Saturday, April 13, 2024

Joe Biden needs to be Impeached, he is a Corrupt Politician that is Destroying the USA.


By Tom Forrest   

Joe Biden is the most corrupt President in the entire history of the USA.

Biden must be impeached, and sent to prison for his crimes against America.

It is very sad that 40% of the USA citizens are Sheep, and clueless about the Biden Crime Family.

America continues to be destroyed by corrupt Joe Biden. Besides his criminal activities over many years, Joe Biden also has Dementia. Please watch the video below to learn more ...

Progressive WOKE Democrats = Communists 

The Democrats continue to attack former President Trump and are relentless, I doubt they will ever stop. Yet I hope they will eventually be embarrassed so many times that they will NOT be elected again. Horrible corrupt conman like Rep. Adam Schiff, etc. continue to lie and still talk about Trump and Russian collusion. Shithead scumbag Adam Schiff, should have been fined $16 million and should have been sent to prison for 10+ years. Clearly we have a corrupt DOJ and FBI.

If you ask people you meet if they know what the "Durham Report" is, and they do not know. Then you know you are talking to a Sheeple.

Mao’s Cultural Revolution is today’s Woke in America!


A USA Senator earns $174,000 per year. 
So why does corrupt Joe Biden have four Mansions?
Ted Cruz, and other Senators do not have any Mansions.

Our Corrupt DOJ and FBI are unethically protecting the Biden Crime Family.

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