Friday, September 29, 2023

This is the copy of the content that Google illegally deleted from my

 Google illegally deleted my content below on 8-9-23

Please click to enlarge below.


 Below is the screen shot of my blog page that Google deleted on 8-9-23

You can see the back up copy of the illegally deleted blog page, it is slow to load.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Please see my Top Secret X posts below. They are posts that X might unfairly censor and Suspend my account for.

Please see my Top Secret X posts below

Google is unfairly censoring this Blog.
You should read whatever Google tries to hide from you.


I saw an interview of Elon Musk, where he stated he had bad timing on buying Twitter.

I Agree, Elon should have waited until just before Twitter was going to go bankrupt and close down.

Then he may have been able to purchase Twitter for $5 billion instead of $44 billion.

Updates 4-9-23
Last night I Busted Sundar Pichai's Spy/Crime goons in Google Indonesia breaking into my Blogs again. They are relentless criminals and will not stop attacking me.
They are fearless, because the FBI cannot arrest anyone in Indonesia without the permission of the very corrupt Indonesian government.

That is why Google's CEO Sundar Pichai and the CEO of Microsoft both have clandestine Spy/Crime operations in Indonesia. 
I Busted them both illegally colluding, and both illegally breaking in to my computers, my family's computers and illegally spying on all of us. Microsoft illegally broke into my Outlook and took all of my passwords, then locked me out of 25+ accounts.
E.g. Banks, my Healthcare, Amazon, PayPal, T-Mobile, etc.

This is the url that Google illegally edited and broke last night.

Then within 5 minutes of my email to Sundar Pichai, FCC, DOJ, Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, etc. it was fixed.
If I had not noticed it, then it would have been disabled permanently.

Tomorrow, the relentless Google and Microsoft criminals will attack me again. This is why I need the corrupt USA DOJ and FBI to urgently arrest these criminals.

I have collected so much evidence against Google and Microsoft it is a big job just to document it all. The CEO's of Google and Microsoft are afraid to take any legal actions against me, because I am their Victim, and then all of my hundreds of pages of evidence would become public information, and placed into the official court records.

Google and Microsoft just want to hide all of my evidence of the felony crimes that they have committed.

Below, please see a sample of the illegal "Lock Code" Google put on my blogs so that I could not edit my content.

Please see a map of where the Google and Microsoft Spy/Crime operations in Indonesia are located.

More Secret Tweets coming soon.

I have to back date my Blogger posts, because Google illegally breaks into my Blogs and damages the User Interface.

Which forces me to backdate articles.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

What is the "chain of command" when Google illegally spies on people? Why is Google using their Indonesia office to commit felony crimes against USA citizens?

  How many people is Google illegally spying on?

From: Tom Forrest 
Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2020 4:29 PM
To:; AG Webteam [AG] ;;;;;;;; Tom Forrest 
Subject: Google breaking into my account using my son in laws Gmail login, which they took illegally.
Importance: High

Google busted red-handed again. 
Illegal break-in on June 10th, 2020
At 12:22 pm.

Google employees illegally read my son in laws Gmails, and broke into my Google accounts.
Google employees illegally read my Gmails, my sisters Gmails, my brothers Gmails, my friend Stuart's Gmails, my worker Ronald's Gmails.

Then Google employees illegally used the server login information they found in Ronald's Gmails, and Google employees illegally broke into my server and deleted web pages from my server.
Google employees illegally spied on my Blogger accounts, spied on me via Chrome, downloaded custom spy software on my computer and my Android phone. 
I also have evidence of Twitter and Google conspiring together to censor President Trump and his supporters.
I want justice for me and my family.

These screenshots are Google's "fingerprints" accidentally left at the crime scene.

How is Randy Jusuf  the manager of Google Indonesia involved in the illegal spying on me and my family?

Please look at the bottom of the screenshot below.
So my Google criminals are from West Java.

Google inflicted all (see below) of this horrible punishment upon me, because I was defending the President of the USA, and I want President Trump to have a fair 2020 election process. The American citizens should decide the 2020 election results, NOT Google. 

Google is still unfairly censoring all my content and Google has ignored my demands to stop unfairly censoring me.

Also Google must restore my international blogs to the proper working condition before Google illegally punished me like communist China might punish an author. 
I lost 60% of my Internet traffic because of Google's illegal actions against me. More importantly government leaders from all over the world read my blog and Google is deliberately trying to hide my excellent content from people all over the world. Especially any content that is positive about President Trump. 
Please click on the following links to see exactly what Google did to punish me.
Etc. I previously had an unique blog in every single country, and Google is trying many evil tricks in order to illegally censor me.
When will Google learn that I am a very intelligent person and I detect most of the dirty tricks Google trys. E.g. It is interesting because I know the Google legal team was involved in this evil process. I know because for any of the 27 EU countries Google was afraid (LOL) to mess with them, so they took my country blog down and forwarded it to my .com, which still killed all my traffic. Engineers do not make those types of decisions. That is an example of an attorney advising Google technical people.
Google must restore my international blogs the way they worked on 5-1-2020. I have sent emails to Larry Page about this and a copy of my emails to the Government Investigators. I dream of the day that I do not have to document all of this stuff. I just noticed what I believe to be some new sort of Google tracking software on my blog. I think Google may still be violating my privacy.
Yes, I just busted Google again. Government Investigators please study entry into my blog for the entire day. Earlier today Google installed some tracking software on my blog without my permission, then I caught them removing it today 5-29-2020, at 10:42pm. I believe you will catch Google red-handed again violating my privacy. 5-30-2020 at 12:23am I think the tracking software is back on now.


Monday, September 25, 2023

See my Email to Sundar Pichai the Google CEO, Evil Google will not stop committing felony crimes against me and my family.

Please click to see my content that Google illegally deleted on 8-9-23

Sundar Pichai and Jack Dorsey both lied under oath when they testified to the USA Congress. 

They need to be prosecuted and sent to prison for their heinous crimes against America.

See how Google illegally breaks into my Blogs and does damage.

Please notice how Google breaks the graphic images on many pages of my blogs.

Learn how Google shifted 16+ million votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. 

I have been trying to use Blogger/Google for 18 years.

Below is some new censorship scam Google is doing, it is blatant illegal election interference.

Also it is evidence that Google is a Publisher and not a Platform.

No one is stopping evil Google from committing election interference.

When Google censors my content, they are also censoring the Republican Politicians that I am supporting and trying to promote on the Google search engine. 

How many Conservative News sites is Google censoring?

Google is unfairly censoring, etc.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Elon Musk has FAILED to offer FREE Speech on X, more Evidence of Crimes by Big Tech

The Appeals go to a Stupid AI software, that just keeps sending Denial Emails. 

I tried it four times, same auto denial every time.

It does not matter what you write, because it just goes to a stupid AI Software Robot.

Twitter is using many methods to unfairly censor Conservatives, MAGA supporters, and Christians.

Look what they did to:
This site is a SAFE site that Evil Twitter is unfairly censoring.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Joe Biden needs to be Impeached, he is a Corrupt Politician that is Destroying the USA.

By Tom Forrest   Updated 9-29-23

Joe Biden is the most corrupt President in the entire history of the USA.

Biden must be impeached, and sent to prison for his crimes against America.

It is very sad that 40% of the USA citizens are Sheep, and clueless about the Biden Crime Family.

America continues to be destroyed by corrupt Joe Biden. Besides his criminal activities over many years, Joe Biden also has Dementia. Please watch the video below to learn more ...

Progressive WOKE Democrats = Communists 

The Democrats continue to attack former President Trump and are relentless, I doubt they will ever stop. Yet I hope they will eventually be embarrassed so many times that they will NOT be elected again. Horrible corrupt conman like Rep. Adam Schiff, etc. continue to lie and still talk about Trump and Russian collusion. Shithead scumbag Adam Schiff, should have been fined $16 million and should have been sent to prison for 10+ years. Clearly we have a corrupt DOJ and FBI.

If you ask people you meet if they know what the "Durham Report" is, and they do not know. Then you know you are talking to a Sheeple.

Mao’s Cultural Revolution is today’s Woke in America!


A USA Senator earns $174,000 per year. 
So why does corrupt Joe Biden have four Mansions?
Ted Cruz, and other Senators do not have any Mansions.

Our Corrupt DOJ and FBI are unethically protecting the Biden Crime Family.

See more interviews of the American HERO Tony Bobulinski

See the email I sent to Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Please support the 21st Century Free Speech Act. Introduced by USA Senator Bill Hagerty. Regulate Big Tech like common carriers.

On 9-4-22 Google illegally broke into my Blogger account and damaged it.
In an effort to restrict how many people can see my content and to prevent me from logging into my account.


 Google does not support freedom of speech. Google censors more web content than communist China does.
Google is a Publisher, and has a monopoly on Internet search.

People that believe Google is not politically biased against Republicans and Conservatives are WRONG.

The evidence against Google is overwhelming.
For example if I search some text from the erroneous article that claims Google is not biased, it comes up #1 on Google.
If I search some unique text from my article, it is buried on Google far below the bonehead article.

 The screenshot shows how Google is unfairly censoring this article and is politically bias.
Google tries to fix the evidence when I bust them, so that is why I show the search results screenshot.
You can see how Google manually changed the search results after they read this article.

Google knows that they can gaslight many people, yet it is easy for me to bust evil Google. E.g., when you search on 20+ words on Google and the results show with all the words missing. That makes Google's nefarious manipulations clear and obvious.
Missing: humaneditorsconstantlyunfairlywebsites,incompetent,lamebrainshireintern.

Please support the 21st Century Free Speech Act.

By Tom Forrest

I am disappointed with the Republican party for not passing this new law when they controlled the USA Senate and Congress. Why do socialist Democrats think that people cannot decide for themselves what is "misinformation"?

I do not want the Government and/or Google deciding what I should be able to read or watch. Google has a monopoly on Internet search and must be stopped from discriminating against authors and content that Google does not like.
The Google human editors that constantly read my content and decide to unfairly censor me, conservative news websites, and Republican politicians are bias, incompetent, lamebrains that I would not even hire to work for my company as a free intern.

USA States can also enact laws to regulate Big Tech, however Google, etc. are fighting some new state laws in court. Specifically, states could simply impose non-discrimination requirements on social media and search engines. Non-discrimination is one of the oldest obligations of common carriers and requires them to accept all customers. Currently, airplanes and telephones still operate under this requirement. In the era of competitive telephony, local telephone companies had to interconnect with all long-distance companies.
However, a new Federal law would be the best option.

Senator Hagerty stated:
For too long Americans have watched Big Tech trample on the principles of the First Amendment.

Free speech, freedom of thought and belief, free assembly and the open exchange of ideas. As more information is filtered through online platforms, freedom of speech online is being terminated by Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter. 

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Hello Patriots, when you see EVIL Google trying to Hide Content, please click and read / watch it.

Friday, September 15, 2023

President Donald Trump Speeches and Videos - STOP Prosecuting Trump - The Corrupt DOJ and FBI



Please click and watch this important video about illegal censorship and lying under oath to the USA Congress.


Bret Baier does not know what he is talking about, and should shut up and let Donald Trump explain the law to him.

Learn the legal facts below.



I just watched Mark Levin (aka the Great One) explain the entire Trump Espionage case. Former Attorney General Bill Barr is wrong and incompetent as an Attorney. Donald Trump is innocent and there is NO Espionage. Trump was charged with the incorrect law, as part of the evil DOJ weaponization. 

The Presidential Records Act  (PRA) clearly states that former President Trump has the sole decision power of what he can keep as personal property, and no one has the right to override the President's decision. If you take the time to read the PRA, you will see that I am correct.