Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Interesting Google Claims About Cheating Publishers Out of Money

This is an interesting article that hopefully will be investigated and reported on by major news networks.

Some people believe this article may have been written by a disgruntled Adsense Publisher.
I can tell you for certain that Google has dramatically cut the payments to Publishers over the last several years.  So in the best case Google has a problem with many unhappy Publishers and I would not recommend anyone waste their time with Google Adsense.  I would not put any more Google ads on my websites as I feel Google treats Publishers poorly and I hate the idea that Google makes you sign an agreement that they pay you by a secret formula that only Google can see ... seriously.
People that are not in the Internet industry are shocked when they learn of this crazy Google policy.

One long time Publisher friend of mine said:
"I think there is an eerie truth to these accusations".