Friday, April 01, 2016

Thoughts About Google Chrome, FireFox and Blogger, Why some are Good and Some are Bad. How People Imprint on Software Products

I use and think about Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Google Blogger and how imprinting is such a powerful factor in how humans feel about every software product they use. I ask myself at least once a month "what else can my company to do help users to imprint and become loyal to our software products and Internet services". I think daily about how I can make the Internet surfers of the world become super loyal to this blog.

In order have a successful product that people like and that is imprinted into their brains and they become extremely loyal to the software product, the software must be 1) very reliable and 2) easy to use.

Now to some examples about Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. I have been tougher on Google since they violated my privacy and my freedom of speech last year. The good news is Google quickly corrected this, yet it is not something you can easily forget about. 
I used to be very loyal to Mozilla Firefox however they violated my rule #1, because their software crashes way too often, it is not reliable. So I tried Google Chrome and it is fantastic. Chrome is also vastly superior to Microsoft IE and it you try Chrome for a few weeks I will bet big $$$ that you will agree with me. Since Googlers read my blog I hope they see I will praise Google products if they deserve it. So why is Google Chrome so much better than Mozilla FireFox? Because of my two basic rules I mention above. Firefox has the worst quality control of any software I have ever used. It is terrible and sometimes it crashes multiple times a day. I think Blogger must hire people from Mozilla Firefox because if Firefox is the worst company I know of as far as software quality control is concerned than Blogger is the second worse.
Which leads me to the question if Google Chrome is such a reliable browser and is easy to use with many thousands of cool plugins in the Google Chrome store, why is Blogger so terrible with their software quality control efforts?

I do not know the answer.