Tuesday, November 21, 2017

CBS News and PBS Fire Charlie Rose following accusations of sexual harassment

I would have never guessed that eight women would accuse Charlie Rose of sexual harassment.
It just proves that you can never be 100% sure about any person, even people you may respect.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Self Driving Cars with No Human in the front seat are Now in Chandler, AZ

Self Driving Cars are now in Chandler, AZ. 

Please be Careful, as you Never Know who may be recording or filming you

I always warn people to be careful about what they do in public as you never know who may be filming or recording you.
I feel sorry for the women in this Uber recording as she was drunk and that is a big part of when and why people should use Uber.
Frankly I do not think she should have been fired, her boss could have just given her a 1-2 month suspension without pay.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Automation are moving forward Quickly, Amazon, Uber, Google, Ford, Audi, and Lyft, etc.

All the talk about artificial intelligence and computer automation is not just talk, it is really happening and will move forward quickly. Amazon is going to open 2000 stores that do not need any cashiers and checkout people.
See the video below for more details.

Automated driver-less cars and trucks are happening and several companies have successful tests already completed. Uber has been testing driver-less cars for over a year in USA cites.
The taxi drivers in Paris France were burning down the streets because Uber was taking their jobs. Soon (in the next few years) there will not be jobs for any drivers, not even Uber drivers.
How will this affect millions of workers worldwide, and society in general?

SNL (comedy) Roy Moore & Jeff Sessions Cold Open

Friday, November 10, 2017

Crimea: Three years after annexation, and Why the USA should accept this. The Crimea people want to be Russian Citizens

This is a good video that explains why the USA should drop all protests and sanctions against Russia for the take over of Crimea. Most of the people living in Crimea consider themselves to be Russians and the people want to be part of Russia, not the Ukraine.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

SEO Articles on GotoTom2 and Why You want to use the GotoTom2 search box

If you want to see many interesting and useful SEO articles it is important to use the Blogger search box.

Because Google unfairly censors SEO expert articles and makes it difficult for people to find them on the Google search engine.
In a strange way it is a compliment that Google is so concerned about hiding and censoring what top SEO experts write, e.g. not everyone is worthy of being unfairly censored by Google. You have to be a super SEO expert or Google will not bother to hide and censor your content on the Google search engine.

So the concept Google currently has which is at least partially fair, Google may unfairly censor an authors content in the Google search engine, however they should never censor content that is on a search which is internal to the publishers Blogger website. I believe I helped force Google into their current "unfair censorship" policies. Previously if Google unfairly censored your content from the Google search engine, it also blocked the same content on a private Blogger site search, it took Google over six months to fix this, and since about 1-17-17 you can search on a Blogger (blogspot) and find content that may be unfairly censored on the Google search engine.
You can easily prove what I am saying just by comparing the internal search results of my GotoTom2 blog to the search results of the Google search engine, it is clear how Google unfairly censors some authors in multiple different ways.

Please click on the following link and then try to find the exact same content on the Google search engine.

SEO Articles on this Blog

Specific Google search example

My unhappiness with Google's unfair censorship can be seen by searching for Google censorship on this blog.
I have always thought it is stupid, unethical and evil for Google to unfairly censor some authors and for Google to be a bully and punish innocent authors for standing up and ignoring Google's evil bully tactics and methods. For example Google has unfairly penalized my 7meg.net for over a year just to send me a message. My message back to Google is that I am documenting every evil and unethical thing Google does for the general public to see and hopefully the Federal Trade Commission will punish Google for their evil, bully behavior and put new tougher regulations on Google to prevent abuse as in the case of 7meg.net .

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

5 Fun Things to Do in Malibu, California: Travel Vlog

You might see a mountain side collapse in Malibu, CA

Why Links Are So Important to the Internet

I Did Not Invent the Internet, However the Man Who Did Links to My Blog

History of the Internet and Leonard Kleinrock one of the Fathers of the Internet

Wikipedia should mention that Claude Shannon was one of the greatest engineers of all time and was also the main Professor of Leonard Kleinrock when he was a student at MIT. At the age of 21-years old, Claude Shannon invented modern Digital Circuit Design Theory which lead to the computer development that has impacted our world in a gigantic way.

I will show you an example of "good merit based" link building that Google likes.
About the best backlink you could obtain in the software, Internet and SEO industry would be a link from a prestigious university, from a top expert and a famous award winning distinguished person, e.g. the father of the Internet.

Please click here, then click in the #1 video listed on the webpage and see where it links you to.

The following is an excellent article and basic overview of links and why they are so important to the web.
"As an emerging industry, SEO is a field ripe for new college graduates ... The first thing a new SEO must learn is how Google operates. This means learning the value of links in search..."

One small correction I would make to Cory's article is that powerful backlinks are still by far the most important factor in the Google algorithms and they will continue to be because there is science behind this.

The reason search engines will most likely never change this is that this methodology works great, and no other technique works better. Why Do you think Google named it PageRank?
The Wikipedia article for PageRank is wrong and defective just like some of the other Wikipedia articles. However, the editors at Wikipedia did an excellent job on "the history of the Internet". Wikipedia should let me write the article about Google PageRank since I know more about this topic than the current Wikipedia editors do.
Click here if you would like to learn about PageRank from a real expert, me.

Believe in Yourself (and Why Nothing Will Work if You Don't) ...

 Link Building

The people that tell you links are not important any longer are complete Dumb-asses and you should never listen to them.
I am not sure how I can make this point any clearer.

For more advanced information and training about link building or for help, please email TomForrest@HTPcompany.com
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