Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Google is unfairly censoring me again. FTC please help control Google

It seems like an ongoing pattern with Google to unfairly censor me every few years.

The good news is I write a blog article, and hopefully someone at Google reads it then fixes the unfair censorship problems.

The last time Google unfairly censored my review was for a 5 star review I gave to "Eggs and Things Restaurant" seriously. LOL.
See screenshot below.

A few years ago someone at Google uncensored my articles and my reviews, and now my new reviews are being censored again.
Why is Big Brother Google unfairly censoring me again?
Google has the legal right to unfairly censor anyone, however doing so is very Evil. This is why the FTC must put new regulations on Google.

Please see my new review Google is unfairly censoring below:
Google is not letting anyone else see my review.

File a Complaint with the FTC in order to stop unfair censorship by Google. Ask the FTC to implement new regulations on Google in order to stop all the unfair censorship Google is doing.

If you do not you may be the next victim of unfair censorship by Google.



I want to explain more about Google unfair censorship and give more detailed examples. First of all it is important to understand that if Google unfairly censors your content, and then corrects and uncensors the unfairly censored content, it is not final. I have written articles that Google has unfairly censored, then corrected and fixed the unfair censorship multiple times. (3-4 times).
I wish the FTC would investigate this Google behavior.
Also in fairness to Google some content is more sensitive to Google over time because of outside events. E.g. In the past Larry Page did an excellent interview with Charlie Rose. Now Charlie got kicked off TV for alleged sexual misdeeds. Google is very sensitive to this sort of thing, so I understand why Google decided to censor my article about Charlie Rose and video of Charlie Rose interviewing Larry Page.
My article was written long before Charlie Rose was exposed for alleged sexual misdeeds.

The only way to see the article which includes the Charlie Rose interview with Larry Page is to search for "Larry Page" in the search box in the top right corner of my blog. At least Google understands that it would be very wrong and evil to censor content on my blog search box. My blog is my private space that Big Brother Google should never censor unless I was doing something illegal, or hate related, e.g. supporting modern Nazi's, endorsoring violence, etc.
Not for just giving my opinion on current topics of interest.

Furthermore I wish I never had to waste any time writing about Google's evil behaviors and unfair censorship.
However, my bet is this will become a much bigger issue over time and eventually the USA FTC will investigate and put new much tougher regulations and fines on Google like the European Union has.