Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Evidence of illegal election interference and unfair censorship by Google and Microsoft

Evil Google has been attacking me again. For a week they broke my Blog and would not let it load. I think the only reason they let my Blog work again, is that they know I am complaining to Senator Ted Cruz, FBI, DOJ, Congressman Jim Jordan, Congressman James Comer, FCC, etc.

I am afraid to say too much on Twitter, because Elon Musk has failed at giving Conservatives and Christians their free speech back. The evil Communists are still in control of Twitter.

I am writing more today, all the thoughts I am afraid to say on Communist Twitter. Please check back soon.

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Google has broken my blogs, so I cannot format the text above.

I can't left justify text sometimes, evil Google broke my editing on this blog. They are trying to Gaslight me. I have copies of the software code that Google illegally injected into my blogs.

Sometimes Google takes control of my mouse and prevents me from creating new content. Back in September of 2022 and in 2020 they did this to me for two months, every single day.

The Google WOKE Communists will abuse Conservatives and censor them relentlessly.  

See how I Busted Sundar Pichai the Google CEO of lying under oath to the USA Congress. Sundar claims that Google does not manually censor any content.
Please see the evidence below that he lied, and that Sundar Pichai is a Criminal.

Google has manually deleted all my content from the Google cache.
Google is busted again.

See how Google censors all of my content (above) so that Zero people can find my content on Google. 
This is blatant election interference.

Below is a screen shot of my content that Google is censoring.
This should show in the Google cache, and it is missing.
Evil Google Busted again.

Please click on this link below, to see the Google cache. It will be interesting to see if Google fixed it.
Sometimes they pretend to fix something, then figure out another way to unfairly censor me, and illegally interfere and manipulate elections around the world. 

These are the same methods that evil Google uses to unfairly censor Republican Politicians, like Senator Ted Cruz, and Congressman Matt Gaetz.

This is exactly how Google shifted 16+ million votes from Trump to Biden. Google decided our 2020 election, and they will do the same illegal election interference and manipulation in 2024 if we do not stop them.

Below is the screen shot that Busts evil Google illegally breaking my Blog and not letting it load again. So that is why the Google cache is blank.

Google does not want anyone to see my evidence against them.