Wednesday, August 02, 2023

How to Hire a Commission Based Sales Force is growing very rapidly and we need to hire great sales people to help us handle our fantastic surge in new business and prospects. offers a lucrative sales compensation plan to qualified candidates.
We implement a different business model than other Internet advertising and SEO companies. Our sales people are also client service managers. So you will sell and after the sale you will also be the client service manager. You will work with our technical staff to ensure that all client needs are met and exceeded. We have an outstanding reputation as one of the best SEO, Software Development, Internet Advertising and Web Design companies globally.
We need great sales people all over the world and in every country.

It is okay if you do not have any SEO sales experience, however you must have successful experience selling some type of products and services. If you are interested please send your resume directly to me. 

Below is an article I wrote about how to hire super sales people.

How to Hire a Commission Only Based Sales Force or a Salary Plus Commission Sales Team

Over the last twenty years I have hired many sales and marketing people.  From Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing to tele-sales lead generators.  I have seen the best success from a combination of salary and commission, however I still dream of the day when I can find and work with top producing commission only sales representatives.

I have also found that it is even more difficult to hire good ethical sales people for the search engine optimization industry.  Many industries in the USA and in most countries of the world have successful well known "manufacturers' representatives" for example take the fastener industry and see the search results below:

If I manufactured fasteners I would be all set and could find plenty of outstanding sales people to help me grow my business.
This is clearly not the case the for SEO, software and website development sales people.  It is especially true for great SEO sales people.  You can not do a simple search and find any good ones and the few you do find are mostly scammers and crooks that will just rip you off.
Since these great sales people are so rare and difficult to find I started researching other articles, and the following are excerpts from other articles I suggest you read:

  1. Great salespeople are rare. Unfortunately this is all too true. Most salespeople underachieve; the majority just get by, and the shining stars are few and far between.
  2. If you own your company, you are without doubt its best salesperson. The bottom line is that your passion and belief in your product and service is second to none, so don’t expect anyone to sell as well as you do. Ask yourself why you are hiring a salesperson. Should you be considering hiring someone to help you with your other responsibilities so that they free you up to do the important job of selling?
Another interesting article:

The process of hiring a great salesperson begins with an analysis of the job you’re trying to fill. Do you have a complex selling cycle, or a one-call close?
Do salespeople have to generate their own leads? Do you mandate CRM use by your reps?  Are daily activities (calls per day, appointments set, meetings held, etc) actively monitored and measured? The answers tothese questions dictate the kind of candidate who willsucceed in your role. All managers have made at least one sales hiring mistake at one time or another. The solution is to conduct a structured, behavior-based interview and selection process, but interviews involve an investment of your time. There’s nothing worse than settling into an interview scheduled to last an hour and knowing in the first 5 minutes that the candidate is a no-go. To be absolutely sure that you’re not wasting your time with a sales candidate ...