Friday, July 29, 2016

I Wish I Could Bet Google $1,000,000, I would Even Give Google 50 to 1 Odds

I am currently in Nevada on a business trip visiting some of our loyal clients. Since Nevada has legalized gambling I started to think that I wish I could make a bet with Google.
Of course this will not happen, however since Google reads my blog, I want them to understand that what I say is always 100% correct and if Google did bet me they would lose and be embarrassed.

For example I always have exact detailed proof and I have totally undeniable evidence. I have many examples of this I can site and Google should learn that if I say something it is totally correct.
Now to make my point I will give some examples, I have many more that I will not publish in this article. So Google should learn that it is waste of valuable time trying to "get me and teach me a lesson", because as the old saying goes "they have much bigger fish to fry".
Furthermore please read my articles about SEO and Link Building, Google should like what I say as I promote following all Google guidelines.

Also Google should understand how powerful a screen shot from Google results can be as evidence.

In a different and long article I wrote about Google and other fake reviews and fake accounts I show a screen shot of how Google in the past would not even let me write a review about a breakfast restaurant that I have been going to for 15-years. I made a joke about is, and below I will show the screen shot again.

On my Tombstone it can say:
"Tom was not qualified to review Eggs-N-Things".

Now I could go on and on with my proof and the long history of the Google SPAM department wasting their valuable time with me when they have much more important things they should be doing, however I just want Google to fix their defects and mistakes and stop penalizing small business people unfairly. 

Is that such an unreasonable position for me to take?

When I Google "7meg" I want my site that never violated any Google guidelines to show up in the Google search results, and Google will be reading about their mistakes until they fix them or until I die.
Frankly if Google never fixes their defects and mistakes it just builds my traffic and is good for me. If Google did fix their mistakes than my Internet traffic will drop or at least not grow as fast as when Google acts like an evil bully against the small entrepreneur (me).