Saturday, March 30, 2024

Google employee bragging about how Google will influence the 2020 elections

Google is unfairly censoring this blog.
Google lies about the number of views for this video.
I have sent over 250,000 people to see this video.
Google also deletes the comments.
 Nothing has changed at Google, it is the same as Jen describes in her video.

Google employees in West Java, Indonesia illegally broke into my Blogger account on 9-8-22 and deleted all my evidence from my Government Investigators web page on HTPcompany,com. It was connected to my blog until Google employees destroyed it with their illegal break in.
Google likes to play their silly gaslight games.
They are trying to hide the evidence of how they illegally deleted my content last night.
I put up the screen shot proving what Google did and Google illegally deleted it.

So after Google illegally deleted my content last night, they tried another cover up and illegally broke into my Blogger account again and fixed some of the damage they did last night.
Google restored the content they deleted, however it was impossible for Google to fix it without illegally breaking into my blogs again.

About two years ago, Google illegally broke into my Gmail account and spied on one of my workers named Rez, they found the login information for and illegally broke into my business website and deleted some of my files.

This uncover video tells the whole truth about what is really happening at Google today. Hopefully more Google employees will be brave and become heroes like Mike Wacker and Zach Vorhies are. These guys are specific examples for people worldwide to see American heroes in action, and how they are not afraid to stand up and "do the right thing in life".

Please send emails to: and ask the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate and regulate out of control Google.
Also copy on any emails you send to the USDOJ, as multiple government organizations are currently investigating Google.

Please support - Zach is an American Hero.

Hey Google, you have been abusing me and unfairly censoring me since 2016, however I am unimportant compared to having fair elections.
I am a victim of your inappropriate censorship and I see firsthand all your evil manual manipulations of the search results.
Both Republicans and Democrats should all want fair elections with no meddling from Google.   

Learn about Google's Worldwide Election Interference.

Google took my site down in India to eliminate my freedom of speech. 

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Important Free Speech case - What will the USA Supreme Court decide?


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

American HERO Tony Bobulinski testifies on 3-20-24, Joe Biden is the "Big Guy" and is Corrupt


Accuses Hunter Of Perjury

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

See the evidence of all the Unfair Censorship still Built into the X Software - Elon Musk never fixed it.

Evil Jackass Dorsey and his group of Communist software developers, spent years developing complex methods to unfairly censor Conservatives.

Twitter was happy to help the corrupt FBI censor innocent people.

Please click to see the latest information about the Unfair Censorship still Built into the Twitter Software

Monday, March 18, 2024

Is the USA Government illegally colluding with the Fake News MSM, CNN, NBC, ABC, etc. and Lying to us about the WAR in Ukraine?

Is the USA Government and the Fake MSM lying to us about the War in Ukraine?

Tucker Carlson and others say that what we hear on CNN, NBC, ABC, etc. are all lies.

Tucker Carlson says Ukraine is getting slaughtered and losing the war in Ukraine. I am not sure who to believe. I know 100% for sure that the lame Fake news have been lying to us about Donald Trump since 2015. Naturally when you realize that you have been deceived previously, you do not trust in the future.

Please watch Tuckers excellent interviews and decide for yourself.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Evidence of illegal election interference and unfair censorship by Google and Microsoft

Evil Google has been attacking me again. For a week they broke my Blog and would not let it load. I think the only reason they let my Blog work again, is that they know I am complaining to Senator Ted Cruz, FBI, DOJ, Congressman Jim Jordan, Congressman James Comer, FCC, etc.

I am afraid to say too much on Twitter, because Elon Musk has failed at giving Conservatives and Christians their free speech back. The evil Communists are still in control of Twitter.

I am writing more today, all the thoughts I am afraid to say on Communist Twitter. Please check back soon.

Please visit for more excellent content to watch and read.

Google has broken my blogs, so I cannot format the text above.

I can't left justify text sometimes, evil Google broke my editing on this blog. They are trying to Gaslight me. I have copies of the software code that Google illegally injected into my blogs.

Sometimes Google takes control of my mouse and prevents me from creating new content. Back in September of 2022 and in 2020 they did this to me for two months, every single day.

The Google WOKE Communists will abuse Conservatives and censor them relentlessly.  

See how I Busted Sundar Pichai the Google CEO of lying under oath to the USA Congress. Sundar claims that Google does not manually censor any content.
Please see the evidence below that he lied, and that Sundar Pichai is a Criminal.

Google has manually deleted all my content from the Google cache.
Google is busted again.

See how Google censors all of my content (above) so that Zero people can find my content on Google. 
This is blatant election interference.

Below is a screen shot of my content that Google is censoring.
This should show in the Google cache, and it is missing.
Evil Google Busted again.

Please click on this link below, to see the Google cache. It will be interesting to see if Google fixed it.
Sometimes they pretend to fix something, then figure out another way to unfairly censor me, and illegally interfere and manipulate elections around the world. 

These are the same methods that evil Google uses to unfairly censor Republican Politicians, like Senator Ted Cruz, and Congressman Matt Gaetz.

This is exactly how Google shifted 16+ million votes from Trump to Biden. Google decided our 2020 election, and they will do the same illegal election interference and manipulation in 2024 if we do not stop them.

Below is the screen shot that Busts evil Google illegally breaking my Blog and not letting it load again. So that is why the Google cache is blank.

Google does not want anyone to see my evidence against them.


Friday, March 01, 2024

Why are Google and Microsoft/Bing unfairly censoring Ken Paxton and Ted Cruz? When will the DOJ investigate and prosecute these Leftwing Big Tech companies?

Google are experts in Gaslighting people, you need to be a SEO expert to Bust Google. Every time I catch them illegally interfering in our elections, they read my content and try to fix the evil deeds I caught them doing.

This is why I take screen shots, because Google can not fix screen shot evidence.

Google is trying to fake me out, and make me think they are not unfairly censoring Senator Ted Cruz.

I am too smart for the Google Criminals, and I busted them again. 

If your webpage is not in the Google cache, that means you are censored and no one can find your content on the Google search engine.

Please see the evidence that proves as of 3-29-23, this blog page has ever been in the Google cache and Google is unfairly censoring all my content on both of my Blogs.

This is illegal election interference. 

If I write positive articles about Republican Politicians and Google manipulates their search results so no one can ever find my content, that is a form of election interference. Please understand Google has programmed their AI to do the election interference on billions of pages of content on the Internet.

Dr. Robert Epstein did scientific research that proves Google shifted 16+ million votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Evil Google decided our 2020 elections. If Google was not unfairly censoring this blog page, it would say "Cached" under More options below. 


Why are Microsoft/Bing and Google colluding to unfairly censor Ted Cruz and Ken Paxton?

Please click here to write directly to Ken Paxton.
Send him the link to this web page.

I think Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton might like to know what these Bing Reference numbers mean.
All Patriots, please write to Ken Paxton and ask him to investigate why GotoTom2 blog is being unfairly censored. 

The Democrats want to crush the middle class out of existence.
So all the money and the power will be at the top.
Everyone else would be poor.

Critics slammed left-wing news site HuffPost as liars, propagandists, and worse for accusing Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, of lying when he said Senate Republicans didn't engage in court-packing when they held the majority.

"Sen. Ted Cruz may have told his biggest lie yet with the claim that Republicans never engaged in court packing when they controlled the White House and Congress," HuffPost tweeted.

They deleted the initial tweet after a furious backlash, although they put out an identical video.


Why are Google and Bing colluding to unfairly censor USA Senators and Congressman?

Why is the USA government not making Google and Bing stop interfering in our elections?

Ted Cruz 3-28-23 Video