Friday, July 29, 2016

I Wish I Could Bet Google $1,000,000, I would Even Give Google 50 to 1 Odds

I am currently in Nevada on a business trip visiting some of our loyal clients. Since Nevada has legalized gambling I started to think that I wish I could make a bet with Google.
Of course this will not happen, however since Google reads my blog, I want them to understand that what I say is always 100% correct and if Google did bet me they would lose and be embarrassed.

For example I always have exact detailed proof and I have totally undeniable evidence. I have many examples of this I can site and Google should learn that if I say something it is totally correct.
Now to make my point I will give some examples, I have many more that I will not publish in this article. So Google should learn that it is waste of valuable time trying to "get me and teach me a lesson", because as the old saying goes "they have much bigger fish to fry".
Furthermore please read my articles about SEO and Link Building, Google should like what I say as I promote following all Google guidelines.

Also Google should understand how powerful a screen shot from Google results can be as evidence.

In a different and long article I wrote about Google and other fake reviews and fake accounts I show a screen shot of how Google in the past would not even let me write a review about a breakfast restaurant that I have been going to for 15-years. I made a joke about is, and below I will show the screen shot again.

On my Tombstone it can say:
"Tom was not qualified to review Eggs-N-Things".

Now I could go on and on with my proof and the long history of the Google SPAM department wasting their valuable time with me when they have much more important things they should be doing, however I just want Google to fix their defects and mistakes and stop penalizing small business people unfairly. 

Is that such an unreasonable position for me to take?

When I Google "7meg" I want my site that never violated any Google guidelines to show up in the Google search results, and Google will be reading about their mistakes until they fix them or until I die.
Frankly if Google never fixes their defects and mistakes it just builds my traffic and is good for me. If Google did fix their mistakes than my Internet traffic will drop or at least not grow as fast as when Google acts like an evil bully against the small entrepreneur (me). 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Pandora Internet Radio is Superior and Offers a Significantly Better Value Than SiriusXM, Buy Pandora and Cancel SiriusXM

I have been a long time user of SiriusXM, and recently my daughter showed me, which is vastly superior to SiriusXM.

I tested Pandora vs. SiriusXM and Pandora is much easier to use, and has better reception when driving cross county.
Plus Pandora is less expensive and has some advanced methods of helping people find the music they love.
I admire the software developers of Pandora because they "think of every thing" a user needs.

Also when you try to cancel SiriusXM they make it very difficult which most people including me hate.
I just want to go online and cancel, which is not allowed. The SiriusXM support is poor and Pandora has outstanding email support only. You cannot phone Pandora, however there really is no need as their email support is excellent.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rudy Giuliani on "Face the Nation", His Thoughts About Black Lives Matter and Police as Targets

I am a middle aged white guy and I am afraid of the police. When I was a teenager some stupid police in a small town in Illinois incorrectly arrested me and put me in jail for stealing a car. At the time I owned two cars and a motorcycle, common sense helps if you are going to be a police detective. I was very ambitious and hard working from an early age and graduated from Illinois State University at age 19. I was also attacked and beaten by seven black guys when I was in high school in the poorer suburbs of Chicago and my Grandmother lived in the dangerous south side of Chicago and I visited her often. So I have first hand knowledge about black lives and Chicago. When I think about my history I look at it as a learning experience that 98% of white people have never encountered. The saying "If it does not kill you it makes you stronger" means more if you have ever survived living in the south side of Chicago.
I will never forget how terrible it is when the police make a serious mistake.

Rudy Giuliani has a lot of common sense and tremendous experience as a prosecutor before becoming mayor of New York City. The following is his interview from the TV show "face the nation". The guy interviewing Mr. Giuliani does a terrible job and keeps interrupting him.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Google is Censoring My Content and Denying My Freedom of Speech Again

Great news, Google is not censoring my content or denying my freedom of speech any longer.
I will be leaving the article below up, as it seems to me some of the lower level Google employees are the ones that try to censor me, and upper Google management does not allow them to deny my freedom of speech. Every time it happens Google management makes people fix this. Of course I wish it never happened in the first place, however I want to give a huge thank you to Google management for doing the "right thing" and allowing me my freedom of speech. I think everyone around the world should know and see that Google is NOT like communist China, Google sincerely does honor freedom of speech and will not censor people just because they may not like what you have to say.
This is America and Google is an American company, true American's will always honor and respect freedom of speech, as this is of paramount importance to our culture and one of the key principles of the USA constitution. We will fight for this core principle of our culture and written constitution. These are not just values that Americans discard for convince, they are a big part of what makes the USA the #1 economy of the world. All communist countries will eventually learn that Google is sincere about standing up for these principles and morals in every country on earth.
We are truly "the land of the free and the home of the brave".

I also want people all over the world to understand that in the USA Google does have the legal right to not index any content for any reason, and the US courts have ruled that this is Google's right to freedom of speech. It is just a policy of the founders of Google not to censor people for saying something Google may not like. It is also a policy I have, and I will let people respond to my articles and I will post their responses with no editing. This is because even though there is no legal requirement to do this, I consider myself a very fair person and if I criticize a company, I believe it is fair to let them respond. Also because even if the law allows censorship, I feel it would make me look bad and I do not want to appear to be a hypocrite.

Original article below:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Technology and Business News Around the World, Watch the Biggest Stories Happening Today

USA Presidential Polling Results with Stephen Colbert and Late Show Cultural Translations

I do not watch Stephen Colbert that often, however he is a real innovator in television. I do not think there has ever been a comedian with his type of humor and variety in his act.
Please watch the following videos they are very funny.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Has Google Gone Crazy? What is Google Thinking? Or Are They Not Thinking?

Sometimes Google goes haywire and makes terrible mistakes. Lately it is very often and I suggest Google should slow down these constant often horrible changes. Please think first, then act.

So now I do a search for "List of Directories Submission Sites" and look what comes up at the newest top listing?
A site that Google should be penalizing not promoting. 
This site violates Google's own guidelines.
Remember a guy named Matt Cutts and his guidelines for Directories?
Google penalized many thousands of sites for using free, low quality, everyone included in the directory, spammy directories that had the primary focus to sell PageRank.
Now look at the screen shot below.

I noticed Google made some changes since the screen shot above, however the main problem still exists. Google shows lists of hundreds of free, spammy, crap directories that violate Google's guidelines. The worst part is Google has penalized thousands of websites for using these free, spammy, everyone is approved and included, no review directories. Google should put a site(s) that recommends good directories that follow all Google guidelines at the top of this search results page. 
In a way it is a form of Google entrapment...not that I think Google is doing this on purpose, I believe Google just does not have their thinking cap on in this case. 
E.g. use the crappy sites we put at the top of our search results and then Google will penalize you.
This seems to qualify as accidentally (stupidly) EVIL in my opinion.
Because even though Google is not intentionally doing this the end result is many thousands of web sites may be penalized because of Google's carelessness.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May Says UK will Not Leave EU Before the End of 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Google Continues to Make Terrible Mistakes Unfairly Penalizing Innocent Websites

Update: This story has become even more interesting.
First I must say Google did not unfairly censor my content as they have done in the past when I expose terrible Google defects.
However now Google is allowing people to steal my content, which makes Google look really bad.
First they make a horrible mistake unfairly penalizing my websites, then after I confront Google and ask them to do the right thing and fix their mistakes, some scumbags on the Internet steal my content and Google indexes the stolen content. Furthermore evil people are stealing a lot of my content and Google is indexing it. Just do a Google search for "Google Continues to Make Terrible Mistakes Unfairly Penalizing Innocent Websites"

Yes, I am frustrated. Please think about how you would feel if this happened to your website(s)?
So Google has time to penalize innocent websites, yet they do not have time to work on real and serious spam problems.

Please see proof below.

If Google management let me control the Google spam police, I would do a dramatically better job of cleaning up the Internet and I would not make so many mistakes. Also I could fix the many defects in Blogger.

I wish I did not need to write this article and update it on a regular basis.

Google Continues to Unfairly Penalize Innocent Website Owners

It is very upsetting that I can make a long list of sites blatantly selling backlinks in 20 minutes, yet Google is too busy penalizing innocent sites instead of busting obvious "Sponsored Links" that even have the label "Sponsored".

In a nutshell, if you write a favourable (UK spelling) blog post about a company or product where something has been given for free (or you have been paid), in addition to disclosing that the visitor is viewing sponsored content, any followed links to that company or product will be classified by Google as “unnatural outbound links” and will be punishable by a manual spam action on the blogger’s website.
Note: I made the link above a no-follow link, only because I am afraid Google will unfairly penalize me. The article is outstanding and very well written.

I am working on writing some new articles about recent horribly evil behavior by Google regarding penalizing many innocent websites. I have emailed Google management and hope they have some fixes before I have to write too many articles and updates about this. It is very disappointing as a Google shareholder to me, and frankly it makes me feel like I should sell my Google stock when I see Google incorrectly penalizing many web sites unfairly. Furthermore I think it is appropriate to blame Google senior management for this heinous problem as they have not done enough to stop and prevent one of the worse actions Google can take against an innocent website.
Why are the Googler's that do these evil deeds not fired?

I am going to create a list of websites Google has unfairly penalized and publish it. I have many sites as real examples already and if you would like to email me any other unfairly penalized sites I will add them to my list that I publish. Yes this list will be very embarrassing to Google and it should be. If they ruin a small business persons life unfairly then why should Google not be embarrassed and exposed for doing this? 

Some of the sites that will be on this list have no outbound links, zero. So how could Google penalize them for outbound links?
A few examples of sites that will be on my list of websites that Google has unfairly penalized are:

If Google fixes their mistakes I will delete this article.
The current record for Google fixing an incorrectly penalized site is 2.5 years. I bet Google will beat their "defect record" now and go over 2.5 years with this. I will still be here to report about it ...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cell Therapies Used to Treat Deadly Blood Cancers Will Be Available Next Year, Risks and Benefits to People with Blood Cancers

Thursday, July 07, 2016

This Gentleman Named Corey Northcutt is an Outstanding SEO Expert and I Agree 97% of the Time With What He Says

I think only about 10% of companies that claim to be SEO experts really are experts.
Unfortunately, 90% do not know what they are talking about, and even worse will give you advise that may cause Google to penalize your website for violating Google guidelines.

The following is an excellent article from Corey Northcutt. I put a no-follow tag on this article, because I am concerned Google may unfairly and incorrectly penalize me. I do not even know Corey, and he is not paying me, I just read his article and think it is outstanding SEO advice.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Continued Coverage of Britain's Exit From the European Union

New "On Page SEO" Google Information. How to Increase the Number of Indexed Pages in Google Search Results, New Google Duplicate Content Algorithms

Google is always making changes to their search algorithms. As the amount of videos on the Internet increases rapidly Google must make updates to their duplicate content algorithms that can somehow decide which videos to index (put into Google) and which videos to not index (exclude from the Google search results).
Please think about what would happen to Google's search results if 20,000+ people all decided to embed an ABC video just by itself with no other textual content on their blogs and websites. It may in fact be very good and useful for the viewers of the blog that posts these videos, however does Google want to index 20,000 webpages of the exact same video?

If you look at the general population of humans on earth, about 20% have some interest and knowledge about search engine optimization. The other 80% have little to no interest what so ever and think bizarre things, like "Google has a group of smart people that decide which website should rank #1."
You would be surprised how many people think this is true.
So if you are reading this SEO article you are already in a fairly unique set of people on earth.

Over the last five years Google has taken away and broken their SEO tools on purpose. So this makes a good business for my software systems like .

One of the few Google free tools and commands that still works is the Google site: Operator. I link to an article from Moz in 2013, so I am not sure how many of these 25 commands still work.

Google SEO Update - New Duplicate Content Algorithms - Can GM Beat Google to Dominate the Future of Driver-less Cars?

Google's new duplicate content algorithms demonstrate very impressive results. 
Google made an A+ on this test.

So I added some unique text and the Google algorithms updated this webpage within 2 days and put what used to be a "(not indexed) 3rd party embedded video only page" back into the Google index when I added unique textual content. It seems to me this will be implemented across the entire Google index over time.

From 6-14-16
I wrote an On-Page SEO article about this topic. The video below was one that Google removed from the Google search results, because it was only a video from a 3rd party source. Now I added unique textual content that I am the original creator of.
So we will test the new Google algorithms and see if they put this webpage back into the Google cache (back into the Google search results).
As I have mentioned before Google is not very good at coming back and updating some of their results based on new data (content). Also I noticed when I have written about duplicate content issues Google has responded very fast and fixed a previous problem in just two days.

Back to self driving cars.
People have been trying to create driver-less cars since 1925.
How will General Motors (GM) compete against Google and win?
It may be easier than most people think. Google has the best money making idea in the history of business (Adwords), yet of all the other investments Alphabet has made, none of them make any money yet. Please remember GM is the one that has a long history of manufacturing cars, not Google.

Gas Prices May Stay Low for a Long Time, If Electric Car Sales Start to Take Off Quickly. The S Curve Idea

Questioning People in Hollywood California about how many Avengers vs. USA Presidents They Can Name