Friday, July 01, 2016

New "On Page SEO" Google Information. How to Increase the Number of Indexed Pages in Google Search Results, New Google Duplicate Content Algorithms

Google is always making changes to their search algorithms. As the amount of videos on the Internet increases rapidly Google must make updates to their duplicate content algorithms that can somehow decide which videos to index (put into Google) and which videos to not index (exclude from the Google search results).
Please think about what would happen to Google's search results if 20,000+ people all decided to embed an ABC video just by itself with no other textual content on their blogs and websites. It may in fact be very good and useful for the viewers of the blog that posts these videos, however does Google want to index 20,000 webpages of the exact same video?

If you look at the general population of humans on earth, about 20% have some interest and knowledge about search engine optimization. The other 80% have little to no interest what so ever and think bizarre things, like "Google has a group of smart people that decide which website should rank #1."
You would be surprised how many people think this is true.
So if you are reading this SEO article you are already in a fairly unique set of people on earth.

Over the last five years Google has taken away and broken their SEO tools on purpose. So this makes a good business for my software systems like .

One of the few Google free tools and commands that still works is the Google site: Operator. I link to an article from Moz in 2013, so I am not sure how many of these 25 commands still work.
I will discuss and show examples in this "On Page SEO" article using the basic site command, which I have noticed Google changed recently.

So if you Google:

You will see the following:

It used to mean all 433 of my pages were indexed in Google. I does not work that way any longer.

Please notice on the following screen shot that these pages on my blog are not indexed in Google if they do not have the little arrow that shows "cached" as in the first screen shot I show above.

So what caused the Google algorithms not to index all of my pages?
1) Some of my pages are just videos that are embedded from other content providers.
So my testing leads me to believe Google does not want to index videos from other sites with no other content. I agree with Google's changes on this, as conceptually it is duplicate content if you only show some other sources video. So from my testing if a video is older and only a video from a 3rd party source, then Google does not want to index it. However if a video is newer and with no other textual content, then Google does index it. Maybe because since it is newer, Google cannot decide who the true owner of the video is yet. I am just guessing...
Then over time Google can remove the duplicate page/video from the Google index.

If you show your own unique video then Google should index it. Even if there is no other text on the page.
My advice is to not bother embedding a video from another source unless it is part an article (web page) that has other unique text and content.

We can also use deduction and logic to figure out other changes Google made to the algorithms and even approximately when Google made these changes.
I am going into advanced SEO nerd stuff now ...
If you look at the second screen shot above you will notice that some of the tile tags start out "SEO-Business:".
We can use logic to deduce that these pages were previously indexed until Google applied the new algorithms and this is why they show the old style title tags that I changed on 6-1-16.

Also if you are using Blogger, make sure you check http://... vs. https://... Google still has problems with this as videos from Bloomberg sometimes work and sometimes they do not work, because of Google defects, not Bloomberg. If you check a page using https:// it will not show in the Google cache. You need to check http:// without the "s".
Since Google has unfairly penalized me in the past and inappropriately censored my content I am always worried that Google may do something evil to me in the future. I refer to Google as "Big Brother Google" when they unfairly penalize a web site. You know big brother knows best even if they are 100% totally incorrect. 
Also since these "Google video duplicate content" filters (algorithms) appear to be new, I do not think Google has the new algorithms working correctly yet.
I see inconsistency in the way these new Google algorithms decide which web pages to index or not to index.
I have noticed Google likes to use my blog as a test site in the past. Some Googler's seem to fix the defects I report quickly and some Googler's seem very evil and just want to play games and should be terminated from working for Google.
I think the Google "bad apples" ruin the good reputation of the Googler's that do try hard and sincerely want to fix the Google defects I report in this blog.

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