Friday, April 01, 2016

Google Officially Confirms the Top Three Ranking Signals for Optimal Search Engine Ranking Results

This is not a surprise to me as I have been telling people what is important for SEO for years and now Google has confirmed I am 100% correct and that I have been so for 14-years.

The main reason I like this article is that now when fake SEO experts try to say good backlinks links are not important any longer, I can just laugh at them and show them this article.

I have a good video that explains RankBrain and you can research many interesting SEO related topics by using the Search Box on this site. I have been extremely frustrated with Blogger's poor software quality control and have over 50 defects I still hope Blogger/Google fixes. The Search Box works well now and is very useful. I use it to look up articles to send to clients.