Tuesday, April 24, 2018

SEO Link Building Service

SEO Link Building Service and Strategies
We receive thousands of phone calls, emails, link building questions and listing requests every year about SEO and link building techniques. Eighty percent or more of the people contacting us have terribly wrong ideas about what works and what is important for outstanding results in the major search engines. Below are details, samples, and history of people contacting us with their requirements. Hopefully, you will find useful SEO information that will help your company grow and increase your profits.

Many people phone our company saying, "I need low cost SEO, low quality backlinks, and tons of cheap links."

I respond, "Why?".... They say, "I want to out rank my competitors."
They think it is a pure numbers game, all links are equal and you get more and you win.  This is the wrong link building strategy, and these "cheap low quality techniques" will cause your website to be penalized by Google.

These people want fast outstanding results; they want to be #1 for competitive keyword phrases in 1-5 months.  Most people still do not understand that Google has penalized almost all of these cheap, crappy links and many people still do not even realize to vary their anchor text.  So the fastest way to be penalized by Google is to put up 1000+ low quality links on crappy websites and low quality Directories. 
Important Note: "If every url passes a review, the directory gets closer to just a list of links or a free-for-all link site." - Matt Cutts of Google

Then use the exact same anchor text for all these poor quality backlinks. People who do this might as well just email Google and say "please penalize my site, I am a dumb-ass and I deserve to be penalized."

You need and want to be on Top Quality Sites and Directories.

Friday, April 20, 2018

North Korea suspending nuclear and missile tests

SEO Process Overview

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process is an ongoing continuing process that we perform every day for our clients. It is possible to become very successful with top natural/organic SEO rankings, as most (68% to 90%) searchers skip the paid ads. This large range is highly keyword dependent, e.g. if someone is searching for "buy refrigerator" vs. "what is George Washington's birthday". People searching to buy a new refrigerator have a higher probability of clicking on a paid Google Ad, then someone searching for George Washington's birthday.
The other major benefit of natural or organic #1 rankings is you do not have to pay per click.  Google Adwords can run as high as $182+ per click for highly competitive keyword phrases.
We recommend for our clients to use both Google paid Adwords and natural SEO methodologies to increase web site traffic and improve the quality of traffic you receive.

It is very important to stay with SEO methodologies long term in order to achieve the desired results.  If you stop this process your web traffic and rankings will drop, and it may be difficult to recover previous top rankings.
You can not turn natural SEO on and off like you can for Google Adwords.
Also website owners that jump around from SEO Company to SEO Company are in danger of being penalized by Google.
Google is very complex and secret so no one can claim to be 100% accurate as to why Google makes the decisions it does.  However we do know that Google has many different types of penalties some of which are manual and some of which are automated via advanced software algorithms.
The quality of your backlinks and the longer your backlinks are aged, make up major factors in the Google software ranking algorithms.  Please remember if you lose important authoritative backlinks, then you must start the aging process over from the starting line.  Besides losing PageRank, this also brings suspicion from Google, and you do not want that to happen.  Google detects all these changes looking for unnatural suspicious activities.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

SEOWA.com has a BackLinkChecker, use it on an as needed basis ...

Try our Backlink Checker, it is smart SEO advice to check your backlinks often. Please see screenshots below.
We have our other useful SEO tools as part of a $29 per year annual subscription.

After you sign up you can use our high quality backlink checker and be charged by usage. Backlink checkers are very expensive to develop and maintain, so if you can afford it buy a monthly subscription to other good backlink checkers that is great. 
For many people the monthly cost is too expensive and they want to run a backlink report once a month or once every 2-months.
This is where our backlink checker is very beneficial.
We are also developing a Stand Alone version of our Backlink Checker, however it will cost more to use than if you are a subscriber to SEOWA.com 

You should check your websites backlinks at least once a month.
Below is a Backlink Report for Boeing.com

USA Secretary of State nominee met with Kim Jong Un: Officials

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How Safe Are Password Managers?

This video is very funny and makes an important point.

Based on all the past problems Sony has faced with hackers and the fact that Sony did not do a good job of protecting passwords.  Furthermore with the general public concerned about the US government spying on citizens I thought it would be important to explain why everyone should be using an Online Password Manager for business, personal, SEO and marketing. No one has your passwords except you. We can not see or retrieve them because they are stored in a secure military 256k encrypted vault in the cloud.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sunday, April 15, 2018

I Try To Master Jacques Pepin's Perfect Omelet...

These two videos make me smile. Apparently many other people like these videos as they a top trending video on YouTube.
I think Jacque Pepin is one of the greatest chefs ever.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking Fluctuations: What to Expect and How to React

This video below provides excellent information from Rand who sees enormous amounts of SEO data and ranking results.

If you see a more serious change in your rankings e.g. going from page 1 to page 5 in 1-day or your domain name is completely removed from Google than you have a serious Google penalty and should contact a SEO expert for help and advice.
Penalties from Google can be from an algorithmic automated software filter that may even check different data bases that Google maintains about links and content. E.g. a duplicate content penalty, or the Google penalty might be a manual penalty given by a real human being (aka the Google SPAM Police). A manual penalty which generally requires writing to Google to understand what the penalty is and how you can fix it. You can contact Google from your "Google Search Console" via https://www.google.com/webmasters/

Google may also send a message regarding your website. There are no "happy" messages that come from Google. Just a message about why Google penalized your website.

Inside Syria: Who is President Bashar Al-Assad?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

FBI raids home, offices of Trump's personal attorney

List of Directory Submission Sites That Google Likes

By Tom Forrest
List of Directory Submission Sites.
List of directories that Google likes and that follow Google Guidelines.

Google has cracked down on web directories that violate Google guidelines.  You should not place your website on any free and low quality directories or websites, you need fewer directory listings with better quality in order to be successful with Google and Bing. Please read the following new article about effective SEO Link Building to learn more.

So I decided I should give people a list of Internet directories that Google thinks are valid and that if you obtained a listing from these directories it would help you with direct traffic generation and also as a "good" backlink as far as Google is concerned. The Directories below are valuable worldwide and businesses from all countries should consider submitting their website to these top quality Directories.

1.     http://www.AllBusinessNow.com
2.     http://www.Clasione.com
3.     http://vlib.org
4.     http://www.PicknBuy.com
5.     http://www.CybrHome.com
6.     http://www.seekon.info
7.     http://www.jasminedirectory.com
8.     http://www.botw.org
9.     http://www.stpt.com
10.   http://MedicalHealthSites.com
11.   http://www.HealthFitnessNutrition.org
12.   http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus
13.   http://www.SearchPure.org
14.   http://www.AliveDirectory.com

Please see comments below from Matt Cutts of Google on what to consider when submitting to a Directory.
I see many articles that give incorrect SEO information and promote "free directory sites" (low quality), and it is important to study what Google has previously stated. Please understand that Google has penalized many sites for not following the Google guidelines.

When considering submitting to a directory, I’d ask questions like:
- Does the directory reject urls?
If every url passes a review, the directory gets closer to just a list of links or a free-for-all link site.
- What is the quality of urls in the directory?
Suppose a site rejects 25% of submissions, but the urls that are accepted/listed are still quite low-quality or spammy. That doesn’t speak well to the quality of the directory.
- If there is a fee, what’s the purpose of the fee?
For a high-quality directory, the fee is primarily for the time/effort for someone to do a genuine evaluation of a url.
Matt Cutts, Google     

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Backpage.com seized by feds over sex trafficking ads

I think the USA should have the same laws as Amsterdam, Netherlands does.
Everything works just fine in the Netherlands.
No one is killed and all parties are happy.
Even hot Russian women are happy in Amsterdam.

Do you realize how many millions of dollars and resources are put into this Backpage.com shutdown?
The USA should put all this money and resources into controlling heroin / opioid abuse. Furthermore if prostitution was legal in the USA like it is in many other countries, e.g. Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Czechia, etc. we could tax it and earn billions of dollars in extra revenue. 

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Immigration Courts: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Google is unfairly censoring me again. FTC please help control Google

It seems like an ongoing pattern with Google to unfairly censor me every few years.

The good news is I write a blog article, and hopefully someone at Google reads it then fixes the unfair censorship problems.

The last time Google unfairly censored my review was for a 5 star review I gave to "Eggs and Things Restaurant" seriously. LOL.
See screenshot below.

A few years ago someone at Google uncensored my articles and my reviews, and now my new reviews are being censored again.
Why is Big Brother Google unfairly censoring me again?
Google has the legal right to unfairly censor anyone, however doing so is very Evil. This is why the FTC must put new regulations on Google.

Please see my new review Google is unfairly censoring below:
Google is not letting anyone else see my review.

File a Complaint with the FTC in order to stop unfair censorship by Google. Ask the FTC to implement new regulations on Google in order to stop all the unfair censorship Google is doing.

If you do not you may be the next victim of unfair censorship by Google.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

New $24,000 Singapore Airlines First-Class Suite

Why Square.com Sucks - Review - Do NOT Sign up with Lame and Defective Square.com

Square.com Review

To: press@squareup.com
Cc: Tom Forrest 

Subject: Reviews of Square.com
Importance: High


Square.com is terrible and extremely rude. We have been billing the same clients on credit cards for 15 years with zero chargebacks or problems. HTP Company has excellent reviews and zero problems in 15+ years, so we decided to try Square.com.
If you feel like a dinosaur using an old fashioned "credit card processor", be careful if you want to try a newer service like Square.com.

Square.com Stinks, they just deactivated our account for no reason and we have learned that this is caused by some incompetent employees at Square that think it is okay to just cut people off and not even talk with them.

Guess what, now we are going to write several negative articles about Square.com and explain why businesses should use the superior competitors of Square.com.

This just shows how when a company gets too big, they can lose their common sense and do very STUPID things like this.
Our billings are 100% safe and we have not had any problems since we signed up with Square until now.

We will start publishing negative articles about Square on many high traffic sites.
We have access to over 120,000+ high quality sites for publishing.

Also we will write articles explaining why Square.com competitors are better for small businesses, and why people should not to sign up with lame and defective Square.com

Have a nice day.

Best regards,


Sent: Friday, March 9, 2018 11:50 AM

Hi Tom,

I researched why Square does this and found that they do it because they feel the activity in the account is risky.  What I read stated that Square will not talk with non-customers and they deem you to be a non-customer once they permanently deactivate your account.  I think it would be a waste of time trying to contact them.

Who are the Competitors of Upwork.com? Should you use them?

I am still using and performing ongoing tests with Upwork.com.
I must admit even though ZenDesk gives me poor responses at first, they do not give up and they keep trying. Even after I am very tough on them. I am trying to find reasons to like Upwork.com yet it is difficult as their system needs big improvements in user friendliness.
E.g. I want to send proposals to USA only jobs, so Upwork wants to verify my drivers license and my bank statement. Of course their software for this process is defective, and ZenDesk tells you to keep trying. Then after 3 tries Upwork cuts you off and will not let you try anymore. Next you have to email ZenDesk and send in a screen shot with the Upwork error message. Then ZenDesk support has to reset Upwork.com and then tells you to try again, however not 3 times, and then send them the next error message. Yes I know this entire defective process is totally ridiculous, there are 4 more steps and emails to ZenDesk and finally it works.
ZenDesk did a good job on follow up to make sure it is working properly.

Another big problem with Upwork.com is that you cannot set different prices for different project types in your profile. E.g. I would like to set a price of $120 per hour for advanced programming work and only $70 per hour for on-page search engine optimization (SEO) projects.

Upwork.com is a large service that I do not recommend. You should consider using their competitors.
Upwork.com seems like the "old dying service" and their competitors are eating their lunch. Plus they use ZenDesk which provides average support.

I found another excellent article on this topic:

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Learn about Google unfair censorship, how come the FTC does not prevent Google from unfairly censoring people?

It is painful yet interesting to see how "Big Brother Google" implements their unfair censorship policies and the sad part is the average Google user (searcher) has no idea that Google is unfairly deciding what they should see and read.

It is legal for Google to do this and it also proves that Google needs the FTC to step up and do their job to protect the general public from Google's unfair censorship policies by putting new and much tougher regulations on Google to prevent evil Google from censoring useful and interesting content.

Please see some examples below of articles and links to Google searches that demonstrate Big Brother Google's unfair censorship.
I have written articles that Google has unfairly censored.
Please note if Google does not index your content then Google is censoring you and preventing many people from ever finding your content in a Google search.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

How to Hire a Commission Based Sales Force

HTPcompany.com is growing very rapidly and we need to hire great sales people to help us handle our fantastic surge in new business and prospects.

HTPcompany.com offers a lucrative sales compensation plan to qualified candidates.
We implement a different business model than other Internet advertising and SEO companies. Our sales people are also client service managers. So you will sell and after the sale you will also be the client service manager. You will work with our technical staff to ensure that all client needs are met and exceeded. We have an outstanding reputation as one of the best SEO, Software Development, Internet Advertising and Web Design companies globally.
We need great sales people all over the world and in every country.

It is okay if you do not have any SEO sales experience, however you must have successful experience selling some type of products and services. If you are interested please send your resume directly to me.

Monday, March 05, 2018

The Shape of Water Wins Oscars 2018 Best Picture

How our Smartphone and Computer Screens are Harming our Daily Lives and Robbing us of Valuable Personal Time

Below is an excellent video presentation that discusses important technology and lifestyle topics that I have rarely thought about until I watched this video. I only use my Smartphone as a phone and I do not text or tweet, I only use emails. I never bring my smartphone to any meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner. If I am out to dinner, I leave my smartphone in my car.
Now my gut instinctual knowledge is being proven correct again by this Professor.
I knew what he is saying, yet I could not explain it as well as he does. Every person that watches device "screens" should watch this video. 

Sunday, March 04, 2018


This is an interesting video for people who may want to become stars on YouTube.
What do viewers like and why?
Do you need to have good training as a filmmaker to be successful on YouTube?
Is your content and your film making skills good enough?
Do what you think you can't. 

Thursday, March 01, 2018

This is Why You Need to Use OnlinePasswordManager.com

This is Why You Need to Use OnlinePasswordManager.com

See Screen Shots from my OnlinePasswordManager Account

Register for OnlinePasswordManager Today

Other Password Managers cost $24 to $50 per year. You can use our OnlinePasswordManager.com for $2 for the first year.

Correcting bad SEO advice in Google searches, sometimes Google makes bad mistakes and unfairly censors great content.

Google thinks they are great at deciding good content vs bad content, the truth is Google is actually terrible at this.

I find thousands of mistakes Google makes and it is almost a waste of time reporting them all to Google in feedback because Google only fixes about 50% of the Google defects I report.

What bothers me the most is other so called SEO experts that give bad advice or misleading SEO advice and Google ranks the terrible SEO advice at the top of search results.
Then Google unfairly censors the true and correct SEO advice.
Yes I am going to give you a detailed example.

The following SEO article is an example of misleading and bad SEO advice.

Below is the email I sent to the author of this article.


>The important information here is that not having your website in Google Cache shouldn’t negatively affect its online visibility. Some tests regarding the cache removal using noarchive have already been made and no harm was observed, neither for the rankings nor for the traffic. Actually, some would say that disabling the cache will give you more control of what the users will see on your website as they won’t be able to access the outdated version.

The above information is misleading and not accurate, You are ignoring the most important part of “what it means when Google takes you out of the cache”.
If a website has been indexed by Google and then is taken out of the Google cache, it is Very Bad.
Often Google will not index all of a websites pages, and as a penalty Google will deindex all the internal pages and just leave the home page in the Google cache. If Google takes your homepage out of the Google index, then you know Google is very angry at what you did.
You will not come up for any important keyword phrases and the penalty is caused by duplicate content, link buying, unfair Google censorship, SEO sabotage by your competitors, etc. SEO sabotage (negative SEO) is actually quite easy to do. E.g. Google has for many years kept a database of suspected link sellers and penalizes anyone that has links on these websites that Google does not like. So all you have to do is put your competitor's link on a few of the sites that are in the "Google bad site database". Then your competitor is penalized and does not even know what happened to them.
Google wants to claim SEO sabotage is impossible which I know 100% is incorrect because I have seen it first hand multiple times.
I would never recommend a website owner take themselves out of the Google cache on purpose for several reasons.

The most important is noticing if Google takes you out of the cache against your will.

Yes if the webmaster takes himself out of the Google cache, you are correct. However what is really important for SEO purposes is when Google takes you out of the cache against the web site owners wishes.

Also it is sad that Google does not seem to want to accept that "white hat SEO experts" actually help Google and encourage website owners to follow Google guidelines. 

Best regards,

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Why does Google continue to Unfairly Censor me and my content?

This is a specific example, one of many proving we need new FTC regulations to prevent unfair censorship by Google. The USA government needs to go after and punish Google like the European Union has.

Why are the articles below unfairly censored by Google?

Why would I want to write more articles if I know Google is abusing me?
Should I use a pseudonym and write on a site others own?
Why does "Big Brother Google" do this? 
What percentage of my articles is Google unfairly censoring?

Please read:

Google has in a clever and evil way made it difficult for the general public to see and understand all the many methods Google uses to unfairly censor content. Now the Google command site:https://xyzDomainName.com shows both indexed (in the Google cache) and unindexed pages. It used to only show web pages that are in the Google cache. If a web page is not in the Google index (cache) then this is a form of unfair Google censorship, because the not cached pages will not show up in any Google search for commonly searched keywords, only if you search for the exact url of the webpage as I show below.

If I search for the exact words in my article on Google, I am nowhere to be found because Google has unfairly censored my content. This is why Google is so EVIL.

If I move some of my unfairly censored content to other websites with different owners, than Google indexes it and it is searchable and no longer censored. I would like to be a "fly on the wall" if Google had to explain this to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
Please File a complaint against Google with the FTC.

What adds insult to injury is the crap Google does index, when good content like mine is unfairly censored. Google is extremely defective in this regard. I am not sure if the Google defects are algorithm based or human editing, or perhaps both. Either way Google should be embarrassed when they see the screenshot below. 

Should the US Government step in and regulate Google now?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

13 Russian nationals indicted for allegedly meddling in the 2016 election

ABC News travels to St. Petersburg Russia to investigate. Please watch the video to see what these investigative reporters found in Russia.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Why Link Building is the Most Important SEO Ranking Factor, and Why You Still Want and Need to Perform Great On-Site Optimization

Rand Fishkin is a very smart person and one of the top SEO experts in the world.
However I want to offer some important SEO advice before you watch the video below.
Please understand that good merit based link building is by far the #1 ranking factor in SEO.

You can separate SEO into two main categories.
1. On-site SEO - e.g. what you do on your web pages. There is a finite (limited) number of ranking points that you can obtain for good on-site optimization.
2. Off-site SEO - e.g. Link Building, who links to your web pages. There is an infinite (unlimited) number of ranking points that you can obtain from great link building. So a site with superior link building can and will outrank a perfectly on-site optimized website.

This is a good thing and there is science behind this and also why Google created the term and concept of PageRank. This is why Google grew so fast and why their search results are superior to their competitors.

If you do a fantastic job of on-site optimization you will also need less high quality backlinks. It also will help you if you have wonderful SEO Tools to use for both on-site optimization and for off-site optimization.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Friday, January 26, 2018

Google needs great new search engine competitors, organic results on Google are too hidden now

It is time for Google to have new competitors.

The organic search results on Google are becoming harder to find and Google is now just a big list of advertisements, with little room for natural / organic results. 83% of people still skip the Google paid ads, however it is more difficult to do now.
Google ads cover the entire page (above the fold) for any search terms and that is not what searchers want from Google.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Please Email Google Feedback and Tell Google there new algorithm changes produce terrible search results

I have been following Google since they first started and power users of Google quickly see when Google makes updates that yield inferior search results.

I also report when Google makes positive algorithm changes. 

If you look at the screenshot below it shows one of many examples of the problems and defective results of the lastest Google search algorithm changes. Look at the #3 search result.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Friday, January 05, 2018

People in California can now Legally Buy Recreational Marijuana, this new law brings a big tax increase for the state of California

There are long lines in California on the first day to legally buy marijuana. 
Now two US states have legalized marijuana for both the medical and recreational needs of people.
Colorado and California are the states where marijuana is legal for recreational use.
Warning: Marijuana is still illegal in US Federal laws and Federal law supersedes State laws.