Sunday, June 14, 2009

Important Questions to ask Google

Dear Google,

I have a big client that competes with Molly Maids, this is one that wants to understand Google Places rules fully before they try going into Google Places.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Webmasters are Afraid to give out any Links

By: Tom Forrest

I read an article by Matt Cutts of Google and decided to try out Google Knol. This is a beta product by Google and is supposed to feature articles by experts on many different topics from rabbit hunting to search engine optimization. The article that was here can now be found at:

I am not sure how well Google Knol will work and this is my first test of it. What I am hoping is that many more people will see my article on Knol then would normally see it on my Blog. I will report back on the results after three months.

Please feel free to email any comments to me at: and I will post them here. Even if you totally do not agree with me I will still post your comments, as I am into freedom of speech, one of the greatest benefits of being an American.