Monday, July 25, 2016

Pandora Internet Radio is Superior and Offers a Significantly Better Value Than SiriusXM, Buy Pandora and Cancel SiriusXM

I have been a long time user of SiriusXM, and recently my daughter showed me, which is vastly superior to SiriusXM.

I tested Pandora vs. SiriusXM and Pandora is much easier to use, and has better reception when driving cross county.
Plus Pandora is less expensive and has some advanced methods of helping people find the music they love.
I admire the software developers of Pandora because they "think of every thing" a user needs.

Also when you try to cancel SiriusXM they make it very difficult which most people including me hate.
I just want to go online and cancel, which is not allowed. The SiriusXM support is poor and Pandora has outstanding email support only. You cannot phone Pandora, however there really is no need as their email support is excellent.

Since I do not trust SiriusXM to cancel my account, I gave them a different credit card to bill, and now I deactivated the credit card SiriusXM has on file, so they cannot keep billing me.
It is sad that I feel this is necessary to get rid of SiriusXM.
In a short summary:
Pandora is fantastic and SiriusXM sucks.