Monday, June 26, 2017

The Oliver Stone Interview Destroys Russophobia - See the Charm and Genius of Russian President Putin

In this recent interview of Russian President Putin, Oliver Stone asks him if he ever has bad days and loses his emotions and becomes angry?
Russian President Putin replies "I am not a women so I do not have bad days".
This is 32 minutes into the video and it shows how Russia is still much more old fashioned and accepts male chauvinistic behavior. Then after Oliver Stone explains to Russian President Putin that he has offended all American women by his comment, he replies that is not his intention, it is just the nature of things.
Google censored the video correctly do to copyright laws, so now I am showing the Showtime promotional video below. 
I doubt a women will become the President of Russia in the next 50 years. Russian President Putin is very intelligent and has his own way of charming people he meets.
The good news is Mr. Putin said that if there was a nuclear war between the USA and Russia there would not be any winner and that "I don't think anyone would survive such a conflict." 
Therefore, Russian President Putin does not want a nuclear bomb war with the USA.
Please understand I believe the Russians have tried to hack the USA political system, and I do not like it when the Russians lie to us, however that does not mean the Russians want a nuclear bomb war with the United States of America.
I think the Russians breaking into our computers is just a fun game for them. Plus they are very good at it. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Liberal Democrats should Listen to Alan Dershowitz: Donald Trump did not Obstruct Justice

All the liberal democrats including Anderson Cooper should listen and accept what Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz says. The other people on Anderson Coopers panel are just blowing hot air and do not know what they are talking about, Mr. Dershowitz is the real expert regarding USA Constitutional Law.  

Thursday, June 15, 2017

NORTH KOREA RELEASES OTTO WARMBIER - He was brutally treated by North Korea

This is the sort of evil heinous behavior that hopefully will bring the USA and other countries to take military actions against North Korea.
I ask every citizen of the civilized world to think about what North Korea might do if they have the ability to send nuclear bombs to the USA or another country.
It is time to send in our military and kill Kim Jong Un and save all the people of North Korea from their insane leader.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

CNN Caught Staging a Fake News Video! Video by citizen Journalist Mark Antro

CNN Caught Staging a Fake News Video! Video by citizen Journalist Mark Antro

Watch more feedback and follow up from CNN Below
People can be "citizen journalists"

Being a citizen journalist is very important as "the public" can watch and decide for themselves. In my opinion what CNN did is NOT Journalism no matter what CNN or Brian Stelter may say...
It is obviously staged and Brian Stelter just harms his credibility by claiming it is not staged. The general public would have a much different view point if they did not see CNN set up this video and stage it.

Older Funny "Mean Tweets" with over 25000000 Views

These are older "mean tweets" with over 25,000,000 views. They are very funny ...

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Undercover Lyft with DNCE

Undercover Lyft with DNCE
This is a very clever ongoing marketing campaign by Lyft