please see both of them below.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before lawmakers

Sunday, April 08, 2018 seized by feds over sex trafficking ads

I think the USA should have the same laws as Amsterdam, Netherlands does.
Everything works just fine in the Netherlands.
No one is killed and all parties are happy.
Even hot Russian women are happy in Amsterdam.

Do you realize how many millions of dollars and resources are put into this shutdown?
The USA should put all this money and resources into controlling heroin / opioid abuse. Furthermore if prostitution was legal in the USA like it is in many other countries, e.g. Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Czechia, etc. we could tax it and earn billions of dollars in extra revenue. 

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Immigration Courts: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Google is unfairly censoring me again. FTC please help control Google

It seems like an ongoing pattern with Google to unfairly censor me every few years.

The good news is I write a blog article, and hopefully someone at Google reads it then fixes the unfair censorship problems.

The last time Google unfairly censored my review was for a 5 star review I gave to "Eggs and Things Restaurant" seriously. LOL.
See screenshot below.

A few years ago someone at Google uncensored my articles and my reviews, and now my new reviews are being censored again.
Why is Big Brother Google unfairly censoring me again?
Google has the legal right to unfairly censor anyone, however doing so is very Evil. This is why the FTC must put new regulations on Google.

Please see my new review Google is unfairly censoring below:
Google is not letting anyone else see my review.

File a Complaint with the FTC in order to stop unfair censorship by Google. Ask the FTC to implement new regulations on Google in order to stop all the unfair censorship Google is doing.

If you do not you may be the next victim of unfair censorship by Google.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Why Sucks - Review - Do NOT Sign up with Lame and Defective Review

Cc: Tom Forrest 

Subject: Reviews of
Importance: High

Hello, is terrible and extremely rude. We have been billing the same clients on credit cards for 15 years with zero chargebacks or problems. HTP Company has excellent reviews and zero problems in 15+ years, so we decided to try
If you feel like a dinosaur using an old fashioned "credit card processor", be careful if you want to try a newer service like Stinks, they just deactivated our account for no reason and we have learned that this is caused by some incompetent employees at Square that think it is okay to just cut people off and not even talk with them.

Guess what, now we are going to write several negative articles about and explain why businesses should use the superior competitors of

This just shows how when a company gets too big, they can lose their common sense and do very STUPID things like this.
Our billings are 100% safe and we have not had any problems since we signed up with Square until now.

We will start publishing negative articles about Square on many high traffic sites.
We have access to over 120,000+ high quality sites for publishing.

Also we will write articles explaining why competitors are better for small businesses, and why people should not to sign up with lame and defective

Have a nice day.

Best regards,


Sent: Friday, March 9, 2018 11:50 AM

Hi Tom,

I researched why Square does this and found that they do it because they feel the activity in the account is risky.  What I read stated that Square will not talk with non-customers and they deem you to be a non-customer once they permanently deactivate your account.  I think it would be a waste of time trying to contact them.