Thursday, August 08, 2013

Google Updates Their Link Building Policies Again

Google has updated their policies again and it is as confusing or more confusing then ever.
At the bottom of this Google page, you can put your rating and comments.
I put: Google should just decide what links to count and not count and leave web site owners alone, and stop penalizing innocent web sites.

Google has the average website owner so confused they do not know what to do.  Google continues to penalize innocent web sites and implement their still vague and confusing rules unfairly.  I will say Google is trying, however the results are poor, it certainly does not make anyone who has received an unfair penalty from Google feel any better.
Furthermore when you see all the evil hackers and spammers running wild on the Internet you can not help thinking, why is Google not better at going after the bad guys and why does Google manually and unfairly penalize innocent web sites?

Google has never been willing to admit any mistakes, the best any website owner can hope for is that Google may fix their defects and mistakes over time.  One site had an unfair penalty from Google for 2.5 years, and the website owner never changed a single thing and finally after 2.5 years Google just removed the penalty that should have never been there in the first place.
This is why I always recommend business owners have multiple web sites registered by private proxy and hosted on different servers located all over the world.
I know a guy that has a $50,000,000 per year business, most of it coming from online sales and Google unfairly penalized his main web site, and thankfully he had followed my advice and made a full recovery in less then one year.

Below are excepts from a good article that zdnet wrote.  The problem is after you read this article three times you will still be confused about what Google is trying to do now.

Excerpts from:
However, under the new rules, Google could penalize a PR firm's client web site because it will view the links as an attempt to unnaturally promote the site! Only "natural" growth in the popularity of a web page is allowed.

Tom Foremski does not mention the huge problem Google has created called SEO Sabotage or Negative SEO, which I have seen several cases of and I have helped people write emails to Google explaining they have been a victim of SEO sabotage by one of their competitors.  Google just sticks their heads in the sand and pretends this does not happen, when it has been happening for years now. It is also possible to trick Google to penalize an innocent online business owner via complex duplicate content generating schemes. Google's current policies are just making this negative SEO a huge and rapidly growing problem.  Even when presented with overwhelming proof of SEO sabotage, Google will not acknowledge the problem even exists.
Please click on this link it explains the concept correctly:

Today Google also put out a bunch of new videos and Matt Cutts seems like a gracious and very nice person, however not one word is mentioned in any of these new videos about Negative SEO or SEO Sabotage.  Google we have seen many cases of SEO sabotage, it does happen and happens often.  If Google makes a nice video and tells me the sky is not blue it is green, guess what Google it ruins your credibility.  Clearly Matt Cutts is a highly intelligent and talented person, who makes great videos, so how can he believe or pretend to believe SEO sabotage does not happen?
If this is what Google honestly believes they are amazingly naive and in denial of the true facts.

I wanted to research what blackhat SEO forums are saying about Google's new Link Building Policies.  The question was asked:
Can Competitors use Negative SEO and Sabotage your rankings with Google?

Below is a screen shot with the correct answer to this question.