Monday, March 05, 2018

The Shape of Water Wins Oscars 2018 Best Picture

How our Smartphone and Computer Screens are Harming our Daily Lives and Robbing us of Valuable Personal Time

Below is an excellent video presentation that discusses important technology and lifestyle topics that I have rarely thought about until I watched this video. I only use my Smartphone as a phone and I do not text or tweet, I only use emails. I never bring my smartphone to any meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner. If I am out to dinner, I leave my smartphone in my car.
Now my gut instinctual knowledge is being proven correct again by this Professor.
I knew what he is saying, yet I could not explain it as well as he does. Every person that watches device "screens" should watch this video. 

Sunday, March 04, 2018


This is an interesting video for people who may want to become stars on YouTube.
What do viewers like and why?
Do you need to have good training as a filmmaker to be successful on YouTube?
Is your content and your film making skills good enough?
Do what you think you can't. 

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Correcting bad SEO advice in Google searches, sometimes Google makes bad mistakes and unfairly censors great content.

Google thinks they are great at deciding good content vs bad content, the truth is Google is actually terrible at this.

I find thousands of mistakes Google makes and it is almost a waste of time reporting them all to Google in feedback because Google only fixes about 50% of the Google defects I report.

What bothers me the most is other so called SEO experts that give bad advice or misleading SEO advice and Google ranks the terrible SEO advice at the top of search results.
Then Google unfairly censors the true and correct SEO advice.
Yes I am going to give you a detailed example.

The following SEO article is an example of misleading and bad SEO advice.

Below is the email I sent to the author of this article.


>The important information here is that not having your website in Google Cache shouldn’t negatively affect its online visibility. Some tests regarding the cache removal using noarchive have already been made and no harm was observed, neither for the rankings nor for the traffic. Actually, some would say that disabling the cache will give you more control of what the users will see on your website as they won’t be able to access the outdated version.

The above information is misleading and not accurate, You are ignoring the most important part of “what it means when Google takes you out of the cache”.
If a website has been indexed by Google and then is taken out of the Google cache, it is Very Bad.
Often Google will not index all of a websites pages, and as a penalty Google will deindex all the internal pages and just leave the home page in the Google cache. If Google takes your homepage out of the Google index, then you know Google is very angry at what you did.
You will not come up for any important keyword phrases and the penalty is caused by duplicate content, link buying, unfair Google censorship, SEO sabotage by your competitors, etc. SEO sabotage (negative SEO) is actually quite easy to do. E.g. Google has for many years kept a database of suspected link sellers and penalizes anyone that has links on these websites that Google does not like. So all you have to do is put your competitor's link on a few of the sites that are in the "Google bad site database". Then your competitor is penalized and does not even know what happened to them.
Google wants to claim SEO sabotage is impossible which I know 100% is incorrect because I have seen it first hand multiple times.
I would never recommend a website owner take themselves out of the Google cache on purpose for several reasons.

The most important is noticing if Google takes you out of the cache against your will.

Yes if the webmaster takes himself out of the Google cache, you are correct. However what is really important for SEO purposes is when Google takes you out of the cache against the web site owners wishes.

Also it is sad that Google does not seem to want to accept that "white hat SEO experts" actually help Google and encourage website owners to follow Google guidelines. 

Best regards,