Thursday, August 24, 2023

Breaking News - Growing distrust of the corrupt DOJ and FBI - The DOJ and FBI need to be Revamped and Rebuilt

By Tom Forrest

Updated 8-29-23

Joe Biden is BUSTED, he is the Criminal in Chief

Evil Google has been breaking the YouTube videos on my Blogs

Growing distrust of the corrupt DOJ and FBI

We will NOT accept just "Trust Us"

I am concerned that the MSM Fake News, Google, and Microsoft will interfere in our elections again. In 2020 Google Sifted 16+ million votes from Trump to Biden.

Now Google has harnessed the super power of AI in order to illegally manipulate our 2024 elections.

The WOKE Progressive Democrats and the MSM will never talk about all of Joe Biden's crimes, they just talk about new lame politically motivated attacks focused on Donald Trump. The MSM never mentions the "Durham Report". This is why I call Chuck Todd of Meet the Press ( Meet the Idiot ).

I read that Chuck Todd is leaving Meet the Press on NBC, because he does not want to be a punching bag anymore, and that he wants to spend more time with his family.

Who knows what the real reasons are, as you can never trust the MSM Fake News. I am watching him interview a Trump former Attorney. Chuck Todd of Meet the Idiot, barley gives the former Trump Attorney any time, because he makes lame Chuck Todd look like a stupid Turd.

Chuck could have the Twitter account @ChuckTurd - lol