Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Alan Dershowitz defends President Trump on Senate floor

Alan Dershowitz makes a fantastic, logical presentation and argument about the USA Constitution and what the founders intended when they wrote about Impeachment in our great Constitution.  I am not a Republican or a Democrat and I am not affiliated with any political party. I respect Alan Dershowitz because of his superior intelligence and logic. I agree 100% with his brilliant and well presented argument below.

To the average person who wants to learn about our USA Constitution and our laws, Alan Dershowitz is one of the top experts in the world.

Friday, January 03, 2020

Common SEO mistakes and why you should create separate product web pages

The following video offers good SEO advice and covers some of the most common mistakes I see business people make when trying to perform SEO on their websites.
There are more reasons than this video describes to follow the proper SEO strategies to help improve your search engine rankings.

There are many factors to good SEO,  it can be complex and confusing trying to decide which advice to follow. It is similar to choosing an attorney to help you. E.g. you may receive multiple opinions from different experts.

Which expert is correct?
You should create a separate web page for each of your different products. If you have 10+ products or services listed on your home page and do not create separate product pages you are making a big SEO mistake. The "title tag" of each page is important and putting way too many keywords in your "title tag" is a huge mistake. You also need link building for all your internal web pages.
Please phone me for more details. 

This concept of creating multiple web pages and complete websites is useful for many types of businesses. Also this applies to different city names, e.g. "flower delivery New York", "plumber Los Angeles", etc. 

Thursday, January 02, 2020

GuitarCenter - SemRush SEO Case Study

I talk and work with all different sized companies, from large well established Fortune 2000 companies to new small startups.
My company works on improving or creating their websites, SEO, custom software, and Conversion Optimization, etc.

In this case study we will look at the SEO results for a big and successful company GuitarCenter.com

I like many of the SEO Tools on the market, one of the best ones is SemRush.com, please see the SemRush screen shot for GuitarCenter.com organic SEO rankings below.

If you are trying to learn about SEO best practices this is a good example to study. If you are a smaller company, please do not worry you can have some good SEO results without having 20 million backlinks like GuitarCenter.com has. Unless you are competing against GuitarCenter.com then it can be quite difficult. This is also true for small businesses that try to compete against Amazon.com. 
Unfortunately for smaller businesses Amazon keeps expanding the types of products it sells and Amazon does put some smaller companies out of business. I advise smaller companies to find unique products and services that the big Internet giants are not currently selling, or offer special custom services that the big companies do not currently offer. It is not easy to do, yet it is possible and I see examples of this on the Internet.

Now let's look at more screenshots of GuitarCenter.com using the SEMrush SEO tools.