Thursday, July 14, 2016

Google Continues to Make Terrible Mistakes Unfairly Penalizing Innocent Websites

Update: This story has become even more interesting.
First I must say Google did not unfairly censor my content as they have done in the past when I expose terrible Google defects.
However now Google is allowing people to steal my content, which makes Google look really bad.
First they make a horrible mistake unfairly penalizing my websites, then after I confront Google and ask them to do the right thing and fix their mistakes, some scumbags on the Internet steal my content and Google indexes the stolen content. Furthermore evil people are stealing a lot of my content and Google is indexing it. Just do a Google search for "Google Continues to Make Terrible Mistakes Unfairly Penalizing Innocent Websites"

Yes, I am frustrated. Please think about how you would feel if this happened to your website(s)?
So Google has time to penalize innocent websites, yet they do not have time to work on real and serious spam problems.

Please see proof below.

If Google management let me control the Google spam police, I would do a dramatically better job of cleaning up the Internet and I would not make so many mistakes. Also I could fix the many defects in Blogger.

I wish I did not need to write this article and update it on a regular basis.

Google Continues to Unfairly Penalize Innocent Website Owners

It is very upsetting that I can make a long list of sites blatantly selling backlinks in 20 minutes, yet Google is too busy penalizing innocent sites instead of busting obvious "Sponsored Links" that even have the label "Sponsored".

In a nutshell, if you write a favourable (UK spelling) blog post about a company or product where something has been given for free (or you have been paid), in addition to disclosing that the visitor is viewing sponsored content, any followed links to that company or product will be classified by Google as “unnatural outbound links” and will be punishable by a manual spam action on the blogger’s website.
Note: I made the link above a no-follow link, only because I am afraid Google will unfairly penalize me. The article is outstanding and very well written.

I am working on writing some new articles about recent horribly evil behavior by Google regarding penalizing many innocent websites. I have emailed Google management and hope they have some fixes before I have to write too many articles and updates about this. It is very disappointing as a Google shareholder to me, and frankly it makes me feel like I should sell my Google stock when I see Google incorrectly penalizing many web sites unfairly. Furthermore I think it is appropriate to blame Google senior management for this heinous problem as they have not done enough to stop and prevent one of the worse actions Google can take against an innocent website.
Why are the Googler's that do these evil deeds not fired?

I am going to create a list of websites Google has unfairly penalized and publish it. I have many sites as real examples already and if you would like to email me any other unfairly penalized sites I will add them to my list that I publish. Yes this list will be very embarrassing to Google and it should be. If they ruin a small business persons life unfairly then why should Google not be embarrassed and exposed for doing this? 

Some of the sites that will be on this list have no outbound links, zero. So how could Google penalize them for outbound links?
A few examples of sites that will be on my list of websites that Google has unfairly penalized are:

If Google fixes their mistakes I will delete this article.
The current record for Google fixing an incorrectly penalized site is 2.5 years. I bet Google will beat their "defect record" now and go over 2.5 years with this. I will still be here to report about it ...

Part of the problem Google has is caused by the Google culture of never wanting to admit any mistakes, when in fact Google makes many mistakes. This Google philosophy helps to cause evil behavior.
You start wanting to censor people and deny their freedom of speech because you are trying to hide the truth that you really made an error. A person that denies their mistakes also starts to inappropriately blame others for their defects and tries to rationalize it. E.g. the Google Spam Police might claim these sites deserve to be penalized which is total bullshit. Just look at the sites and you can see for yourself how ridiculous it is to give them a penalty. They never violated any any Google guidelines, not now and not previously, any and all outbound links were and are merit based. No compensation was received from anyone. I feel like I should put this on every webpage with a message to Google to please read it 89 times per day.
Furthermore I would like Google to read the following article and tell me who is paying me to link to it. The Google Spam Police need to "get a clue", and stop embarrassing themselves with stupid mistakes.
Analyzing a web site takes more than a half ass effort and a desire to unfairly punish someone.
I have seen and documented this behavior from Google in the past and it still continues today. Read the following articles for proof:

The Moz page above also lists another frustrating Google defect. Sometimes (I have seen several cases) where a spammer scraps (steals) the content from rightful owner and Google penalizes the true owner of the content and then Google gives the credit for the content to the thief. 
I tried to find a good definition of "scraping" in an online dictionary. I did find something funny that made me laugh, however it was not the definition I was looking for.

The #2 definition on this UrbanDictionary, is about SEO and Google and it is good as it mentions other "black hat SEO techniques" that sometimes confuse Google and cause Google to make mistakes.

The following is a screen shot of an article about this topic from a few years ago. This makes it even worse because instead of stopping this from happening Google has gone in the wrong direction and it is even a worse problem today than it was a few years ago.