Sunday, January 21, 2024

See a real Google "blacklist", Google claims under oath that they do not have any "blacklists"

Google does not like it when people including me expose the truth about their diabolical desires to illegally control and manipulate elections worldwide. Google has done a good job of censoring anyone trying to expose the truth about Google.

Zach Vorhies is a Google whistleblower that worked for Google for 8.5 years. He sent 950 pages of internal Google documents that exposed the evil and illegal Google worldwide election interference to the corrupt USA DOJ.
The DOJ has just ignored all my evidence, Zach Vorhies, and Dr. Robert Epstein's evidence. Google and Microsoft are being protected by our corrupt FBI and DOJ.

Google has stated under oath that these "blacklists" do not exist.

Please see the graphic below.
I am not an attorney, however I think that we need new laws and regulations to prevent Google from creating these evil blacklists.
Google needs to be regulated and punished for creating blacklists.

This is why I support the "21st Century Free Speech Act".

How many millions of people are on the unfair Google Blacklists?

Learn how Google illegally manipulates elections worldwide. It is very scary to learn the truth, yet you need to know.
Free and fair elections are gone.
Dr. Epstein's life is in danger, he is an American Hero. 
He has been warned that his life is in danger by multiple state Attorney Generals.

How many of USA President Trump supporters are being illegally censored by Google? 

Government Investigators worldwide, please see evidence against Google and Twitter