Friday, July 22, 2016

Google is Censoring My Content and Denying My Freedom of Speech Again

Great news, Google is not censoring my content or denying my freedom of speech any longer.
I will be leaving the article below up, as it seems to me some of the lower level Google employees are the ones that try to censor me, and upper Google management does not allow them to deny my freedom of speech. Every time it happens Google management makes people fix this. Of course I wish it never happened in the first place, however I want to give a huge thank you to Google management for doing the "right thing" and allowing me my freedom of speech. I think everyone around the world should know and see that Google is NOT like communist China, Google sincerely does honor freedom of speech and will not censor people just because they may not like what you have to say.
This is America and Google is an American company, true American's will always honor and respect freedom of speech, as this is of paramount importance to our culture and one of the key principles of the USA constitution. We will fight for this core principle of our culture and written constitution. These are not just values that Americans discard for convince, they are a big part of what makes the USA the #1 economy of the world. All communist countries will eventually learn that Google is sincere about standing up for these principles and morals in every country on earth.
We are truly "the land of the free and the home of the brave".

I also want people all over the world to understand that in the USA Google does have the legal right to not index any content for any reason, and the US courts have ruled that this is Google's right to freedom of speech. It is just a policy of the founders of Google not to censor people for saying something Google may not like. It is also a policy I have, and I will let people respond to my articles and I will post their responses with no editing. This is because even though there is no legal requirement to do this, I consider myself a very fair person and if I criticize a company, I believe it is fair to let them respond. Also because even if the law allows censorship, I feel it would make me look bad and I do not want to appear to be a hypocrite.

Original article below:

If you want to read content that Google does not want you to see then search for GotoTom and you can read the prohibited content that Google will not index and put in their search engine, because Google does not want you to see and read my article.

I say the same thing every time Google does this to me. It seems very inappropriate that Google will not put some of my articles in the Google search engine just because they do not like what I am saying, which is the truth.
Isn't this exactly what communist China does to Google?

Google thinks that it is unfair for communist China to censor their content however Google thinks it is okay to censor my content.

I have a question for Google top management?

What is the difference when Google unfairly censors my content and when communist China censors Google's content?

Google refuses to put my article below in the Google search engine, this is exactly what communist China does to Google.
How many other people is Google censoring and denying their freedom of speech?