Friday, April 15, 2016

Why Yahoo is Considering Selling All or Parts of the Company. What Will Marissa Mayer Do?

This is a defect that Blogger/Google caused.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dr. Steve Rosenberg Invented a New Type of Cancer Treatment named Immunotherapy. Learn About His Latest Research

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Google Gives Out New Penalties to Websites with Unnatural Outbound Links, Fundamental Problems Still Exist

Google has given out another round of "unnatural link" penalties. Hopefully Google has done a better job this time, because in the past Google has made many mistakes unfairly penalizing websites. I wrote an article and documented this and I give specific examples that I know Google has read. Just like our legal system makes mistakes and sometimes puts innocent people in jail, Google has the same problem.
Yet can Google afford to do nothing, and let the quality of their search results decline?

In this example case of a site penalized you can see the frustration of this webmaster as she has no clue about any of this.
I don't even know what an "unnatural link" is. I read the Help topics linked in the email and they were not of any help. I have no idea why I received this because I have not done anything to artificially boost my traffic. I'm not part of any "link scheme." I haven't changed anything that would cause this, and I haven't seen any crawlers or anything unusual in my Google Analytics. The funny thing is, I have two domains that redirect to the same blog, and I only received this email for one of them. 

It's a beauty blog, so I often link to beauty products. Is that the problem? Do I have to go back to every single one of my posts from 2013 and take them out? My affiliate links are how I monetize my blog. What is this "nofollow" thing?

It is interesting how Google keeps trying new ways of doing this. In the past when Google penalized sites for buying links, people that were guilty could try to claim they "cannot control who links to them". Which by the way is a good argument, and so now by going after the sites with outbound links Google does not like, it takes away this argument. In this Google forum (above) the penalized site owner asks if there are tools to determine which links are bad. There are a few and they are horrible, do not use them. SearchEngineLand wrote an article about this, that I tore to pieces for being one of the stupidest and dumbest SEO tools ever created. This is why SearchEngineLand is only good for SEO news and not for SEO advice.

I also have to blame and call Google out again for poor implementation and making it difficult for webmasters to follow Google Guidelines.

What exactly do I mean?

Friday, April 08, 2016

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly parts of Google, More New Google Changes - Google My Business

As a user of Google's products and also as an investor in Google stock I try to look at the bell curve of Googlers an accept that there are some superstars working at Google and that there are some very lame people also. The traditional organic search results are the core team of superstars, with one of the greatest retiring (Amit Singhal). He left a strong team in place to protect and nurture the Google "search crown jewels".
Moving to the the bad and uglier parts of Google. Well I have given up any hope that the lame software quality control group at Blogger will ever get a clue and fix the $5,000,000,000 toy that Blogger is. Blogger is not for professional use.

Now on to Google "Local", I mean "Places", oh no I mean the newest name "Google My Business".
They keep trying yet they are still a hot mess.
The following is a graphic link to the newest Google "Google My Business" rules and I give secrets and SEO advice about this in

Thursday, April 07, 2016

What are the Panama Papers and How are People Smuggling Money into Panama?

This "papers" were taken by software hackers illegally and they reveal many famous people's secret hiding of money in Panama.
The video shows some of the suspects.
Also many people from communist China strap money to their bodies and bring it to Hong Kong where it can then be transferred to Panama.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Google Officially Confirms the Top Three Ranking Signals for Optimal Search Engine Ranking Results

This is not a surprise to me as I have been telling people what is important for SEO for years and now Google has confirmed I am 100% correct and that I have been so for 14-years.

The main reason I like this article is that now when fake SEO experts try to say good backlinks links are not important any longer, I can just laugh at them and show them this article.

I have a good video that explains RankBrain and you can research many interesting SEO related topics by using the Search Box on this site. I have been extremely frustrated with Blogger's poor software quality control and have over 50 defects I still hope Blogger/Google fixes. The Search Box works well now and is very useful. I use it to look up articles to send to clients.

Thoughts About Google Chrome, FireFox and Blogger, Why some are Good and Some are Bad. How People Imprint on Software Products

I use and think about Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Google Blogger and how imprinting is such a powerful factor in how humans feel about every software product they use. I ask myself at least once a month "what else can my company to do help users to imprint and become loyal to our software products and Internet services". I think daily about how I can make the Internet surfers of the world become super loyal to this blog.

In order have a successful product that people like and that is imprinted into their brains and they become extremely loyal to the software product, the software must be 1) very reliable and 2) easy to use.

Now to some examples about Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. I have been tougher on Google since they violated my privacy and my freedom of speech last year. The good news is Google quickly corrected this, yet it is not something you can easily forget about. 
I used to be very loyal to Mozilla Firefox however they violated my rule #1, because their software crashes way too often, it is not reliable. So I tried Google Chrome and it is fantastic. Chrome is also vastly superior to Microsoft IE and it you try Chrome for a few weeks I will bet big $$$ that you will agree with me. Since Googlers read my blog I hope they see I will praise Google products if they deserve it. So why is Google Chrome so much better than Mozilla FireFox? Because of my two basic rules I mention above. Firefox has the worst quality control of any software I have ever used. It is terrible and sometimes it crashes multiple times a day. I think Blogger must hire people from Mozilla Firefox because if Firefox is the worst company I know of as far as software quality control is concerned than Blogger is the second worse.
Which leads me to the question if Google Chrome is such a reliable browser and is easy to use with many thousands of cool plugins in the Google Chrome store, why is Blogger so terrible with their software quality control efforts?

I do not know the answer.