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Evil Google Election Interference - The USA Government has FAILED to Stop Google from interfering in our elections.

Please watch this important Google Election Interference presentation by Dr. Robert Epstein

Dr. Robert Epstein has a Ph.D from Harvard. He is a scientist that has done extensive research on how Google has interfered and manipulated our elections. Robert Epstein has also testified to the USA Congress on this important subject.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Twitter and Google Billionaire Criminals Strike Again. Google illegally spied on me, my workers, and my family.



Section 230 needs to be modified not deleted, plus we still need new laws to protect online freedom of speech.

In the USA websites have the same constitutional rights as newspapers to choose whether or not to carry, publish or withdraw the expression of others. Section 230 did not create or modify that right. The law merely ensures that courts will quickly dismiss lawsuits that would have been dismissed anyway on First Amendment grounds, with far less hassle, stress and expense. At the scale of the billions of pieces of content posted by users every day, that liability shield is essential to ensure that website owners aren’t forced to abandon their right to moderate content by a tsunami of meritless but costly litigation.

Government Investigators worldwide, please see evidence against Google and Twitter

YouTube/Google is illegally censoring US President Trump, US Congressman, and US Senators. I have sent over 80,000 visitors to watch this interview with Congressman Matt Gaetz, yet YouTube/Google shows 1600 views. Google also deletes all the comments and hides this and many other videos.

The Google CEO also lied to President Trump in the White House.

I believe there is an ongoing conspiracy between Jack Dorsey, Larry Page , Sergey Brin, Eric Schmitt, and Mark Zuckerberg to illegally influence elections worldwide. This illegal conspiracy started in 2016, immediately after President Trump won the 2016 elections. Please see my evidence in the next 30 articles below. I also have a lot more evidence that I have given in private to the US Government Investigators. Furthermore, there are multiple videos on this blog from a current Google employee caught in an undercover sting, a former Google senior engineer that became an American hero and whistle-blower, named, and a third interview with a Dutch YouTube show that provides even more detailed evidence. Zach gave the DOJ, 950 pages of Google internal documents which include Blacklists
I am a victim of those blacklists, and then in efforts to silence me Google and Twitter illegally committed multiple felony crimes against me and my family.

I do not agree with some of the political views expressed on Zach's media page. Tom Forrest is not affiliated with any political party.

Plus, the extensive evidence I have collected, which all leads to the exact same conclusion. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind. I kept wishing during my investigation that this amazingly diabolical story was not true. Yet as time progresses the evidence against Google and Twitter has become 500+% stronger.  

I am interviewing Attorneys to help me with my legal case against Google and Twitter. If you can help me with my civil rights, and personal injury case please phone me at 415.761.0399

The Billionaire Criminals Strike Again
Google illegally spied on me.

See the Undercover Video that Google is hiding from you.
I have sent over 70,000 people to see this video over the last six months, and Google still says only 5100 people have seen it since last year. Google broke the page counter on purpose and illegally deletes the comments, Google also broke my blog page counter, however now I have a secret way to bust Google yet again.
Google does not want anyone to see this web site.

Google broke into my personal accounts for about the 20th time and they break in and spy on my Blogger account 95+% of the time. Google also illegally read 100% of my Gmail's, my daughters Gmail's, my sisters Gmail's, my brothers Gmail's, my workers Gmail's, and my friends Gmail's.
We have the indisputable evidence to prove this. Google also downloaded customized spy software onto my computer and my Android phone. Then Google spied on me illegally via my Chrome browser.
Please see the details and screenshots below.

Google is busted the in the most embarrassing way.

There have been multiple Google employee's illegally spying on me, my family and my friends.
In the Indonesian language "Gunakun akun yang lain" means "use account that other" in English.   

Learn how Google illegally manipulates elections worldwide. It is very scary to learn the truth, yet you need to know.
Free and fair elections are gone.
Dr. Epstein's life is in danger, he is an American Hero. He has been warned that his life is in danger by multiple state Attorney Generals.

 Learn how Google shifted 16+ million votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden needs to be Impeached, he is a Corrupt Politician that is Destroying the USA.


By Tom Forrest   

Joe Biden is the most corrupt President in the entire history of the USA.

Biden must be impeached, and sent to prison for his crimes against America.

Friday, April 12, 2024

I busted Microsoft illegally spying on my emails in Outlook. So now I have an Apple computer, and Proton Email

I busted Microsoft illegally spying on my emails in Outlook. 

So now I have an Apple computer, ...

I busted Microsoft illegally spying on my emails in Outlook. So now I have an Apple computer, and use Proton Mail. Google and Microsoft have secret spying/crime operations in Indonesia. The USA FBI cannot arrest people in Indonesia without the approval of the corrupt Indonesian government. The leaders of this illegal spying operation in Indonesia are the CEO's of Google and Microsoft. I sent over 300 pages of evidence to the DOJ. I do not trust the DOJ, so I sent copies of all my evidence to Congressman Jim Jordan and Senator Bill Hagerty. Google and Microsoft use their control over the windows and android operating system to spy on anyone and their private documents. Since they can come into your windows computer or and android phone, their illegal spying cannot be detected by any Anti-Virus/Spyware program, not Norton, Not McAfee, etc. Nothing ... So if you want to be safe from illegal spying, then you must switch 100% to Apple devices. Best regards, Tom Forrest

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Please support the 21st Century Free Speech Act. Introduced by USA Senator Bill Hagerty. Regulate Big Tech like common carriers.

On 9-4-22 Google illegally broke into my Blogger account and damaged it.
In an effort to restrict how many people can see my content and to prevent me from logging into my account.

 Google does not support freedom of speech. Google censors more web content than communist China does.

Google is a Publisher, and has a monopoly on Internet search.

People that believe Google is not politically biased against Republicans and Conservatives are WRONG.

The evidence against Google is overwhelming.
For example if I search some text from the erroneous article that claims Google is not biased, it comes up #1 on Google.
If I search some unique text from my article, it is buried on Google far below the bonehead article.

 The screenshot shows how Google is unfairly censoring this article and is politically bias.
Google tries to fix the evidence when I bust them, so that is why I show the search results screenshot.
You can see how Google manually changed the search results after they read this article.

Google knows that they can gaslight many people, yet it is easy for me to bust evil Google. E.g., when you search on 20+ words on Google and the results show with all the words missing. That makes Google's nefarious manipulations clear and obvious.
Missing: humaneditorsconstantlyunfairlywebsites,incompetent,lamebrainshireintern.

Please support the 21st Century Free Speech Act.

By Tom Forrest

I am disappointed with the Republican party for not passing this new law when they controlled the USA Senate and Congress. Why do socialist Democrats think that people cannot decide for themselves what is "misinformation"?

I do not want the Government and/or Google deciding what I should be able to read or watch. Google has a monopoly on Internet search and must be stopped from discriminating against authors and content that Google does not like.
The Google human editors that constantly read my content and decide to unfairly censor me, conservative news websites, and Republican politicians are bias, incompetent, lamebrains that I would not even hire to work for my company as a free intern.

USA States can also enact laws to regulate Big Tech, however Google, etc. are fighting some new state laws in court. Specifically, states could simply impose non-discrimination requirements on social media and search engines. Non-discrimination is one of the oldest obligations of common carriers and requires them to accept all customers. Currently, airplanes and telephones still operate under this requirement. In the era of competitive telephony, local telephone companies had to interconnect with all long-distance companies.
However, a new Federal law would be the best option.

Senator Hagerty stated:
For too long Americans have watched Big Tech trample on the principles of the First Amendment.

Free speech, freedom of thought and belief, free assembly and the open exchange of ideas. As more information is filtered through online platforms, freedom of speech online is being terminated by Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Excellent video from Benny Johnson, Trump goes into a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta GA - MSM is hiding the Truth


Please see my Top Secret X posts below. They are posts that X might unfairly censor and Suspend my account for.

Please see my Top Secret X posts below

Google is unfairly censoring this Blog.
You should read whatever Google tries to hide from you.


I saw an interview of Elon Musk, where he stated he had bad timing on buying Twitter.

I Agree, Elon should have waited until just before Twitter was going to go bankrupt and close down.

Then he may have been able to purchase Twitter for $5 billion instead of $44 billion.

Updates 4-9-23
Last night I Busted Sundar Pichai's Spy/Crime goons in Google Indonesia breaking into my Blogs again. They are relentless criminals and will not stop attacking me.
They are fearless, because the FBI cannot arrest anyone in Indonesia without the permission of the very corrupt Indonesian government.

That is why Google's CEO Sundar Pichai and the CEO of Microsoft both have clandestine Spy/Crime operations in Indonesia. 
I Busted them both illegally colluding, and both illegally breaking in to my computers, my family's computers and illegally spying on all of us. Microsoft illegally broke into my Outlook and took all of my passwords, then locked me out of 25+ accounts.
E.g. Banks, my Healthcare, Amazon, PayPal, T-Mobile, etc.

This is the url that Google illegally edited and broke last night.

Then within 5 minutes of my email to Sundar Pichai, FCC, DOJ, Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, etc. it was fixed.
If I had not noticed it, then it would have been disabled permanently.

Tomorrow, the relentless Google and Microsoft criminals will attack me again. This is why I need the corrupt USA DOJ and FBI to urgently arrest these criminals.

I have collected so much evidence against Google and Microsoft it is a big job just to document it all. The CEO's of Google and Microsoft are afraid to take any legal actions against me, because I am their Victim, and then all of my hundreds of pages of evidence would become public information, and placed into the official court records.

Google and Microsoft just want to hide all of my evidence of the felony crimes that they have committed.

Below, please see a sample of the illegal "Lock Code" Google put on my blogs so that I could not edit my content.

Please see a map of where the Google and Microsoft Spy/Crime operations in Indonesia are located.

More Secret Tweets coming soon.

I have to back date my Blogger posts, because Google illegally breaks into my Blogs and damages the User Interface.

Which forces me to backdate articles.

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

See the Most Interesting and Important X posts - Updated Often - #GotoTom2 #GotoTom on X

Important X Posts

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Below are some of the most interesting and important X posts that I have seen on X.

It takes a few seconds for these Posts to load if your Internet is slow.

The first one is important because we need accountability for people that lie under oath to the USA Congress.

WOKE Progressive Democrats = Communists

This tweet below from Elon Musk is a Classic.
Besides being funny, it is a clear example of how the "Cancel Culture" works in America.

Important X posts

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President Donald Trump Speeches and Videos - STOP Prosecuting Trump - The Corrupt DOJ and FBI

Monday, April 08, 2024

Funny and Interesting? - Sometimes John Oliver is funny, and sometimes he is just a stupid WOKE Asshole.