Tuesday, April 09, 2024

President Donald Trump Speeches and Videos - STOP Prosecuting Trump - The Corrupt DOJ and FBI


Please click and watch this important video about illegal censorship and lying under oath to the USA Congress.


Bret Baier does not know what he is talking about, and should shut up and let Donald Trump explain the law to him.

Learn the legal facts below.



I just watched Mark Levin (aka the Great One) explain the entire Trump Espionage case. Former Attorney General Bill Barr is wrong and incompetent as an Attorney. Donald Trump is innocent and there is NO Espionage. Trump was charged with the incorrect law, as part of the evil DOJ weaponization. 

The Presidential Records Act  (PRA) clearly states that former President Trump has the sole decision power of what he can keep as personal property, and no one has the right to override the President's decision. If you take the time to read the PRA, you will see that I am correct.




Three years from now, the United States will celebrate the biggest and most important milestone in our country’s history -- 250 years of American Independence. That’s why as a nation, we should be preparing for the most spectacular birthday party. We want to make it the best of all time.


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