Thursday, May 18, 2023

Google is in my blog now and Google breaks into my Microsoft Outlook if I do not logout of Blogger, Do I live in communist China or the USA?

If you do not believe me please show this to Google and ask them why they have not filed a lawsuit against me.

I have a 100+ pages of indisputable evidence against Google for the felony crimes they have committed against me, my workers, my friends and my family.

From: Tom Forrest <>
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2022 8:56 PM
To:;;;;;;;; AG Webteam [AG <>;;;;;;
Cc: Tom Forrest <>;;;
Subject: More evidence against Google, and Sundar Pichai of committing felony crimes against me and my family. I want Justice ...
Importance: High


Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google is guilty of committing felony crimes against me and my family.

Google employees in West Java, Indonesia illegally broke into my Blogger account on 9-8-22 and deleted all my evidence from my Government Investigators web page on It was connected to my blog until Google employees destroyed it with their illegal break in.

These are the same Google criminals that illegally spied on me and my family.

Update: 9-13-22, today Google deleted my Government Investigators web page again. Google has been illegally breaking into my Blogger account every day for the last two months.

In another silly attempt to Gaslight me, Google is now deleting my content one day, then restoring it the next day. On and off, each change is another felony crime. Sundar Pichai must go to prison


The screen shot above proves that Google illegally broke into my Blogger account and deleted my content that was sent from to, then after I busted Google and I emailed and , then Google illegally broke to my Blogger account again to fix the damage they created.

This is indisputable evidence against Google and Sundar Pichai, this is why is so unhappy with me. Because I have busted him committing multiple felony crimes. It is technically impossible to break or fix this one way data transfer without Google illegally breaking into my blog, hosted on Blogger, which is owned by Google.

Google has illegally broken into my Gmail and Blogger accounts over 100 times.

The Google criminals in West Java, Indonesia are under the control of Sundar Pichai and when he saw my emails to Larry Page he immediately went crazy and had the Google Indonesia employees break into my blog and they deleted this screen shot three times.

The Google employees in Indonesia are not the brightest bulbs on the tree. I sent a message to them and to Larry Page explaining that I have the screen shot, and relentlessly illegally breaking into my Blogger account and deleting my content is foolish and that it just provides me with more evidence about Google’s felony crimes.

I want justice for me and my family.

How many other innocent people are victims of Google’s Felony Crimes division?

I want to DOJ to contact me and let me know that they are going to make Google stop committing felony crimes against me and my family.
I also want these evil Google criminals prosecuted.


Tom Forrest
Google Victim


See second email below with screen shot.

 From: Tom Forrest <>
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2022 12:10 AM
Cc: Tom Forrest <>
Subject: Do you know who Audrey is?

Do you know who Audrey is?

She is one of many people in my family that you illegally spied on.
That was a HUGE mistake.

Perhaps you illegally spy on so many people you cannot remember them all.

Please do not worry, I am going to train you.


Please read how I BUSTED Google, of committing felony crimes against me and my family.