Monday, July 18, 2016

Has Google Gone Crazy? What is Google Thinking? Or Are They Not Thinking?

Sometimes Google goes haywire and makes terrible mistakes. Lately it is very often and I suggest Google should slow down these constant often horrible changes. Please think first, then act.

So now I do a search for "List of Directories Submission Sites" and look what comes up at the newest top listing?
A site that Google should be penalizing not promoting. 
This site violates Google's own guidelines.
Remember a guy named Matt Cutts and his guidelines for Directories?
Google penalized many thousands of sites for using free, low quality, everyone included in the directory, spammy directories that had the primary focus to sell PageRank.
Now look at the screen shot below.

I noticed Google made some changes since the screen shot above, however the main problem still exists. Google shows lists of hundreds of free, spammy, crap directories that violate Google's guidelines. The worst part is Google has penalized thousands of websites for using these free, spammy, everyone is approved and included, no review directories. Google should put a site(s) that recommends good directories that follow all Google guidelines at the top of this search results page. 
In a way it is a form of Google entrapment...not that I think Google is doing this on purpose, I believe Google just does not have their thinking cap on in this case. 
E.g. use the crappy sites we put at the top of our search results and then Google will penalize you.
This seems to qualify as accidentally (stupidly) EVIL in my opinion.
Because even though Google is not intentionally doing this the end result is many thousands of web sites may be penalized because of Google's carelessness.