Thursday, August 24, 2023

Breaking News - Growing distrust of the corrupt DOJ and FBI - The DOJ and FBI need to be Revamped and Rebuilt

By Tom Forrest

Updated 8-29-23

Joe Biden is BUSTED, he is the Criminal in Chief

Evil Google has been breaking the YouTube videos on my Blogs

Growing distrust of the corrupt DOJ and FBI

We will NOT accept just "Trust Us"

I am concerned that the MSM Fake News, Google, and Microsoft will interfere in our elections again. In 2020 Google Sifted 16+ million votes from Trump to Biden.

Now Google has harnessed the super power of AI in order to illegally manipulate our 2024 elections.

The WOKE Progressive Democrats and the MSM will never talk about all of Joe Biden's crimes, they just talk about new lame politically motivated attacks focused on Donald Trump. The MSM never mentions the "Durham Report". This is why I call Chuck Todd of Meet the Press ( Meet the Idiot ).

I read that Chuck Todd is leaving Meet the Press on NBC, because he does not want to be a punching bag anymore, and that he wants to spend more time with his family.

Who knows what the real reasons are, as you can never trust the MSM Fake News. I am watching him interview a Trump former Attorney. Chuck Todd of Meet the Idiot, barley gives the former Trump Attorney any time, because he makes lame Chuck Todd look like a stupid Turd.

Chuck could have the Twitter account @ChuckTurd - lol

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

I busted Microsoft illegally spying on my emails in Outlook. So now I have an Apple computer, and Proton Email

I busted Microsoft illegally spying on my emails in Outlook. 

So now I have an Apple computer, ...

I busted Microsoft illegally spying on my emails in Outlook. So now I have an Apple computer, and use Proton Mail. Google and Microsoft have secret spying/crime operations in Indonesia. The USA FBI cannot arrest people in Indonesia without the approval of the corrupt Indonesian government. The leaders of this illegal spying operation in Indonesia are the CEO's of Google and Microsoft. I sent over 300 pages of evidence to the DOJ. I do not trust the DOJ, so I sent copies of all my evidence to Congressman Jim Jordan and Senator Bill Hagerty. Google and Microsoft use their control over the windows and android operating system to spy on anyone and their private documents. Since they can come into your windows computer or and android phone, their illegal spying cannot be detected by any Anti-Virus/Spyware program, not Norton, Not McAfee, etc. Nothing ... So if you want to be safe from illegal spying, then you must switch 100% to Apple devices. Best regards, Tom Forrest

Friday, August 04, 2023

See the Most Interesting and Important Tweets - Updated Often -- Page Six -- #GotoTom2 #GotoTom on Twitter

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Below are some of the most interesting and important X posts that I have seen on X.

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Thursday, August 03, 2023

Google, Apple, and Amazon Stifle Innovation When They Favor Their Own Products.

Google is deleting comments and lying about the number of views on the video below. 

Google is the ultimate "gaslight" company, they want to make you think no one is interested in this video.



Wednesday, August 02, 2023

How Google determines who wins elections – Rico Brouwer and whistleblower Zach Vorhies

Google is unfairly censoring this article.
Google and Bing are colluding to illegally interfere in elections.

I am thinking about what Wikipedia should write when they create an entry for Zach Vorhies:
Zach Vorhies is an American HERO that worked as a senior engineer at Google for 8.5 years, and then decided his morals were more important than the large amount of money Google was paying him. Zach then did the right thing and exposed the truth about Google to the world.

Please also watch Dr. Robert Epstein's presentation about Google's illegal election interference and manipulation.

Excellent Presentation About Map Making Problems and Different Methods Used to Flatten the Globe. Why All World Maps are Wrong

I never studied map making much in my life and it must have been 20+ years ago that I took a college course about map making and the many complex problems that map makers face. Nothing has changed in hundreds of years as far as these problems are concerned. This video does an outstanding job of explaining this and makes it interesting for people to watch. A Cartographer is a person who creates maps.
This is a good introduction to map making for people all over the world to watch.
Most people just look at maps and never think about them the same way a Cartographer does. - Site Map - Created on 8-11-23


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Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Steve Hilton: We've lost free speech in America, Plus several of his excellent videos

 I agree with Steve Hilton about 90+% of the time.

Please watch his videos below.

Steve Hilton compares and contrasts the foreign policy of the Biden and Trump administrations.

We have lost Freedom of Speech in the USA.

From 4-5-23
Steve Hilton Tweet

"Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, as big a Trump critic as there is in the Republican Party: The prosecutor's overreach sets a dangerous precedent for criminalizing political opponents and damages the public’s faith in our justice system." An even harsher critic than Romney — former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, now a CNN analyst, who was fired by Trump hours before retirement — said the indictment "landed like a dud ... an unimpressive document...Commentators across the spectrum are saying: 'Boy, there's really not much in here. Raises all kinds of questions about the legal theory behind this case. They're gonna have a tough time, facing motions to dismiss,'" McCabe said."