Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Twitter and Google Billionaire Criminals Strike Again. Google illegally spied on me, my workers, and my family.

Online Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity Act

Government Investigators worldwide, please see evidence against Google and Twitter

YouTube/Google is illegally censoring US President Trump, US Congressman, and US Senators. I have sent over 70,000 visitors to watch this interview with Congressman Matt Gaetz, yet YouTube/Google shows 928 views. Google also deletes all the comments and hides this and many other videos.

The Google CEO also lied to President Trump in the White House.

My post on

Facebook Whistleblower Video

I believe there is an ongoing conspiracy between Jack Dorsey, Larry Page , Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmitt to illegally influence elections worldwide. This illegal conspiracy started in 2016, immediately after President Trump won the 2016 elections. Please see my evidence in the next 30 articles below. I also have a lot more evidence that I have given in private to the US Government Investigators. Furthermore, there are multiple videos on this blog from a current Google employee caught in an undercover sting, a former Google senior engineer that became an American hero and whistle-blower, named, and a third interview with a Dutch YouTube show that provides even more detailed evidence. Zach gave the DOJ, 950 pages of Google internal documents which include Blacklists
I am a victim of those blacklists, and then in efforts to silence me Google and Twitter illegally committed multiple felony crimes against me and my family.

I do not agree with some of the political views expressed on Zach's media page. Tom Forrest is not affiliated with any political party.

Plus, the extensive evidence I have collected, which all leads to the exact same conclusion. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind. I kept wishing during my investigation that this amazingly diabolical story was not true. Yet as time progresses the evidence against Google and Twitter has become 500+% stronger.  

I am interviewing Attorneys to help me with my legal case against Google and Twitter. If you can help me with my civil rights, and personal injury case please phone me at 805.807.4645

The Billionaire Criminals Strike Again
Google illegally spied on me.

See the Undercover Video that Google is hiding from you.
I have sent over 50,000 people to see this video over the last three months, and Google still says only 3900 people have seen it since last year. Google broke the page counter on purpose and illegally deletes the comments, Google also broke my blog page counter, however now I have a secret way to bust Google yet again.
Google does not want anyone to see this web site.

Google broke into my personal accounts for about the 20th time and they break in and spy on my Blogger account 95+% of the time. Google also illegally read 100% of my Gmail's, my daughters Gmail's, my sisters Gmail's, my brothers Gmail's, my workers Gmail's, and my friends Gmail's.
We have the indisputable evidence to prove this. Google also downloaded customized spy software onto my computer and my Android phone. Then Google spied on me illegally via my Chrome browser.
Please see the details and screenshots below.

Google is busted the in the most embarrassing way.

There have been multiple Google employee's illegally spying on me, my family and my friends.
In the Indonesian language "Gunakun akun yang lain" means "use account that other" in English.   

US Senator Josh Hawley Introduces a new bill to help control Google and Twitter

Government Investigators worldwide please see evidence against Google and Twitter

Please watch this video by Tucker Carlsoin 2019

Then watch this video from 2018, Google is still illegally influencing election results today, and it is working. This is a big reason why President Trump is behind in the recent polls.

Tucker is 100% correct and my blog has the evidence to prove it. Google and Twitter your conspiracy against President Trump and his supporters is obvious. Just click here to see how Twitter is manually selecting very negative comments about President Trump and how twitter is suppressing any positive comments, which is what twitter users are searching for. Twitter you are busted red-handed again. Google and Twitter, I already took a screen shot of this web page.

Thank you Senator Cruz for your Great Work to Save the USA from Evil Twitter and Google


The DOJ should force Twitter to show this web page when someone searches for "President Trump's supporters"

Try Bing
Bing and Edge do Not Spy on you like Google and Chrome does.